Sorry for the hiatus...again. Busier days + vacation = little updating. My life since I last wrote (can't even remember when that was):

-Transitioned to the day time pretty easily. Remember that I don't like rounding :( While I switched easily to being awake when the sun is up, I really struggled to wrap my brain around working when the sun is up. I am on general medicine at the VA, and we can't seem to get our patient list under 8 no matter how hard we try. Sigh. I am enjoying it though.

-Went to Seattle! Matt and I headed to Seattle last week to find housing for next school year. Whelp. We saw plenty of places, really really liked one place, and put in zero offers :D Our loan doesn't allow us to close before July 10th, so we have some timing issues to work out. That, and we aren't convinced that buying is right for us right now simply...and don't tell him I said this...because Matt doesn't have a nailed down job yet. :( Anyone have one they want to give him?

-Enjoyed Easter with Matt's family. Holidays with other people is always...different. They don't do a big family thing for Easter, and obviously their traditions (basically just baskets) are different. My mom was sad though because this is the first time, possibly ever, that she didn't have any children home. Yes, she still hides eggs and baskets for her adult children. I have no shame in that. 

-Went to 2 concerts...back to back. I am getting too old for this. On Wednesday night we sat FRONT ROW at Death Cab. Last night we drove to Lincoln to see Avett Brothers. Both shows were great! Neither venue blew me away though. I will post some pictures at some point.

To the important things in life. Food!

As someone who struggles to live in the moment, before I go someplace to eat, I usually look up everything about it - reviews, hours, menu, etc. While this may seem like a good thing, and from time to time I am sure it is, it usually gets my mind set on a track of what to expect - from the food to the service. I still try to go with an open mind, and luckily that works for me most of the time.

I had a Groupon to this local establishment that I had to use before it expired, and with Matt on spring break already, I ventured here for a solo lunch. Of course an early lunch for sushi on a Saturday in Omaha makes for quick seating. The place, in usual Omaha style, is in a strip mall but is surprisingly open and bright on the inside. They have a bar with probably 20 stools or so and then plenty of seating. I shuffled my lonely self into a booth and proceeded to get lost in the menu. Oh. My. Goodness. That, my imaginary friends, is a large menu. Dozens of different rolls in several sizes - a good variety of "typical" (not sure what else they are called) and specialty. And then they have entrees - both Japanese and Chinese. And then they have lunches and bento boxes. To get a good variety (and because I had previewed the menu) I decided on a bento box and a Crunchy Roll. Man do I love crunchy rolls. The soup and salad came out quickly. The former was delicious and just salty enough. The green onions were fresh and crisp. The latter, however, left a lot to be desired. Iceberg lettuce with a big glob of orange colored salad dressing. It tasted alright, but the presentation was slightly unappetizing. Don't worry, I still ate it all. Next came my roll. That was great. Everything tasted fresh and very high quality. The crunch was just crunchy enough without overpowering the remaining components. My bento box was just the right size as well. I got the teryaki chicken. It was a little disappointing because nothing beats all the great teryaki places in Seattle, but it was still good. I forget what else came with it, but it was all to my liking. I left very satisfied and happy I made the trip. Now only if they had happy hour...

Service: great! But I did go at a slow time
Ambiance: very bright and open, music was a tad loud...and from the late 90s :D not that there is anything wrong with that
Menu: Large and in charge. Come prepared to read
Taste: Sushi was amazing. I really believe they use quality ingredients and take care in their preperation. Most of the other items were just above par I would say
Overall: 4. I think their sushi is higher quality than Blue but it reflects in their prices

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You Know You are Tired When...

You can sleep 8 hours at night and take a 3 hour nap without blinking. No really. I took a 3 hour nap today, in 90 degree heat, with the sun fully shining, without a single issue. Really? Really? Yep, I am tired. Thank goodness...I am on my last night!!! Whoop whoop. 3 am. 5 hours left. BooYah!

This weekend I was a single lady once again. Eating when I want. What I want. Turns out, I almost eat more when Matt isn't around. No one to see that I ate half a batch of biscotti. To the rest of the world, that biscotti never existed. To me, that biscotti only half existed :D I really haven't done much other than workout. Matt left for spring break on Friday. No exotic locations...unless you consider Lacey, WA exotic. I leave Tuesday after clinic! Hopefully we can find a place to live! Yay!

I did what I have never done before: I ate lunch at a menu restaurant...ALONE! Yep, I said it. I will write a full review later, but we had a Groupon that was going to expire. I thought, "Heck with it, I am going to lunch." And it was delicious and amazing. Matt will come next time :D

Nothing else new really lately. Spring has sprung. No actually, summer has sprung. Bees are out. Trees are in full bloom. It was 90 here today. 90!! Tomorrow/Monday is supposed to be in the low 70s, however, so I toughed it out and didn't turn on the AC. Whoop. Here's to April coming in like a lion. A really really hot African lion.