I'm updating because my head hurts, which means it is telling me not to study on a Friday afternoon. Done. Judge Judy, here I come.

I had 2 basketball games again this week. Tuesday is my coed team. We only had 2 girls, which meant I had to play the whole time. That was a good thing though, because I pulled my quad right after tip off and had to keep moving to keep it from tightening up. I was guarding a girl rumored to have used to been on the women's team for school. I peed my pants a little when they said that, but.....she wasn't that great. All she could do was shoot, which she did a lot. She only made 1 though. In coed, girls 3's are worth 4 and 2's are worth 3. I love it. We ended up keeping just out big guy in the middle. I played outside, which is fine by me. I trailed a lot because it hurt to sprint, but I made 2 4's!!!!!!! Woooo. And who said I couldn't shoot? Our game last night sucked. I could barely move; we couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. The other team threw it up w/ eyes closed and still managed to make it. Jerks. I had 4 fouls w/ 11min left in the second half. Dad, you should be proud. I was going to foul out, but I think that may get you kicked out for the next game. We lost needless to say.

Next Friday brings with it a giant decision. When to take step 1. We have a lottery system with seats reserved at a testing center in town. Our dates are June 1-5 and 8-12. I'm hoping to pick somewhere in the middle. Optimal study time and vacation time. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Speaking of things that make you pee your pants, we also got our schedules for next year. Well, not the real ones, but the 6 different ones we are allowed to choose from. This too is a lottery, and we do it on the 11th I think. Again, I'll keep you updated (I'll talk more about it next time).

On Wednesday was pelvic training. Ick. I had pretty much already rulled out ob/gyn, but this cemented it. At first when they were talking about women's health, I thought "this is kind of something I would be into;" then I did the exam. And changed my mind. No offense to those who do it, but I don't think it is for me. I hope they pay those patients a LOT of money. Okay, off to hang w/ Judy


Lesson Learned

Lesson learned from the Renal Final: read the entire question and know what they are asking for. Half of the ones I missed where stupid reading errors. Grrrrr. But I passed. Woohoo.

We started endocrine/reproduction on Friday. It is long at 4 weeks. I'm not looking forward to it. We had class on Friday, and then we took off for....DENVER!!!

Denver was awesome. Weather wasn't so great, but I loved seeing all my basketball girls again. I swear I'll write more about it later. Needless to say, we didn't sleep a lot. Plus, we stayed at Bo's place, and no one really wants to stay in that thing too long :D Our flight last night was supposed to leave at 830. It got pushed to 950 of course. We got in around 1230 here. Then home. In bed around 130. Long day. I skipped classes today :D



Going to be quick b/c I am super tired

I am going to die tomorrow. I have my first IM basketball game. I haven't played full court in just about a year. I mean, I'm in shape as in I can run a mile, but I'm not in basketball shape. If you don't hear from me again, I've passed.

Went to see Gran Torino. It was awesome. I'm not even an Eastwood fan, and I liked it

Renal final on Thursday. Eeeeeek. But I have tomorrow and Wednesday off completely. Endo/Repro starts on Friday, and that evening Matt and I leave for Denver. Yay!

I've been meaning to talk about New Years Resolutions. For those of us who are consistent gym users, it is slightly annoying this time of year. All these new people who don't seem to know what they are doing. It isn't that I don't want these people working out. I just don't want them there when I am there. As of right now, there is no "safe" time to go to the gym. Sigh. Hopefully they will wear themselves out in a few more weeks. My New Years Resolutions:
-Floss more often (I've been doing pretty well)
-Take more pictures (I've been sucking at this one)
-Put my clothes away right after wearing them (No comment)

I figure it is better to make small ones than big ones. Peace.


Just me

Lucky you, you get 2 movie reviews today.

No excuse...again

Quiz on Monday went okay, especially considering my study time. Made a few of really really stupid mistakes that I will hopefully fix for the final...next Thursday. This is a pretty short class. I should probably get my butt in gear

On Friday night we had people over for gumbo and games. It was the usual (even though I invited more than the usual). I have seriously eaten enough gumbo to last me at least...2 months. That is the one issue w/ making a lot of something. We've done more soups this week, which is good because it is freezing. On Sunday after church we went to the "Starving Artists art show." Now, I don't know if they keep these artists in cages and whip them telling them to paint and paint again and again but whatever. All of them where hand done, but they do sort of have 'themes.' Beaches, mountains, beaches, mountains. All in slightly different shades etc, but better than just Target art. We did, however, manage to find 2 that didn't look too much like anything else we could see. They are about 2.5ft by 4ft. We hung them already, and finally our place is starting to feel cozier.

Dark City
You know what, for a Matt pick this wasn't half bad. I had never heard of it. Came out in 98. It was sort of a sci-fi thriller mystery. Not the sci-fi made for TV type movie. Actuallly pretty good. It was a little hard to grasp what was happening. Some sort of other life forms and memory loss type thing. I thought the writing was good and that the acting was okay. It definetly made me want to keep watching, and it was almost confusing enough to make me need to watch it again. It also got you thinking about reality, which, depending on your mood, can be a good or bad thing. I give it...7.2/10

And finally......The Dark Knight
I wanted to see this in theaters soooooooo badly, but we never got around to it. Finally though, I got to see it. Other than Christian Bale being hot, this movie was great. We sometimes have trouble suspending our disbelief, which almost made us ruin this for ourselves, but we finally managed to get it under control. I really did like this movie and not just because all of the hype. I thought the acting was great and that the plot kept me on the edge of the sofa (I've never read/known much about the Batman story, so hence the not knowing what was going to happen). I'm going to give it a 8.9/10


Holy (snow) Balls Batman!

I know I talked about the weather a lot in my last post, but I have a picture this time. This was before we got about another foot. People had to uncover at least part of their cars so the plows would know that they weren't just a berm.

Weather on Omaha...sunny and bitter cold. Now I remember last year. It wasn't the snow that gets annoying. It is that chilly chilly wind. Welcome back Becky

Hope you all had a good New Years. I had a chill Eve and a super lazy Jan 1. It was nice. I got to be an only child for a bit, which is a rarity for me. It was a great break, and I was very sad to leave. I was *maybe* a little bored, but that doesn't mean I want to go back to school.

We started renal today. I came in thinking it would be a struggle for me. Not sure now. The kidney is, however, an amazing organ. All those little tubules and stuff?!?!?! So far I like it. Hopefully I can keep up that enthusiasm for the whole 11 days of class the course runs

Life is a little crazy right now though. Just all those little things that seem to add up - filing, calenders, budget stuff, cleaning the mess I brought home, getting some food in the house. Sigh. I'll get there though. I also have clinic this week :/ Should prolly get busy