Diet Mountain Dew

No, I am not dead. Just in the midst of finals. Ahhhhhhh. I have found the best thing at keeping me awake. I've tried tea and other soda's (I refuse to drink coffee to get/stay awake), but diet mountain dew wins the prize. Trust me, I couldn't go to sleep last night. If next week you hear about a girl over dosing on soda...that would be me.

MCB final tomorrow. Practice practical tomorrow (I know nothing). Blah. 6 days from today and I will be done with all of this. Thank God. Had no class today, so I have spent about 9 hours studying so far. They practice tests have gotten better. Feeling okay. Haven't started studying any of the old stuff yet (final is cumulative - 70 new, 30 old). Need a good night of sleep. My tummy hurts from not eating very well.

Ran 3 miles this morning. I meant to only run 1-1.5. What happens is, I get on that treadmill saying "Just 1.5" but I get there and just have to keep going. It is like how I don't like working out for anything less than 1.5hours. Ahhhhhhhh. Okay, I'll let you know how it goes.


It was good

Sigh. Turkey day was marvelous. I don't want to be back here in Omaha. Not only do I have to leave my friends, family, and Matt, but I am coming back to the 2 hardest weeks of med school yet. I am no where near ready for this. Ugh. Lots to do. Very little time. Updates will be sparse and brief.

I, of course, didn't get as much studying done as I would like. Pigs in a blanket were glorious on Tuesday. On Wednesday I sat in on Matt's classes. It was weird hearing them call him Mr. Wood. We left at about 1230. Into the Spo at 530. M & D and sister...ribs...friends over later. PI much more crowded than it ever was this summer. Of course. Good talks. Thursday, meals on wheels, old people, good nap, lots of food, godson, Matt being adorable, attempting to watch Black Snake Moan, Becky tapping out early. Friday, not getting up at 530 to go shopping, giving my breakfast sammich to Matt, drive across the state, crack corn.

I finally got to meet Matt's friend Leilani, which was really nice. Mexican food was good. Some good conversation later on. Matt was adorable again. Had to get up at 5 am to make my 730am flight. Let me tell you, that was fun. Now I am home, trying to get as much of the 7th Harry Potter done before pure hell starts tomorrow. Watching the apple cup. Trying to unpack. Missing you all.


Denver Day!!!!

Today was totally one of those random hot days we would have in Denver. 73!!!! Yes, it is November 19th. Crazy.

Nothing much happened today. AM workout. Drove to the elementary school at 10. Didn't get to meet my ment-eeeeeee, but I learned more about what I am supposed to do. Basically, whatever the heck I want. She is ahead of her class, so they bring a mentor in once or twice a week (that's me) to take her out of class and challenge her a bit more. Should be good.

Did laundry, took a nap, learned some anatomy. Really, that was it for the day. This time tomorrow, I will be on a plane. Yay!!!! Matt and I are going to have pigs in a blanket with cheese in them for dinner. I've been craving them. Don't be too jealous.

I feel that the M2's have cheated. Creighton is doing a food drive right now. M1's are challenging M2's. Our barrel is totally full of the usual food drive stuff. Looking good. Then the M2's finally bring their stuff in. 2 25lbs bags of rice and about 20 1 gallon cans of various vegetables. What is a family going to do with that much veggies? How about that much rice? Okay, whatever, I guess it is all going to a good cause, but stuff like that would never fly with the prep food drive I feel like. Dinner time it sounds like. Maybe I'll update tomorrow. Maybe not.


Fun facts!!!

We are going to start off with some fun facts I am finally learning. Stop me if I've told you.
-The word scalp.....is an acronym!!!! Who knew???? Stands for Skin, Connective tissue, Aponeurosis, Loose connective tissue, and Periosteum
-Your tears aren't actually made in the corner of you eye near your nose. Those little holes we all call tear ducts actually drain your eye of the tears
-Your tears/extra lubrication of your eye drains into your nose....that's why your nose runs when you are crying...yes dad, you do cry, it isn't the pollen.

That was fun. I have already started studying for finals. I bombed the quiz on Friday and NOT because I didn't study. Trust me, I studied. It was just super hard. Booooooo.

Friday night involved dinner with Meghan's mom. We went to this Italian place downtown; it was good. We then went to the Homy Inn, where they have champagne on tap. Yes, you heard me right. Champagne on tap. Total dive bar. Still allows smoking. But come on....its champange. Thursday nights anyone? Amy, Amber, Betsy, and I then went to Marley Bone Tavern or something like that. Good night all in all.

Saturday...I don't think I did much. Wrote my pathology report. Went condo shopping with Betsy and Amber. It was fun. Saw some really nice ones. Saw some cheap ones. Good times. Went to mass. After church, I took my fondue pot over to Amy's where we did fondue and wine. Betsy made cheese fondue. I made chocolate. I ate way way way too much. We watched Dr. Quinn Medicine woman. It was grand.

Today I went grocery shopping for the house. We were quick. I then worked out for 2 hours, which was awesome. That is about it though. Found out Rachael will be home for Turkey Day!!! Yay!!!! If anyone is in Spo, we are going to get together on Wednesday night. It will be fun. Okay, study time.


