I've been sick since last Thursday, probably the sickest I have been in a long time. It is just a cold but a bad one. Yesterday at about 245 in the afternoon, I think I hit rock bottom with it (knock on wood). I didn't want to move. It totally sucked. Couldn't sleep because of the headache. Couldn't move to get the headache medicine. It sucked. I am feeling better but still not good. I am super stuffed up and my nose tickles all the time. If there is one thing I hate more than too much jelly, it is constant tickley nose. Grrrrrrrrrr.

This cold has kept me from studying for the Shelf like I should. I really don't know what to expect. Our final is on Monday, and even the unit director said to just study for the final because you'll hit most of the stuff for the Shelf that way too. The thing is, the final is weighted with the stuff after the midterm being worth more. I can't bring myself to study it though, because it all seems so fresh in my head. I can't even think of what I missed on the quizzes. This isn't looking good for studying.

Tomorrow is Ascension Thursday. It is a holy day of obligation for all of you who play by those rules. I don't know if I've ever actually gone. Hmmmmmmmm **bad Catholic** I am going tomorrow though. We don't have any class. Just a final......in interviewing. We have had 2 lectures all semester, yet the test is 32 questions long. Don't ask me what type of stuff is going to be asked. I am going to go with "gut feeling." We'll see how far that will get me.

Okay, I need more sleep if I am going to beat this cold.


That was fun

Last MDQ of M1 is over!!!!!!!!! Did just fine. This was all neuro-pharm stuff. With every single question, I had to stop and think what was sympathetic, what receptors, what drugs. Boy was that fun. Once I got an answer that seemed to fit, I just went with it. No second guessing. I don't think I missed any questions that were hardcore concepts, just little mistakes, which is a good thing.

We had lecture after the quiz, but I didn't go. I went volunteering instead. Since we are done with the book, we worked on grammar and writing. She seemed really bored with it. Heck, I tried. She said she doesn't like writing because it hurts her fingers. Weird. Hopefully she gets over that. Then again, I can't remember how much writing I actually did in 2nd grade. I guess I'll give her a break.

Happy Birthday Annie!!!!!!!! Welcome to the 23 club

I felt like total crap today. It's funny though because as soon as I got up and out of the house, I felt better. Must be my body telling me not to study. Still though, I am really ready for this cold thing I have to go away. Tomorrow will involve 3 lectures, working out (as long as my stuffed up nose will let me), and then study study study. Thrilling. I know. My eyes hurt from reading. So does my brain.


Last quiz

I forgot to say that on Thursday night, Brendan, Amy's bf, made us a totally awesome. Dinner. Every part of it was great. Well, except for the goat cheese on the salad. Bleck. We had potatoes and salmon and chicken and asparagus and chocolate covered strawberries. Sooooooo good.

On Friday, we had our very last neuro small group!!! Yippeee!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I've really liked neuro, but those were just painful. Our two lectures for the day were then canceled (moved to Monday...can't go...too bad). Meghan and I then worked out and proceeded to enjoy a 2 hour lunch at Jason's Deli. I didn't even get my free frozen yogurt. Too full off of the meatball sandwich.

Speaking of which, my mind has become a little preoccupied with Jimmy John's bread. They sell loaves for 50 cents. It is sooooooo good. I want to make bruschette with it as well as meatball sandwiches. Not in the same meal of course.

In sucky news, I am getting sick/am sick. I have no clue how or why, but it blows. It isn't stress, trust me. I have done very little since the midterm. Maybe it is my body telling me I should be worrying more? Last MDQ of my M1 year on Monday. A lot to memorize before then.

2 weeks though and I will be home! In the Spo!!!!! Weeeeeeee!!!!



I shouldn't really write these things this late at night because I forget all the good stuff I am going to say. To start out, I am just going to say that I like Baker's more than HyVee. Those are our two main grocery chains here. We have other ones that are kind of "bag your own" sketch, but I choose not to shop there. HyVee, for some reason, just rubs me the wrong way (other than the animal crackers....sooooooooooo good). The lights, the set ups, the tags for prices. I just don't like it.

