I swear I had some good things to say this time, but I forgot. We have out third MDQ tomorrow. We will see how it goes. I again have the feeling that I know stuff but don't know what I don't know...if that makes any sense. I have a few more areas tonight and then a couple in the morning as well. I'm not super worried about it. The problem is, we have our 2nd practical on Tuesday, and I cook tomorrow night. They also switched out practical time to 11 meaning that I have to make sure to make it back on time from mentoring. We then have our midterm next Monday, which means I need to start studying tomorrow or so. It is going to be a busy week, but I've made it through worse.

I am making tacos tomorrow because they are easy. In think what to put in tacos, I couldn't think of anything. As mom pointed out, we are kind of a simplistic family when it comes to making tacos at home: meet, cheese, maybe some sour cream and/or taco sauce. Thats it. I decided to spice it up and sautee some peppers and onions. First time I will have ever done it. I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday night was Relay for Life. It is the first time I've ever done it. Creighton's went from 730pm to 730 am. I stuck around until about 3. We played volleyball. My body isn't built for volleyball I decided. It isn't the height or the spandex or anything...well....no spandex thanks. Rather, it hurts my forearms sooooo much. No, I am not doing it wrong. It just hurts like a mother. My friends made fun of me and said it didn't hurt that much, but then I had them feel my forearms. They were on fire. All in all though, it was a good time, and I managed to still be productive this weekend. Yay!


Bub's century club

Congrats Bub, you are the title of the day. So, Bub and some of his friends in London have decided to do a REAL century club - 100 pints, 100 hours, 100 miles. That just means they have to walk/run/jog 100 miles and drink 100 pints all within 100 hours. My friends don't think it is possible. They say either he will fail or he will die. We will find out after the first weekend in May. Now, I have complete faith in my brother. Yes, that is a lot of alcohol and money, but they are allowed to throw up & Bub has enough money to play these type of games. A game like that is hard to play in the states because of that whole open container law most states have. I'll let you all know how it goes.

We had an HD-Med exam yesterday. The class is kind of like a psych class. I find it all very interesting, but I don't so much like the way it is taught. I did just fine (better than fine) on the test, so I guess that makes up for all my crappy quiz scores.

Meghan and I tried out a new pizza place tonight. It is right next to a bar and within walking distance. How convenient. We had grand rounds today, but our doc lost the patient, so really she just kind of talked to us instead. Whatever. Wasn't too bad. Of course we have another quiz on Monday, but I am moving very very slowly through the lectures right now. I blame it on: missing half the lectures and the exam. So there you go. My excuses. Enjoy



I think that is my most popular title. It's just kind of how I always feel. Easter break was wonderful. It was great to relax and just see my family for a while. Yes, we were busy just about all the time, but it was well worth it. Some highlights:
-Bub educating me to youtube
-Pete's Pizza
-Snow....and then not snow
-A 23, 25, and 27 year-old looking for eggs
-Dad's mad hiding skills
-NOT golden pagoda and then running
-Jesus rose from the dead
-Not finding my basket last
-Guster being neurotic
-Way way way way too much food (btw...mom didn't cook once)

I landed this morning at 830 and got to school at 915. Class at 10 and 11 was painful. Then I got free lunch from the Army/taxpayers. I just had to sit and listen. Yes, it sounds tempting to have everything paid for, but I don't like the idea of being controlled for the rest of my life...or at least til I'm 34. That is not in my 10 year plan.

Allison D., if you are reading this, I said hi to Lisa for you. I didn't hug. Sorry, it's not my style. Also, I will bring back the list once I have more energy. Now...I sleep!


2 in 1 week

Obviously since I am updating that means that I have a quiz tomorrow. Yes, you are right...2 in one week. Plus, we had a practical (brains) on Tuesday. Let me tell you, it has been a fun week. It is nice that we don't have a quiz Monday morning (Easter Monday mind you), but we still have small group. This means I am taking the good ol' red eye back to Omaha. BUT, I do get to see Bub at home. I'm excited. The Zags play on Good Friday. How not holy is that?

KTO's older sister had her baby on Sunday. Ariana O'Brien Everett. If only she had been a day later. That would have been awesome. Congrats anyway.

I am glad I don't fly out until 8 because I have a lot of little things to do.

I am trying to think of something deep or even amusing to comment on, but I've got nothing for ya. I need to find that part of my brain again. I'll let you know when I do.



