First: Happy 21st to Bo!!!!! Yay for you! Boooooooo for Manda, Bub, Allison D., and I. **Sigh** no more warm bagel bites. I guess I'll get over it.

Second: This is going to be quick. School is school. The quiz this week is going to be long, but I just gotta "strap it up" as Matt would say. We had EBM (stats) small group today. I love hearing people defend their answers to questions. It is funny how much we science people like to read and reread and over-read sentences. Fun times. I interviewed today in IPE -- sexual history...that wasn't awkward at all. The thing is, you go in knowing that you are supposed to be asking those type of questions, so it is really easy to miss the basics: "how long? where? medications?" That type of stuff. My case was pretty straight forward though, so I don't think I did too badly. Also, I got to practice my "Do you have sex with men, women, or both?" question. I was wondering when I was going to get to use that one.

On Monday I finally got to meet with my menteeeeeee (as Bo likes to call things like that). She is very very quiet. I know I have no room to be talking but still. She is in 2nd grade and is a good reader. Already reading the Harry Potters and such. She also likes art. So I suggested that we read a chapter book together and then illustrate it together. She got kind of excited at that, so hopefully this will work out. I don't know if it advanced enough for her, but I may make her write captions and stuff with new vocab words etc. I don't know, I'm not a teacher. Worked out this morning. That was hard to do. What else.....Bought my ticket for spring break. Thanks to M&D ("Santa") for the Wells Fargo gift card. That came in very handy. Um...that wasn't short. Sorry.


I survived!!!

We had initiation on Friday night. Other than the fact that I survived, I am really not allowed to tell you much. Oh, I got a t-shirt out of it too. Awesome!!!!

The weekend was very relaxing. The quiz on Friday went just fine. I have done a good job so far, and think I have set myself up well to not be too stressed during finals. Our genetics presentation went well. I thought I was going to mess up talking in front of the whole class, but I didn't. 115 really isn't that many people. This next week is going to be another lecture heavy week. Something like 24 on the lecture again. I then leave Friday to see Matt. Yay!!!

I went to mass at St. Johns for the first time in a long time. I had to get used to the weird sound again. Good times had by all...meaning me. The girls went to a gay club last night rumored to be the best in the midwest (the website says best in the states). They said it was fun and that a lot of our class was there (it was straight night). I said no thanks; I had had a late night the night before. Other than that, pretty uneventful weekend. Meh. Fine by me.


Still happy

I am still very happy about the news from Monday. Makes life just a little bit easier. Onwards with the update.

We only have 10 lectures on this weeks quiz, which is about 1/2.5 as many as on the last two. That means I am slacking. But I am trying not to because They way I did on the last quiz, I have a chance of maybe honoring something if I keep working that hard. That might be nice. We will see. We are only 2.5 weeks in don't forget. Seems like a lot more than that.

We have MCB small group tomorrow. I am preparing right now for it. They grade on participation, which I hate. I just don't like talking. The problem is, much like with tests or quizzes, you could research and be really prepared for one part of the case but come to find that the group glosses over that part for about 2 secs. So I am going to try to gain broader knowledge that isn't as deep. Lets see how it goes.

I had to cook again tonight. That is always annoying. Ran 2.5 miles today. That is also always annoying, but Amy made me do it. Jerk face. Nothing much new going on. I give a genetics presentation tomorrow, so I have to dress up. Blow. I only say that because it is cold and slippery out. Knowing me, I will fall. I'll let you know.


Best Day Ever!!!!

So, you may ask why? Well......Matt got the JOB!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh so excited. He went in on Friday and was there for an hour (I walked around Home Depot...it was fun). They told him they would call by the end of the day. 5 rolls around. No call. He had no clue what it would be. They really loved him on the phone, and he didn't do anything awful during the person to person. We reasoned a lot of stuff but tried not to get our hopes up. Then he got a call today when at the airport saying they couldn't get a hold of his contacts. He gave them better numbers, and a little bit later, BAM, he has a job!!!! We are both super excited. Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers etc. Whoop whoop.