It is starting to get humid in Omaha. Blow. As I was telling Meghan this morning, it makes me think that I am living on the east coast. But then I remember that nothing cool is going on tonight as it probably would be on the coast. Damn you Omaha. Damn you. I think this is just more evidence for my argument that Omaha is confused about its identity. I'm just waiting for it to grow out of its college years and become what it is meant to me. Of course I will judge, but heck, I am moving away in 3 years...I don't care.

A lot of the M4s are having garage sales since they are moving. I am so tempted to go buy stuff. And then I remember that my room is tiny, and I have nowhere to put all that stuff no matter how cool/cheap it is.

I did volunteering today instead of Tuesday. We finished the book, so I am kind of lost as to what to do for the next two weeks. I told her that we are going to work on writing next week and that the week after we will work on drawing...which means I need to learn to teach her to draw. If anyone has good websites for that, let me know. Remember, she is in second grade. She can't draw a very straight line. Lets keep it simple. No shading. K thanks.

Our lectures all week have been about drugs and the nervous system. A lot of this stuff pertains to anesthesiology, which I am interested in. It makes it much easier to pay attention, but it really just makes me want to be ahead a few years.

I am starting to feel sick. I'll check you fools later.


Itchy elbows

On a complain-y note, my elbows are itchy, and it is really annoying. I guess I can blame my not-studying on that :D. I did get stuff done today. I even planned out my studying for the shelf. It is 9 days away, so I figure I should at least start thinking about it. The general rumor I hear is that it makes you feel like an idiot and that it is harder than the final. Oh boy. Sounds...fun. 2 weeks from now though and I will be done with neuro!!!!! I actually have liked it unlike a lot of people I know. It is logical and makes sense. What more can you ask for

In celebration of Earth Day (I am assuming), I saw many Nebraskan's throw trash out their car windows and someone empty the paper recycling bin into the garbage can. Go Nebraska! I think in Seattle you would be hunted down for all of those things.

I went for a walk because it was beautiful this evening - still 68 at 745 at night. Awesome. Thursday is supposed to be gross though, so let's not get our hopes up. I really wish my window had a screen because I want to open it. Alas, I will just complain about the lack of screen. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day I think. Yay?


Do do do do

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, my internets were out all day. Golden Apple was.......awesome. I had a ton of fun. The food was good. The dancing was fun. The socializing was fun. It really was as much fun as people say it is.

After I couldn't sleep anymore yesterday (at about 830 after 6 hours of sleep), I got up and did nothing for a long time. I really don't know what I did. Got rid of a headache?? At about 230 I walked to school as to study. Let me tell you, while the drive is about 5 minutes, the walk is about 35. Plus the detour due to construction. I enjoyed it though. I got very little done in terms of studying at school, but I did workout. I then walked home. Got back at about 7 to find Papa Murphy's for dinner. I was excited.

I did most of my studying for today's quiz this morning. The quiz wasn't til 1, so I used the morning. We also had HDMed small group Jeopardy style. My team lost horribly. But there was a lot of food, which made it awesome. The quiz went way better than expected, especially having not studied a lot.

You know, I really do think of really insightful things to say on here during the day. Then night rolls around and I forget. Write them down you say? Foolish. This is working just fine. The Bo is coming home right now. Yay for being in the states!!!!!!!! I'm working on getting him a bed for next year. Don't ask me why I am in charge of this. Whatever.


Golden Apple

Med school prom is tonight. Okay, it isn't exactly prom. I can drink this time ;) I kid, I kid. Golden Apple involves awards for students, election results, and a dinner. And then dancing. Whoop. Plus, I'm not wearing a prom dress. I'm wearing the same dress I wear for most things. A lot of people are going more semi-formal, so I don't feel bad about it.

