Gas time

How y'all been? It's been a while. I've been somewhat busy but not all that busy. Hoopfest went well. We claimed 2nd place to a team of 4 college basketball players who just graduated from college and all played together. You can't fault us for that. I then went over to "New Beach" (the cabin my extended family purchased on Camano Island.) It was awesome. This cabin is way bigger than the one we rented and way nicer. My family made a good choice. The weather was okay but I still managed to get funny tan lines. Back to Spokane for my cousin Christy's wedding. A good time was had by all, and the after-party (which seems to be a new standard with the Kuder family) was at our place. I love hanging out with my extended family. 4th of July was mellow. Then on the 5th I flew back to Omaha!

Holy balls is this land humid. This past Wednesday, I woke up at 530 and the news said it was 80 but felt like 92. Really?!?!?!? 530am and it is 92 out there?!?!?! Last night at 1130pm it was still 88 and humid. The main reason I want to get out of Omaha is the weather. The city isn't bad at all, but the weather ruins everything. The second you step outside you are sweating. I just can't look cute in this weather. One bonus though is that anesthesia doesn't require dress clothes; ergo, I don't have to sweat on my dress clothes. I go in basketball shorts and leave in them. Scrubs in between there. Awesome!

Speaking of which....I love anesthesia! Which is very good, because it is what I had decided I wanted to do. It is tough with a field you don't get much exposure to during your first 3 years. I really enjoy it though. One thing I wasn't expecting was how much power you feel with all those medication. You can give a med, and 10 seconds later you can see the effects. It is crazy. And awesome. My knowledge is still coming. The procedures you do are great. I've gotten the chance to intubate about 8 or 9 times. I only got the esophagus once. I've tried to put in an arterial line, but I only tried. No success there yet. It turns out that ventilating a patient with a mask (once they are asleep but before you intubate) is harder than intubating by far.

Matt's teaching of summer school has wrapped up meaning he left for home yesterday. There are 2 benefits of him leaving: I can get a lot of studying in and I can eat salads for dinner without complaints. Yay! Okay, time to get Sunday rolling.