1 week

1 week

You can start praying for me...now

No update until then



3 weeks

Wow, I am an awful person. I feel as if a lot has happened? Did I talk about taking the Basic Science Shelf? Well I did. Got a 77? Don't know if that is a percent or what, but it correlates w/ a 217.5 on Step 1. National average on the actual Step 1 (not practice 5 weeks beforehand) is 221. HOPEFULLY I will just keep going up. I am going to take another practice test tomorrow. Whoop. We also took the Pathology shelf. Got a 540? Again, who knows what that actually means. Using the scale for a different test (basically I am just searching for something to hold onto here), that is about a 228. Those tests were a week apart. 10 points in a week. I'll take it.

Why do I talk about studying so much? Because all I do is study right now. My last "break" from studying until the test was going to Denver. It was tons of fun. I put on weight. Imagine that. My family, eat a lot? Weird. Back now though...have been for a while. Sigh

Last Saturday was Matt's prom. He was in charge, so I got to go help set up and then actually go to the dance. I was actually quite helpful w/ ideas when setting up. It wasn't too bad. The dance part was...interesting. Nothing too bad happened. We found one girl almost passed out. Claimed she had "too many energy drinks." Uh...........I don't know if I believed that. I was hoping to hear some music I hadn't heard before. False. I swear they played some of those songs at my senior prom. They did play that sond "Sandstorm" or whatever. Oh. My. Goodness. I thought the floor was going to collapse. I could see the headlines, "Jumping teens injure beautiful med student...and her boyfriend :D" Really though, I was looking for something to hold onto just in case the floor gave way. I mean....1000 students jumping up and down. Scary. I got to wear a dress though. Yay! They played a fast song for the last song. How lame is that? Matt said he would have danced with me to the last slow one, but he didn't want all the students starring. They would have. That's okay though, we had a good time. Okay, off to bed?


Sad day

Sigh. Sad. We have gotten rid of Netflix. Sigh. So...not a lot of movie reviews in the near future. Not like I was good at keeping up with them but still. Instead, for that same $14 a month we got mlb.com as for to watch the Mariners. We bought some cords and hook Matt's computer up to the TV. The image is great, and the signal is sometimes even before they get it back home. Woohoo. It was a tough decision, but I knew that on any given night, Matt would choose watching the M's over watching a movie. Plus, it is easier to study when the the M's are on than when a movie is. One day we may get Netflix again, but my nights shall be full of books for now.

Speaking of studying.......blah. We took our last final on Monday. It was kind of lame. I did just fine though. We took the "Comprehensive Basic Science Shelf Exam" today on the computer. These are retired (??) Step 1 questions; 4 blocks of 50. 4 hours total to take it. I took about 3h and 20min. The real deal is 7 sections of 48 each. It used to be 50, but they have added new audio questions. On the real thing we can also take breaks when we want to. On this one you had to be escorted out of the room, only one person at a time. Oh man to I get antsy sitting for that long. On my first 3 sections I had about 10min left in each block; on the last one...25. Talk about wanting to leave. I need to not do that though because that will only really hurt me.

You may be wondering, "Becky, what do you need to know for this test? What type of questions do they ask?" Well, to answer your questions: I need to know everything about the human body that I have (tried) to learn over the past 2 years. There is a bigger emphasis on the clinical type of things (such as was covered M2 year) and less on the "basics." I still need to know the basics (biochem, immuno), but they are often times tested in more of a clinical setting. As for questions...they are usually 2 or 3 "step" questions. What does that mean? I'll explains. So, they'll often give you a clinical setting - person came in w/ this and that and history of blah
1 step: what do they have?
2 step: what drug/treatment would you do?
3 step: what are the side effects/what should you warn against with the medication?
You have to make all those jumps in your head. From time to time there will be just a simple 1 step question, but then you panic b/c you are pretty sure it isn't supposed to be that easy...and then you start overthinking everything....ahhhhhh. Or at least that is what I do. I won't get the results from the CBSE for a few days, which is weird. It has been so nice at Creighton having my test results in my inbox the moment I step out of the computer lab. Alas, the wait for my actual step 1 score will be even longer because of some sort of new system or other. Blah.

Of to Denver this afternoon for Bo's graduation!!! Yay! Matt went to Seattle, so you don't have to feel bad for him! I took him to the airport at 445 this morning, so feel bad for me instead!