Last night a whole bunch of us went to Fernando's for dinner to meet Renee's friend/boyfriend. Like I've said before, I wouldn't know good Mexican food if it bit me in the butt. It was typical. I got the grande quesadilla. I should have gotten the grilled quesadilla. It looked way better.

This morning we had the memorial service for all the people who donated their bodies for our anatomy lab. It was the med school, dental, pt, occupational therapy, and then anatomy grad students. At the reception we all had a chance to meet the families. It is the choice of the family to meet the tank, but ours chose not to. That is completely fine. Even though I am eternally grateful for the gift of their family members, I think it would have been weird.

Okay, off to get girlie. It sucks not having Amanda here to do my hair. Looks like straight and down it is.


Addiction is ugly

The internet has come and gone all afternoon/evening. I thought "oh, this will be great. I'll get a lot done. Sweet!" But then our little friend addiction comes crawling along. It seeps into everything you try to study. Nothing can distract you from it; it won't leave you alone. Changing the volume of your speakers makes you think about it. Getting a snack makes you think about it. I am sure had I napped, I would have dreamt of it. Of course I have the will power of a wet sock, and I give in every single time. How I hate myself. My eyes hurt. My brain has been sucked dry of everything I tried to learn today. Darn you addiction!!!! What I have learned today: don't take me to Vegas. Okay, so I became newly addicted to solitaire vegas style with compiled scores. Oh my goodness. Got my bank up to $550. And then I fell. At $371 right now. This could get ugly. I think I need to study at school

In other news, grand rounds today = rain. Cold rain too. But this weekend is supposed to be super nice (talking 70s here baby!!!!) Gotta remind myself to study. Okay, I guess I should get into bed soon maybe???? Going to try to get stuff done tomorrow afternoon. Then going out to dinner with some peoples. Saturday is totally shot as far as studying goes: memorial service at 10. Brunch after that. Golden Apple starts at 530. Maybe pregame before that. Blop.


doop doop doop

I hate titles. Nuf said.

I forgot to mention that we watched Juno last night. It was good. I would recommend it for sure. What else is new....it was in the 70s today. Oh my goodness was that nice. A little windy but lovely. We went to the park and played a little volleyball. Again, my body wasn't built for volleyball. I got a little sun on my arms too. Of course, the great weather isn't working well with that whole not wanting to study thing either.

Tomorrow, of course, is suppossed to be rainy, which makes perfect sense because we have grand rounds tomorrow. For the past 3 weeks it has rained every Thursday. Of course. I don't own an umbrella either. Am I going to buy one? No. I don't like having to deal with them when I go inside.

Other than that, life is normal. Going to at least try to get a lot of studying done tomorrow. We'll see


Is today Tuesday?

I have had a lot of trouble telling what day of the week it is lately. So last night, some of us M1 girls went to a "tea cupping," which is kind of like a wine tasting but with tea. It was at The Tea Smith. It was really cool. It got me way more interested in tea, especially iced tea.

I interviewed today in class. I had to go no matter what, so I figured it was better to volunteer and get it out of the way right away. It went pretty well. This session we were dealing with psych stuff. I was hoping for depression or anxiety and NOT memory loss stuff. Lucky for me, I got depression. And with a guy who was willing to talk about it. (He's an actor, not a real patient). It went well. Other than that, I didn't do much. We got together at Meg's tonight because we didn't want to study. I made biscuits here and then took them over to her house to cook them. They had never had them. And let me tell you...they went over awesome-ly. No one believes me when I saw I make them from scratch. They doubt the mad skills I have. Whatever fools. They were good though. It's funny. Group of 7 people, 12 biscuits was a perfect number. You put 7 Kuders together and you need at least something like 21 biscuits. Just weird. Okay, tomorrow we don't have actual class but some weird thing. I'll let you know how it goes.


