Tomorrow, at the wee hour of 6am, we are heading to the beach. Yes, it is that time of year again. The last weak of June. Time for the Houses and the Busches to head over to the great Port Susan and Camano Island. No, it isn't glamorous or warm looking by any means, but it is The Beach. My mom's family has been going since 1953. Or something like that. When we were young, we would fit 10 or so cousins on the floor in the "living room" if that is what you want to call it. Now, even though there are fewer of us up there at a time, it means just as much to all of us. I always forget the island is actually quite large. Our beach is the first beach on the island, so we rarely ever make it very far in.

I return on Friday for the oh so great even of HOOPFEST!!!!! Me, KTO, and Mary are on a team again. Of course, we are hoping Corrina will play for us, but it isn't looking good. Forecast says mid 80s. That is way better than the usual mid 90s.

In terms of work, we had to call 911 twice this week. Yeah safety!


Bubble Bath

On Monday, Annie and Jeff came over for burgers. The main reason they came is because Annie wanted to take pics of us watching TV outside during dinner for a spot on a KHQ add about the switch to HD or whatever. She got some good pics I think. My mom then had the brilliant idea of filling up the bath and having them take a shot from behind of me sitting watching the TV near the bathtub. Of course, Annie goes along. Below are the aftermath pictures with my camera (not the good camera that got the shot for the ad).Those bubbles were seriously 2.5 ft higher than the sides of the tub. The second picture is me laughing hysterically. It was so much fun. I felt like a little kid. Don't worry, I had a swimsuit on :D

I got up at 420 again this morning to work the health screening at work. It is okay for one day; any more than that and I think I would want to kill someone.

I am cooking for the fam tonight. I'll let you know how it goes. I can't really tell you what else I've done since my last update. Oh! Fathers' Day. It was good. We had it out at the Busch's. Let me tell you, dad's day definitely beat mom's day in terms of the weather. We also saw Stephanie and Jon for the first time since their engagement. Congrats to them! They picked a date for next summer while they were there seeing as how they could actually talk face to face with Uncle Steve. We got my dad a bbq light, a fancy pants bug zapper, and remote meat thermometer...all things he will actually use. Okay, since I got off work at 1 today I am going to run some errands before I need a nap.



I went and saw The Hulk last night with Annie, her bf Jeff, and their friends Chris and Michelle. Originally we were going to see The Happening, but after reading some bad reviews, we decided otherwise. I am usually not a fan of this type of movie. I could probably count all the comic movies I've seen on one hand...The Hulk, maybe an X-Men. That's it. This was entertaining though. I have one major issue with it however. I'm not ruining anything, but whenever his pulse gets above 200 is when he transforms into the Hulk. I don't know about you guys, but I don't think I have ever gotten my heart rate that high. Even mid run, it is maybe 160 or so. Mom says when they do stress tests, they aim to get the heart to 160. 200....I don't believe you. And no, I will not suspend my beliefs for the movie.

I've notice this for a while, and stop me if I've already said this. But........I always forget that my life is not being podcasted. All of our lectures at school are on podcast. Plus, we get note service. All this adds up to the fact that I have a hard time paying attention. If I miss something, say, in a homily, I think to myself, "Oh, don't worry, I'll pick it up on the podcast." Wait...no. It's annoying. I am thinking of hiring someone to record my life. I am currently taking applications.


Spell it right

I get really frustrated when people write HIPPA rather than the correct HIPAA. I know the first one looks better, but the second one is correct. Just keep that in mind people.

I swam on Tuesday for the first time in over a year. It was good. I was in the pool for 45 minutes. No, that doesn't translate to 45 minutes of actual swimming, but I was still in there for a long time.

I have to work at 5 am tomorrow. I get paid more though, and I am done by 1. Weeeeeeeeee

Wow, I am writing short little things. A lot has happened, but I can't remember it at all. I got the last two of my top in-lays put in today. My teeth don't hurt too bad, and they look pretty cool. After being on a phone call spree yesterday (I hate calling people on the phone), I called Dr. Anne Oakley. She is my orthopedic surgeon's wife. She is also an anesthesiologist, a specialty in which I am rather interested. After talking, we set up to meet today. I went up to her house and just talked with her for a while about all of it. Some things she said: anesthesiologists are impatient people. They like to see their results right away and not wait 4 months to see if a medication is working. They are also dexterous. I would say that I am somewhat. You never really know that though until you really start trying to do things. She also said, sort of jokingly, that her favorite part of her job is that she can wear workout clothes to work. Only one person in her practice dresses up when coming in. Trust me, I love wearing basketball shorts. She sold it for me. :D


It's cold

While the Midwest is having severe weather and the east coast is on fire, Washington is......cold. I really shouldn't have to wear a coat in June. Oh trust you me, I had to wear that thing. Spokane has been very west side-y and the west side has been itself. I was in Lacey this past weekend visiting Matt. The flowers were beautiful, but other than that, the nature sucked. As far as the quality time, that was diminished as well. On both Sat and Sun, Matt had to do school things (4 hours each). I followed along. Many people thought I flew up just for those events. They obviously think I like them more than I do. It was good though. In true Matt and Becky form, we rented another questionable movie. It was called At Your Front Door or something like that. It said it was supposed to be the scariest movie you've ever seen. Or something. So of course we think zombies. Not to ruin the movie for you.....but there are no zombies. We also watched Black Hawk Down. I had never seen it. I didn't fall asleep. Go me!

I was working with applications today at work writing the "No Thank You" letters to people who interviewed but aren't being hired. I think it is a sure sign that you won't get a job when you spell it wrong. Don't apply to "Recieving" when you want to work in "Receiving." Remember people...i before e EXCEPT after C!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mr. & Mrs. Kobiaz Rex

My next door neighbor Koby got married yesterday. I've known him for almost 20 years. Other than my family, that is the longest I have ever known anyone. It rained in the morning, but by the time the service rolled around at 330, it had stopped. There were a ton of bridesmaids. I'll post pics sometime. It was a lot of fun in general. The pastor gave Koby a hard time for waiting so long to get married. He's 23. That isn't long. Yes, they were "dating" for something like 9 years but still. 23 isn't old.

Not much has gone on in my life since the last I posted. Work is work. They keep trusting me to do more and more things. We had Zips for dinner tonight. It was the 1st time I've been there since coming home.

We went to Maggie's for dinner on Saturday. Jeff is the new executive chef there. We got to watch him work. We are going to go back in a few weeks when he actually makes some changes to the menu. Also, he is going to have chocolate chip pancakes on the brunch menu!!!! Or he'll make them for me when I ask...either way.