Look at me go!

Yep. It's me. Posting again. That is twice in 1 month. Amazing. I know.

Yesterday marked my official last day of medical school!!! Tada! Who would have thought I would survive 4 years to make it here? I was reading some of those posts from M1 year. Man am I glad not to be back there. The idea of going to class from 8am to 3pm doesn't sound like fun to me.

I have started getting a lot of paperwork for intern year - all sorts of HR forms, coat sizing, parking, etc. It is all a little overwhelming, mostly because I am getting married...in 8 days!! Crazy. Pants. Things are going smoothly still. I look forward to yet dread doing the seating arrangements. Some people are passionately against assigning tables. Others love it. I fall into the latter. You say "open seating" to me, and my heart begins to race a little faster. I hate open seating simply because all I do until I get my seat is worry about where I am going to sit. Ergo...everyone will be assigned a table at our wedding.

I am also very excited to start baking again...and eating baked goods. I have been very good about not making cookies. I LOVE making cookies. I don't know what it is, but it brings me pure joy. Plus it is nice because Matt can take the extras to work. I haven't made cookies in over 2 months. That is a long time people. Come May 1st though, watch out. Cookies everywhere.

This weekend is Easter. For the first time Matt will be in Omaha for it, so we are having some peeps over. I am trying to think of what to make for 6 people, one of whom doesn't like ham and another of whom doesn't eat much other than red meat (and maybe a roll or two). We will see what I come up with. Alright. Off to be lazy!!!


My vow

My vow to you (the internet basically as I am sure few people read this still) is that I update more often. Bam. Done

Turns out we are getting married in 15 days. Ahhhhh! I am not feeling too overwhelmed or anything...mostly because my mom has been a gigantic awesome amazing help with everything. I. Love. Her. Nuff said.

This month I am on Geriatric Psychiatry. I will be honest and say that I took it for the free food at Immanual Med Center and because the hours aren't bad. There is no real rounding and no weekends. What else could a 4th year med student ask for (other than no rotation, which some of my friends were able to pull off somehow). I watch a lot of electroconvulsion therapy (ECT). No, it isn't like it was in the 60s and 70s. All the patients are fully sedated and have a heavy muscle relaxant on board. We treat patients of all ages (haven't seen any adolescent though) with a variety of diagnoses from major depression to bipolar to schizoaffective. The theory is that while medication work pre-synaptically (on the neuron that releases the chemicals), ECT works post-synaptically (on the neuron receiving the signals). Most patients receiving it start with a course of about 6 given every other day. After that the treatments can be spread apart depending on the subjective feeling of the patient. It is great to be there for 4 weeks because I get to see people who actually significantly improve by the end of my time.

What else have I been doing? Not much. Matt and I went up to Spokane a few weekends ago to get our marriage license. Apparently Spokane County thinks it is okay that we get married. Yay! I also got to try my dress on again and do a hair & makeup trial. It is always weird seeing me in makeup, because my normal routine consists of mascara and blush...maybe. I also was lucky enough to have a loving aunt who threw me a bridal shower. I was flying on Southwest, so at least I could put some gifts in my checked bag and get them back to Omaha. It is tough knowing we will be moving in a year and what to do with gifts we have been receiving. They are all boxed so nicely right now, and I don't want to ruin that. Things like the coffee pot, however, will be unpacked. And used. A lot.

I made these last night. Added mushrooms and cheese. Baked them. Could have used some sauce in there, but the dough is really good and versatile. I have sooooo many yummy things I want to cook, but I do have to fit in a wedding dress. After that, all bets are off.