I back, I back!

Tadaa! Took Step 2 yesterday, so I am now back among the internet living! Unlike Step 1, I had quite a bit more of a social life while studying for this one. I got there right when they opened and was the 2nd one sitting down to test. When looking at the layout for the test, I see there are 8 blocks. I go "crap." For some weird reason, I had thought there were only 7 sections. Huh. Oops. Still though, I felt like a flew through that test. And then you start to worry if you went so fast because you don't know anything. Ugh. I don't know. Ugh. We will see when scores come.

There is a show on Discovery called "The Colony," which is about these people pretending as if the world had a devastating thing, and they are survivors in these buildings and have to work together to remake society? Or something like that. I have 2 points here. Firstly, how do these participants take it seriously? You know the worlds hasn't actually ended. You know the producers won't let you starve to death. You know that they will ship you to a real hospital if you get hurt. I dunno. Secondly, after watching an episode of this and Modern Marvels on History Channel, I am now confident you don't want me around to restart society. I mean, I've got good birthing hips, and I am relatively smart, but I am by no means capable of figuring out (again) how to do irrigation. Or build weapons. Heck, even starting a fire without matches is beyond me. I can learn to do these things if someone showed me, but I am just not skilled in this way. I can be artistically creative but for the life of me cannot be practically creative. And that, my friends, is my excuse for watching dorky shows and survival shows. So you will ask me to be in your colony. K thanks


Of Course

I go from a rotation that I really want to do (and so I study and read) to studying for Step 2. Ergo...posts will be few and far between. Again. For anyone who still reads this.

Matt and I moved this past weekend. Bloody hell was it hot. Thank goodness Matt's friend Matt helped. If he hadn't, we may have broken up. 2 boys though means Becky doesn't have to carry furniture. Yay! The place is coming together nicely. I will post pics. I swear. Otherwise Omaha is hot and icky. Matt and I are going to Chicago for Labor Day weekend to catch a Cubs game and the Vampire Weekend concert. Yay! Should be tons of fun. Okay. Study time!