Early day

I am already done for the day!!! It's only 1045!!!! Worked out and everything too. Woohoo. Lot of studying to do though, so this won't be long.

Yesterday was our last official dissecting lab!!!! We have 4 more labs, but 2 are demonstrations and the other are "review," which makes me think they are optional. I will be there since I don't know anything, but still. So excited. Last quiz is tomorrow. I don't know how it is going to go. I really have been doing stuff all night, but I still feel like I am getting no where. Blow.

I am pretty sure I am living in some guy's fantasy. After both my morning workouts this week, I have walked into a locker room full of catholic school girls showering and changing. Yes, into little plaid skirts. Sick. It is some high school team that has been using our pool. I really hope that doesn't continue much longer. They are loud and in my way.

We had our last MCB small group today. Yay!!! Small groups (randomly assigned) aren't the best thing for people like me. I just don't like saying stuff to people I don't know that well, especially if there is a good chance I am wrong. Ick. Hopefully I will get better at it. Can you believe November is half over!!!!!!! Crazy!


Whoop whoop

So it is Tuesday. Yay? We only have something like 2 more labs where we actually dissect. The rest are "demonstrations" and "reviews." AWESOME!!!!!! We do have to do our pathology report though, and it is due the week of our MCB cumulative final. Ick. I am in charge of the works cited, the title page, and the congestive heart failure section. Not too bad at all. Going to try to get it done by Sunday. We will see. We have a quiz on Friday, and I really am not sure where I stand with studying. Blah

We did our abdominal exam evaluation today. I got all 3's except for palpation of the liver, which made me a little mad since my partner got a 3. The thing is, he was showing her how to do it better. He just kinda let me struggle through it. Whatever. A classmate also sent us this spread sheet that you put in your numbers thus far in each class, and it tells you what you need to get on the final to pass the class (above 70%). If his calculations are correct and I do decent on the last quiz, I shouldn't have too much to worry about for finals. Yay.

What else is going on???? Dinner went great on Sunday. It was all gone by Monday afternoon. Even though it doesn't look good, do-ahead is just the best thing in the world. In other exciting news, I may be going to Vegas. Never been. Never really thought I would want to go, but my friends here are going right after school gets out in December. Meghan is leaving on Friday to join some San Diego friends, and Betsy, Amy, and I may fly out on Saturday and stay until Tuesday or so (flights are cheaper on those days). It really depends on A) cheap we can get tickets and B) how cheap we can get a hotel. Also, the great debate: fly OMA to Vegas and back to OMA or back to SEA or GEG. The thing is, I don't want to have my huge Christmas break luggage with me. Blah. My life is tough. I know. I really should be doing anatomy. Obviously I don't really want to.

I ran three miles today. Bad life choice. Oh, I totally forgot. I may finally have gotten a little mentor buddy through Omaha Public Schools. Yay. I am going to try to meet her on Tuesday. She is in second grade the coordinator said. Hopefully we can work it out. Yay! Okay, time to get my study on.



Basically, I have been too lazy to update. Not much to report on. With school right now, we are experiencing the calm before the storm. Seriously though, I'm getting nervous.

It is my day to cook. I'm doing do-ahead. No, I didn't technically do it the night before, but that is fine. We will see how people like it. It isn't the easiest-on-the-eyes dish you could make, but it sure is delicious. And if no one likes it, more for me.

Yesterday was Meghan's bday. Whoop Whoop. That was 3 in 11 days or so for us. Mine is the next one.....and it is in March. We went out to Amber's for oh so good DQ cake. Then to a thai place. I ordered mine a 6 out of 10 (which would be 3 out of 5, which what I get at home), and everyone at the table thought I was nuts and was going to die. I didn't. It was spicy enough to need water but not that you wanted to puke. Problem with doing any sort of Asian food with not my family....they don't do it family style. I love family style. So much better that way. Everybody gets a little. Sad day. We then went to a piano bar. Man do I love piano bars. So much fun. Then back to Ambers for sleeping. I slept on the floor. My shoulders hurt now. Sad. Enough complaining.

I worked out for 2 hours yesterday, which felt totally awesome but took a large chunk of my day yesterday. That means I now have a lot to do today. Not like I have anything else to do. I am glad I have friends here, or else I would study all the time. No, not because I am a gunner, but because I would have nothing else to do. I find it hard to just sit and watch TV because I get bored and I can always see my books. That's one problem with living here. I am mostly confined to my room, so getting away from school work is hard. I do kinda want to relax for a little though. What is 1 hour going to do to my studying.....nothing.



I swear I was going to have something really good to say. Guess not.

Got my oil changed today. They also checked everything (well, not everything, but stuff nonetheless). The car already sounds tons better. Really makes me worry less about my car exploding on me. I also bought some Sierra Mist cranberry splash. I really wanted the diet stuff, but they didn't have any diet at Bakers. Not even in the 2 liter. Sad day. So I had to get stuff with calories. For anyone who is hesitant about this drink, my opinion is that it tastes like a shirley temple. And everyone knows I love a good shirley temple. And if you didn't know, now you do.

