No, not life or medical school. I failed all 5 people who read this. Sigh. Getting back up the wagon.

Since I last wrote, I have had 2 title changes. First, I became a Mrs. on April 30th; then, on May 14th, I dropped that title and became a Dr!!!!! First thing first

The wedding went amazingly well. The week was not very stressful at all with special thanks to my oh so wonderful mother. She was amazing. It was great to have so much time to be home and get everything straight. I will skip to the good stuff. Thursday night was the bachelorette party, which, for a group of girls all seriously attached in their mid 20s involved drinking while painting pottery, cheap sushi, and a cool bar where we got to sit down and listen to the band. I love sitting down. Friday was a little crazier. The girls all had mani's and pedi's (with pizza and PBR of course) after which was the rehearsal and dinner (mmmmm BBQ). We met up with a few people for a couple of drinks after that. We went to Pacific Ave Pizza Co in Spokane. Matt and I had our first date there, so we thought it was fitting. They also have Iron Horse High Five Hefe on tap. Turns out it is only my immediate family that likes that as much as we do. Everyone else's loss. Saturday was great. I got to workout, which was great. My mom, sister, and I got our hair and make up done after that followed by going home for a quick lunch with the girls. They all looked great (pics coming later). Finally off the the chapel...pictures....awesomeness. It was a little chilly and overcast, but I hear that makes for great pictures. About 1 minute before we were about to start heading down the aisle, we notice the lights in the hall way go out then come back on. Weird. Bobbo (maybe?) then came in to say the power was out and they were all setting up candles. Surprise!! Candle light ceremony!!! Apparently a trampoline hit a transformer causing 10,000 customers to be without power. Awesome! No really, it was great. The chapel windows came alive with color; Matt & I looked extra attractive in the lighting. The other great part was that I couldn't see the emotions on anyone's face except Matt's. If I had been able to see my parents' faces or all my friends/family, I would have been crying like a baby. This way I only cried a little bit.

The ceremony seemed to fly by, and before we knew it, Matt & I were kissing. Whoop! Off we went. It was slightly raining, but we made it to the limo safely. We had to leave Matt's brothers behind because they had to carry their grandma down the stairs (power was still out). The reception went wonderfully. Food & cake was awesome; dancing was great; and we got to talk to all our friends and family. It was great. Bloomsday was the next day, and my mom & dad hosted a nice little brunch. Matt & I left back for Omaha on Monday then.

Graduation involved hoards of food...and the zoo. Turns out that they let me graduate, so....now I have a diploma! Woohoo! My family all left on Sunday the 15th, and I then flew to Spokane on the 19th for a friend's wedding. I was really very spoiled this past month. I got to see my parents 3 times in 4 weeks. Amazing. Not good for the waistline but great for the soul. That was cheesy.

It is just about 4 weeks now until orientation starts. Eeeeeek!!!!! I will update later. Adios