As for the weekend, it was a good time. I did really well on the quiz on Friday. I was all caught up on everything, so I didn't have to do any studying really. Friday involved the interview and Cali Taco with the girls. Jon (Betsy's bf) and Brendon (Amy's bf) were in town. Later we walked to Amy's for a night full of fun and catch phrase. I said I had to be on Matt's team; not because we are attached at the hip but because I didn't want to get super competitive. As for the walking...trust me...the Midwest is in a deep freeze. It was about -5 that night. -20 on Saturday night. Brrrrrrr.

Saturday involved not much. Going to the mall. Driving to Iowa for an adventure. Dinner out at Texas Roadhouse with the same people from the night before. It was close to Brendon's bday, so we told them that. He had to get on a saddle. Imagine a 6'3 marine on a saddle. Hilarious. Sunday involved church and movies. We rented Shoot 'Em Up. Let me tell you - not your typical action movie. That is all I'm going to say. Yay for this week being not as intense. Matt was supposed to leave at 2:45. He still hasn't gotten on a flight. Hope he makes it home. Well. That is all


Tough week

Yeah, I know it's been a while, but I have been super busy. It is funny. I study hard all week, then Thursday night before the quiz, I can't concentrate. Well, I can. I choose not to. I was up until about 1230 every night this week. Blah. Just a tough week. A lot going on at night, meeting and classes and such. I am finally learning to stop being so anal about my system of studying. If I already know a concept, I don't have to take extensive notes on it. Guess I am just paranoid.

Dinner went well on Monday. Mom, I swear I will call you this weekend. Matt gets in in 2 hours. Yay! They tried to move the quiz to the afternoon because people complained, but some of us complained right back at them get to take it at the regular time. Yay! There is someone from Regis interviewing tomorrow. I have no clue who it is, but I am going to go early and take a peek at the name tags. Anything else new? Yes, probably, but no time. Really must study. K bye


Becky vs. Bat take 2

You may ask why in the mid of winter is there a bat in the house. My answer: I have no clue. Coming out of the bathroom and bam! bat flying around the hall way. Becky sprints up her stairs and is glad to be alive. This one wasn't as traumatic as the first, but it was still scary.

I could have gotten a lot more done today, but I was a little lazy. I went shopping for the house (we were fast and cheap), worked out, met with my genetics group, and took a nap. I also fit some studying in there somewhere. I have another busy week ahead and am praying just to make it through alive. Matt arrives on Thursday night though, so as soon as he gets here, my week is over...except for the quiz on Friday morning.

I cook tomorrow --> cheese and pasta in a pot I decided. We don't have the best pans for it, but I am going to make do. What else is new in my life? Matt again requested more blog time, and I again told him he does nothing exciting. Just to show me he went and got sick. Ew. And now he is going to come down here and give it to me. I am going to start drinking OJ right now. Jerk.

Anything else big going on? Doesn't seem like it. Oh, I start "Healer's Art" this week, which is a class oriented towards whole person care. It is an elective from 6-9 at night on Tuesdays, but it is only 5 weeks long. Not bad. Nothing much else. Guess I'll talk to you later.


Yay for the boys!

Bub and Bo finally started updating again. yay! Yes, I know I have no room to say anything because I didn't update a lot over Christmas...but still.

Class is class. First MDQ tomorrow. Ack!!! We don't have as many this block and we only have one exam for each class, so everything counts just that much more. Gosh that makes me nervous. I have a lot more studying to do, but I thought I would just check in with you all. We have something like 25 lectures on the quiz. That is as many as we had on some of our tests. It is kind of nice because all of this stuff overlaps a little bit. In micro we are talking generals about viruses and phages etc...in host defense we are talking about immune cells...in MCB II we are talking about disease in the body. See, it all flows together. No matter what though, 7 hours of lecture is a lot of lecture. I am hoping I inherited some of mom's micro-ness and that that part won't be too hard.

Matt's interview went well. He is going to go meet them in person when he comes to visit next weekend. Very cool. We only have 8 people in the house right now (2 are on externships), so we have a lot of leftovers. Everyone is still cooking for 12 it seems like. Meh. I cook on Monday. Mom? Ideas? I am thinking either cheese and pasta in a pot or white enchiladas. And yes family, we decided I do like that type now. Okay, study time.


