Whoop! Done! First part of this will be my life...second part will be the test. I don't want to bore everyone with test info.

Life has been sweet. Now, in comparison to most people's lives, it may not be that awesome, but when looking back on the last....5 months....it has been pretty satisfying. I get up when I want. I don't have to open a book. I get to watch TV and movies. Awesome. After the test on Thursday I went home. Matt had bought champagne, so we drank some of that and went on a walk. We then mett Meghan and Kevin at Kona for their awesome happy hour. Between Matt and myself we got 2 sushi rolls, 5 margaritas, and a pizza for $20 plus tip. Awesome. We then went back to our place where I continued to forget. It was fun. Relaxed, but fun. Meghan and Kevin kept falling asleep, so they left right as JC showed up. Our tiredness kept him from staying long. 

Had to pack Friday morning. In my "recovery" mode, I forgot a swimsuit. Hope mom will buy me a new one :D. Matt and I were on the same flight to Minneapolis where we learned that Northwest charges $50 for standby. Really? Really people? Why does it cost money to do that? I understand that you are trying to get every last drop of money out of us, but charging for standby? Ridiculous. If I ever own an airline, I am not charging for that. They did give you a whole can of soda though, which is nice. We were on different flights to Seattle...only 40 minutes apart. Again...really? Matt got in only 10 minutes after me because we sat around for a while in Minneapolis. Good thing we didn't pay that $50. I then flew Alaska to Spokane. I forget how annoying it is to make 2 layovers.

Once in Spo, we went to Denny's. I got the "Grand Slam burrito." Turns out there is a pancake in it!!!!! While it may have taken 4 years off my life, it was worth it. Nothing much else has happened. Bo and I are going to do "On Demand" Yoga today. It sucks not having a gym.

Studied unitl 11am on Wednesday and then took the rest of the day as mental health. Did errands. Went to a baseball game. It was fun. Didn't have too hard of a time falling asleep.

Up at 6, shower, bfast, got to the test center early. As per usual. Checked in. Down for the test. In case I haven't told you: 7 sections of 48 questions. Newly added last year were A/V questions - basically murmurs. Newlly added in FRED v2 this year were sequential questions. My friends who took it on Tuesday have v1...I took it on Thurs and had v2. Weird. I only had 1 sequential question, which wasn't hard at all. In fact, I would say they are easier because they basically just "make you show your work" on how you made the 2nd or 3rd jump in thinking.

Blocks 1 and 2 were a little rough. Don't know if it was test jitters or actually they were harder, but they sort of took the wind out of my sails. I had 2 of the exact same question! Not just similar. EXACT same. On different blocks. Problem is....I didn't know it the first time. On these tests they do through in "experimental" questions that aren't actually scored, so here is to hoping that was one. Break after the first 2. Soda and nut time

Block 3 started pretty well, but I got mentally frustrated at the end and had to take an unplanned break before block 4. I think that one was fine. It is all a blur now. Lunch after 4. Then 5 and 6...break...7. All in all I would say I had 2-3 questions I had NO CLUE about per block. Another 7-10 that I had to make quite a few mental jumps that I was unsure about. The rest went fine? I was most nervous about stamina for this. I had only ever done 4 blocks in a day. 7 is a whole new ball game. We won't get our scores until mid July. Now to play the waiting game. I am pretty sure I passed. The actual score...we will see. Off to sit around on my butt!