For real

Quiz went better than expected today. Imagine that. So...my week in recap

Monday: midterm and Matt came in. I fed him food, we slept. Boring, I know

Tuesday: I can't remember, went to class some I think. We may have eaten Noodles. They changed their Mac&Cheese bowl, and I am very not happy about it. Weather sucked the whole time. We drove to Iowa to pick up hard cider. Yes, Matt is very manly, I know. I know we ate dinner, but I have no clue where. Oh, I remember. We met up with JC and Amber at Hector's. It was your typical mexican food.

Wednesday: We had a little class I think, I went. We went to my small group that night and to dinner afterwards at the pizza place down the street. I like food

Thursday: I had to go to grand rounds, Matt read psychology. I cooked lentil soup for dinner. Great day for it because weather sucked again. We then watched The Office (it was new!) at Meghan's. I bought Red Diamond merlot. Man do I miss that stuff. Soooooo good.

Friday: I had small group but that was it. Matt and I did some stuff. We had Cici's pizza for lunch. Yes, the pizza isn't great, but it is cheap and a buffet. Nothing better. We went to Stokes for dinner. Again we had crappy service. And they charge for chips and salsa. When I own "Fat Amanda's" I am not going to charge for the round things I put on your table. It is going to be mini-muffins during breakfast time. After dinner we went to Amber's for drinking. They live far away.

Saturday: 3 on 3 tourney at school. I am getting too old for this basketball thing. I am still super sore. There were only 3 girls teams. We beet the other M1 team, but lost to the other team of M3s/M4s. One of their girls kept calling stupid fouls. I hate that so much. Matt and I then went out to Village Point to meet up with one of his high school friends. The mall out there is pretty nice. It is outdoors though, and it was snowy and windy. Blow. We went to Cheeseburger in Paradise. I would much rather eat Red Robin. We then rented Sweeney Todd and hung out with Betsy and Jon for a while. It was good.

Sunday: early churchin', went shopping for the house FOR THE LAST TIME!!!!!!!! Yay! Laura had to switch, so now I don't have to go this weekend (after Golden Apple). Yay!!! We then just hung around, and Jimmy John's, and took Matt to the airport. Sad.

That is all. Sorry it was so long



Going to keep it short. Quiz tomorrow that I am....nowhere near ready for. The week was great. Weather totally blew though. Snow!?!?!?! In April?!?!?! I hate you weather gods. Only 4 weeks of school left (and 2 of them have very minimal class), so I am pumped. I ate out wayyyyyy too much this week. Darn you Matt. We watched Sweeney Todd last night. Talk about dark movie. Okay, more tomorrow



Okay, midterm went fine. Just peachy. Matt is here. We did some stuff today. I will update later. I swear



Today's practical went way better (I think) than the last one. I just barely passed the last one, but I didn't have any of those "oh crap" moments on this one like I did on the last. It felt good. Quiz on Monday went well. Leaving the room I felt only okay. Seeing my score, I was pleased. Checking my answers today, I was pissed. All but one of my errors were completely stupid/last minute switches/talked myself out of the right answer. Idiot. Again though, I am like neuro because I can reason my way through a lot of stuff by just understanding the basics/anatomy. It feels like I am actually using my knowledge and not just regurgitating facts. Go me!

Matt finally got back from DC. They all got stuck in Minneapolis for a long time last night due to snow. He got home at about 4 this morning (which felt like 7 to him). He didn't have to go to work at least. In the end, the airline lost all (50+ people on this trip) their luggage. All of it. They ended up getting it back this afternoon, but Matt was silly and packed his keys in his luggage. Oops. That means he had to call his parents so they could give him his spare. Glad he didn't call me.

Volunteering went well this morning. Early on, she said she didn't like writing, but I thought it would be a good idea to make her do it anyway. Heck, it isn't like you start to write less as you go through school (except now...I never write). So I had her write a sentence and then modify it with "fun" words. I don't really remember when you learn parts of speech or parts of a sentence. She was good with parts of speech but not so much with the sentence parts. That whole subject part was confusing I think. We only did it with 2 sentences because I didn't want to make her tired of it. I told her we are going to do it again next time. We will see how it goes.

Neuro midterm on Monday. Time to get to business