Sorry I'm not sorry

No updates for a while. I know. My grandma got sick, so I just haven't really been in the mood to update. Finished Peds. Started Psych. I will update more some other time. I took my Shelf early and then flew home Friday to see Grandma. Let's just keep praying for her and our family. Peace out



I think this is my 200th post. Go me!

I am newly obsessed with mousse. No, not the stuff you put in your hair. Not the animal moose. The yummy yummy dessert. On Saturday Matt and I had his coworker and his fiance over for dinner. She has Celiacs, so I was trying to come up with something gluten free for dessert that wasn't too boring. Now, I know they can do some ice creams, but the one I know for sure (Tillamook Vanilla Bean) isn't available down here. Instead I decided to do a chocolate mousse that my cousin Jeff, the chef, suggested. I was nervous because I had never made a mousse. For some reason I thought it would be really hard like a souffle or something. Wrong. Pretty dang easily (with Jeff's directions at least). The chocolate mousse called for dark rum, but I looked it up and some Celiacs can't have it. Good thing I omitted it because she did confirm that she can't handle it. That would have been embarrassing. What else did I make you ask? Miso marinated fish (I need to find a better type of fish, and mirin, then it will be good), wasabi mashed potatoes (my new favorite), and DeDe's salad. mmmmmmm. It was great. My next food to tackle is....more mousse! I want to try peanut butter (with out it just being frosting) and pumpkin! Maybe this weekend.

As I have learned with cooking bacon, there are just some smells that like to linger. Bacon being one of them. Fish, alas, is one as well. Icky. It has kind of smelled fishy since Saturday even with lots of candles going. Ick. I would take the smell of bacon any day. ANY DAY!

Fall has hit Omaha. For about 2 weeks now we have had some pretty comfortable if not chilly temps. We went from the mid 70s (comfy) to the 50s (chilly). Problem is.....we may get frickin' snow this weekend!!!!!!!! I am not ready for that. It was 73 yesterday. Snow possible on Sat and Sun with highs in the mid 30s. Hello January! We skipped about 3 months there. A lot of people ask how fall is here. I think many judge a place on its fall. Or at least they pretend to. Lots of pretty colors? Nice temps? Well, Omaha sort of misses out on the colors of fall. Sad. And I think I figured out why. In Denver they sort of missed it because of the SUPER crazy weather. Here we miss it because it is so darn windy! The second a leaf dies just a little bit, it gets blown off the tree! Goodbye pretty colors!

Okay, time to go...do something.