School hurts

Firstly, Bo needs to take a page out of Bub's book and finally update. I went to Italy Bo, you don't seem that busy. I am busier, and yet I still update. Jerk.

As for school...it is hurting my body. A lot. Or maybe that was running. Whatever, I'd rather blame school. Not too bad today. Only 5 lectures. And I am more caught up than I thought I was. I do need to buy an expensive book, and I keep putting it off because I hate spending money. I can get it new for $30 less than normal at B & N though, so I might do that. Blah. These next 2.5 weeks will be brutal. After that it loosens up a bit. I have a genetics presentation on the 24th (in front of the whole class). It is in a group, but our disease is out of a book...which I didn't buy of course. I don't really want to buy the whole book seeing as how our disease is only 2 pages of it. I may just ask what the disease is and internet it. I am cheap, what can I say.

For dinner, we had soup with sausage and cabbage. I was hesitant of course, but I actually liked it. Don't get any ideas that I now actually like cabbage, cuz I don't. It was the seasoning that made it good. I swear.

My apologies to Matt for not working on his basketball practices (he is coaching jr high girls bball and I promised I would help). Problem is, I am bad at toning things down to be age appropriate. Blah. I swear I will get there Matt. Just give me time. Okay, time to read some pathology and go to bed.


First day back

During my 6th hour of lecture today, I thought to myself, "How long has this semester been going?" And then I remembered, "Oh yeah, only 6 hours." So day 1 and I am already blah about it. Seriously? Lecture from 8 to 5? No thanks. We have a quiz on Friday, and I am freaking out already kind of. And if I think this is bad, February is going to blow. I have 5 tests in 14 days or something like that. And a quiz. And some physical exam stuff. Yes, I am complaining. Our lectures weren't all that complicated today, but I feel like I am missing something and should be doing more. Ahhh. I just have to get through these 7 weeks or whatever it is. Then...spring break. Oh yeah. Even though he told me not to feel bad, I still kinda of do because Matt has a 4 day weekend in February for presidents day, but I am in the middle of finals. Booooooo. Yes, I know I will survive (that was directed to my family who is rolling their collective eyes) but still. It blows.

In other news, Matt has his interview tomorrow (8th), so keep him in your prayers. Think good thoughts people. Wasted time and went to Costco today. I got big shampoo and conditioner as well as instant oatmeal packets. This way I will be able to eat breakfast at school. MMMMMMM oatmeal. Sister, the travel mug worked great today...except I burned my tongue. I blame you. I was going to workout this morning, but when I still hadn't fallen asleep at 215am, I decided to not go. Tomorrow I shall go. No matter what. I better start to get ready for bed because I am getting tired. Gotta go with this feeling since it has been missing since I got back to Omaha. Bye


Back in omaha

I don't really have much of a desire to update you with all the boring things I did over the last week or so, so I won't. In brief: worked out, saw some movies, hung out, got to go out on New Year's Eve, flew back to Omaha. That's about it.

I am back at my desk here and not very happy about it. It is going to be a huge struggle to turn my brain back on for Monday, but I need to since we have a quiz on Friday. None of that "take it easy the first week of the semester" stuff like you had in undergrad. Boooooo. I have quite a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, so I am very glad I came back tonight. That, and the Seahawks played today, and trust me, you don't want to be around Matt then. They won though, so that is good.

My flights were uneventful. Flew through Denver, which was kind of nice. Saw the women's soccer coach from Regis. I don't think he recognized me. Warning, rant coming up. More than the people who crowd the plane door to get onto the plane, I strongly dislike this next group. The baggage carousel crowd-ers. You know them. They are the ones who, although only one person in their 15 person welcoming crew was actually a passenger, all stand right next to the belt. They are the ones who give you a look when you ask to get through so that you can get your bag off the belt. Do they think that my standing closer, their bag is going to come out faster? I am proud to claim that I am not one of them. Everybody just needs to stand back a little more and send one or two people to get the bag once they see it come out. Grrrrrr. Sorry, that is over.

In case y'all didn't know, Matt has a phone interview with a high school down here on Tuesday. Yay!!! Please send him good, hiring thoughts. He is only one of 3 interviewees. Yay!!! Okay, time to go to bed or something