First, on a serious note, please pray for Dr. Hunter, one of our professors here at Creighton. His son and housekeeper were murdered in his house last week. It is hard to understand why this stuff happens, but it does. They will be laid to rest this week. Thanks.

We have our first Neuro quiz tomorrow. And that is why I update. As to procrastinate. We actually have 2 quizzes this week because they were nice enough not to give us one on Easter Monday. Pretty much I have been slacking all week and really need this quiz to kick my butt so that I get back in school mode.

Didn't do much all weekend. Learned that I have been getting really irritated super easily. Going to work on my patience this week. I cook again. Blue cheese chicken and biscuits. Can't wait to go home for Easter. Yay for family time.

Go Gonzaga! Yeah, I was thinking they were going to be a 6, not a 7. All the peoples on TV are saying Davidson is going to win. Whatever haters. Go Zags!!!!


Blah to hump day.

Last night the girls, JC (Amber's boyfriend who is in the process of moving out), and I went out for my bday. We went for Thai food :D. Through asking classmates, we found a good, pretty cheap place. Plus, they have a lunch buffet on Wednesdays and Fridays. Take that. We then went back to Megs for brownie sundays. It was good. Needless to say, I got very little done yesterday. In fact, yesterday was about 65 out, so I got very very little done.

I am frustrated. I seem to have misplaced my focus and motivation. I was doing well, but the internet showed up and blah. Maybe I'll get it back tomorrow. I really hope I do. This is just annoying. Also, I couldn't sleep last night. I fell asleep after 3 and woke up at 640. I am tired.

All in all, neuro still isn't too bad. Then again, we haven't had a quiz yet. We will see after that. Okay, I should get to bed or something.



Back in the swing of things. My birthday went well. Matt and I met up with KTO and Chris in Tacoma for fancy Thai food (like PF Changs but Thai). The drinks were super expensive. Thanks Matt. We then hit up a few bars. Tacoma "downtown" or wherever we were, was kind of like downtown Spokane....empty. We didn't see a single person on the street walking the 10 blocks or so, but both bars were crowded.

On Saturday, Matt and I went to a rally to try and save the Sonics. I went because I had nothing better to do. Don't hate. That night we helped out at Matt's school's auction. It was fun. Plus, the food was awesome. Mmmmmm. And then pie. Mmmmmmmmm.

I am now back in Omaha. It is supposed to be 60 tomorrow. I am excited. I cooked tonight after getting about 4 hours of sleep. I am pretty tired. We started neuroscience today. The one lecture we had was all review for me, which was nice, but the lab was a lot more than we ever went over in undergrad. Hmmmmmmm. Better get learning. All in all though, getting out at 2 is way better than getting out at 4.


Happy dance

Doing the happy dance since I am on spring break. Seeing as how I am doing the happy dance, that obviously means that I passed host defense. Whoop. Flew out Thursday afternoon with Megs (just to Denver) then up to Seattle. I watched Elizabeth on the airplane. You know what is really good about not knowing history? Historically based movies are always a surprise to you. It's awesome. I did, however, remember back to may days of Camp Reed to remember who won the Spanish Armada. That, and the fact that England isn't a Catholic country kind of helped me piece the puzzle together. Don't make fun of me, I do science. Also what I learned from that movie - horses can't swim very well. They can swim, just not well. Thursday I landed, and Matt and I drove up to Bellingham. Stayed there for the night. Happy birthday to Missy's puppies on Friday. They technically turned 4 I think. Matt and I walked around Bellingham on Friday. He guesses we walked about 9 miles. Whatever it was, it was a lot.

We then drove to Seattle to hang out with Paolo on Friday night. We went to a place in Ballard for dinner called the "Hi Life" or something like that. Strangely enough, I find out that Amanda went there for lunch earlier that day. Weird. Then to Lock and Keel for some drinks. Then to somewhere on a bus. Dicks after the bar. The Seattle ones don't have pizzas like the Spokane one does. Back to Paolos. Saturday involved.......more walking. And eventually meeting up with Amanda for dinner out in Madison park. My chimichanga was delicious. Then back to Lacey for a lazy night and a super lazy Sunday. Just the way God intended.

I would like to both point out/make fun of my mom for not realizing I was going to be on spring break this week. She was astounded. Dad knew. If dad knew, I don't know how Mom couldn't have. Silly mom.