And that was OB/GYN

I am done with OBGYN (well...pending Shelf results, but I am pretty sure I passed), so I thought it would be time to summarize a little bit - both with some fun facts and my own experience

-Fraternal twins (rather than identical twins) run in families. Including mine. For some reason I always thought it would be identical twins
-The incidence of identical twins is about 1 in 230 across most races and countries
-Episiotomies aren't really standard anymore...sorry for all those ladies out there who had to have them for no reason
-C section scars are really only about 10cm long and pretty hidden from public eyes
-Term breeches occur in 3% of pregnancies and are now delivered only by c section for the most part - again, sorry for the women/babies who came into the world butt first (Mom)
-Baby's heart beat should be between 120-160
-When pregnant women exercise they should aim for a heart beat of around 140

My experience
I saw a total of 18 births - 8 c sections and 10 "regular." Of the latter, I got to "deliver" (hands on the baby as he/she came out) in 8 of them. Sadly, no one named a baby after me. That is okay though since most of them were boys. When choosing to do this rotation first, I was mostly thinking about going to weddings and which rotation would be easiest to get a little time off. Secondarily I thought about getting this one over with early because I "knew" it was something gross that I didn't really want to do. Now, I am not saying I want to go into this field, but these 8 weeks really opened my eyes. I thought all of it would gross me out, and while birthing a child is pretty gross looking, it was still a lot of fun. What I actually think I enjoyed about it (rather than hanging out with female parts all the time) was the "hands on" aspect. I liked being in the OR, I liked using my hands. This is something you often think about when looking at what to do with your life. Do you like doing procedures? Do you like thinking more? Do you like long term relationships with your patients? Are you the type of person that wants fast results? As I have learned through this rotation, I am definitely a person that likes to work with my hands and do procedures. That isn't to say that I don't like "thinking," it is just that I like to "do" in addition to talking about doing.

From talking to my friends, I am a little sad that I "wasted" this rotation early. I am not saying that because of the free time this rotation allows but because it is such a strong, good, friendly, exciting rotation. It is very well organized, and the majority of the residents and attendings want to teach you and want you to get your hands in there. They don't pimp you too much, and they all really knew how to teach the keys points. I think I am going to miss this rotation when looking back. Again, not because it is something I necessarily want to do but because of how much I got to do and how much faith and trust the residents had in us.

Whelp, that's it. I start Peds on Monday at Children's hospital (the harder of the 2 months). I think I will be working with 5years and up there. I kind of like that idea a little more than the younger kids simply because they can talk to me when they are this old. Okay, off to be lazy around Omaha.


1 week left

Well, really 4 days of this rotation. Scary. We take the shelf next Friday. This really has flown by. I've had at least 2 more calls since I last wrote. One was a Thursday night. 5 deliveries. All of course just far enough apart to keep me from sleeping. That made for a rough Friday. I was also on call this past Monday. 9 BABIES!!!!!!!!! Just during my shift. Actually, it was 10. I only helped with 7 though. This meant, however, that I had to see that many patients the next day. My classmates helped me out though, so I only had to see 5. I am on call Saturday night again. Part of me wants it busy, but part of me wants to be able to sleep. We will see how I feel come Saturday afternoon.

2 big things I missed:
Happy 97th to Grandma K. on the 13th!
Happy bday Dad on the 19th!

Fun things I have done that I don't know if I have written about
-Friday night live music at Soaring Wings Vineyard...the only one in Nebraska. The wine really wasn't that great (and a little overpriced), but it was beautiful out in the country and tons of fun just to hang with friends (something I didn't get to do much last year)
-Saturday night Vibes out at Village Point (outdoor shopping place). It is always nice to see some "normalcy" in Omaha
-Tuesday night trivia at JC's Old Chicago. $2 pints, $2 personal pizzas, and trivia. It was great
-Me eating something pizza-esque 6 days in a row a week ago. That was probably the highlight of my life right there. The rest is all down from here.

And on to really important business. When do you go ahead and take that leap of faith and make a change? It is such a big risk that affects so many people. Yes, you know what I am talking about. Deodorant. I contemplated switching brands lately. But then I thought: if this really doesn't end up working out, everyone around me is going to know. And worst of all, I would have to spend another $4 and go back to my old brand. Needless to say, I didn't make that switch. I can buy 2 hotdogs and a churro at Costco for the $4. No need to waste it on hygiene.



Before I start on August I guess I should finish up July. Guess what I did....delivered a baby. Actually caught that thing coming out of the mom. Wasn't just in the corner. Wasn't just watching. I caught it. Told you all I was a good 1st baseman. No, they didn't name it after me. It was a boy. That same day I also got to help out with a c-section.

Now that August has started I have moved over to Bergan Mercy - another Catholic hospital in town. While I would say less "teaching" is done here (fewer Creighton faculty visit here), there is more doing. They get quite a few more deliveries a month, so I am hoping my call will be good. Then again, it will be Sunday day call. I am predicting it will be slow. Sigh.

What else have I done? Not much. A few fun happy hours. Some Jenga. You know, the usual. Matt and I did go to Denver last weekend for my college friend Melissa's wedding. We brought them awesome weather it turns out. The wedding was in a Catholic church, but it wasn't a "full" mass (no Eucharist). Plus, a lot of these people didn't know the responses to a lot of the things. Reception was fun. Erica (college roommate) and her parents were at our table, which made the evening a ton of fun. Whelp...going to go watch the So You Think You Can Dance finale.