We had two small groups today. Ethics and MCB. Blah. Made the day really easy though. I meant to get up and workout this morning, but I rolled over and the clock said 6:50. Oops. That just means I have to go tomorrow, which I didn't really want to do. Blah. My knee is bugging me too. Guess that means I can't run. Darn :D

Mom informed me that Amanda and I are going to do Meals on Wheels on Turkey Day. Totally fine by me. Matt is going to have to tag along since he is in town, and when I told him, he freaked a little thinking he would miss dinner. I had to call Mom just to calm him down. Silly boy. Was going to say another good thing...but forgot again. Gotta work on this memory thing.


That was interesting

Nothing much has happened. Passed my lab practical. Did better than I thought I would. Did just about the same as I did on the last practical. Hopefully that gives me some wiggle room on the final, because I think I am screwed for that. They have had a lot of fun flipping our schedule around, and I am not very happy about it. Blah. Worked out in the morning. That went much better than that 9 am crap. Getting my oil changed tomorrow. Whoop whoop.

Skipped 2/3 of my classes today. Don't worry, I did study during that time. It game me some nice time to just get stuff done. With the head and neck in anatomy, all the prof does is put up a slide and point stuff out. It is rarely amazing stuff. Just structures and veins and nerves. I can get more out of a book and my Netter. So I skipped. Stop trying to guilt me into going to class. It isn't going to work.

Went to CMDA tonight. We had a guest speaker. Nothing too inspiring. She brought prophetic ministers in as well and we had the opportunity afterwards to have them pray with us if we wanted. I thought "heck, I don't always gets this chance, might as well as eat a bug." So I did. It was interesting. Apparently (kind of knew this, but not like I told them), I am bold and come from a long line of bold women. Does bold mean bossy-cow-like? Maybe. Nevertheless, it was interesting. Off to do various not-studying things.


mad at anatomy

Didn't get up early to workout. Figured "heck, we have a 2 hour break in the middle of the day, I'll work out then." Worked super great since we had a 3 hour break instead. Now a rant. Dr. Yee forgot he was supposed to lecture and comes in 10minutes late saying he will just type up a summary. We get an email during lunch, however, that says it is rescheduled for Friday at 8 am (we weren't supposed to have lecture) and that we will have lab on Friday (we weren't supposed to). I am pretty annoyed at it all. It isn't like I am actually learning what we went over in lecture during lab. I do all my learning the week before the test. Jeeze. Now my Friday is mildly ruined.

We went to the hospital to learn the lung exam tonight. Wasn't too bad. We are evaluated on it tomorrow. I hope my doctor is as nice as he was last time. We have a 4 hour break tomorrow during the day, so again, I will workout then. After that, I don't know what I am going to do. I don't like driving home and wasting gas. Guess I'll just take stuff with me. Getting an oil change on Thursday. I was a big girl and actually called the place. Yay me! Anybody know how a manual car acts when the timing belt is starting to go bad? If you do, let me know. Thanks. Back to being on task.


Back to real life

Blah. Back to real life. Not actually a fan. Weekend was great. Awesome weather. I'll give you a brief run down.

Matt got in Friday afternoon. We did dinner with the girls since it was Amber's bday. We then went out for drinks afterwards at Upstream. I was driving, however, so I just had rootbeer. It was good. We then rented Mr. Brooks. I had never heard of it As you know, Matt and I don't always pick the best movies. This one, however, was good. Worth renting I do believe. Little violent though, so watch out. Saturday involved errands and nothing much. Of course there was food. I wanted to take him to Texas Roadhouse, and Betsy loves that place, so we double dated. She and her bf Jon joined us. The only one in Omaha is kind of far away, but it was worth it. I got ribs. MMMMMMMM. I am glad we called ahead for seating because the wait was ridiculous. He and I then went to American Gangster. Another violent movie for the two of us. It wasn't my type of move, but Matt wanted to see it, so I made this tiny sacrifice. Wasn't bad. Always weird to see Denzel Washington as not a good guy.

This morning Matt and I went to an AG (assemblies of God) church. We had never gone to this one, and it was better than the last one we tried. Sermon was really long, and for us Catholics who are used to 5 minutes tops, I was on the verge of needing a snack break. They had a guest preacher guy who tried to call Matt out. I will explain (kinda long, you don't have to read if you don't want to). At the end of these services, they invite people to come up who need some extra praying and then the preacher or his helper-bees pray individually with these people. Right before the main pastor begins his invite, the guest preacher says that before the service he felt that there were 3 people God was trying to heal physically. Yes, I know we are all rolling our eyes right now. He listed 3 people: man with back pain, woman with lupus type thing, and man with chest tightness/heart problems. Now Matt doesn't have the best of hearts, and don't worry, I am doing enough nagging to try and fix this problem. Just the night before I had had a talk with him about it after he had a little fluttering. Anyway when the guy first says man with chest pain, I don't think much of it because there are a lot of older people at the service. When no one raises their hand, I still don't think much. The preacher guy then, however, points to our section (not that many men in our area) saying he feels that the man is over there. No, no one was falling on knees being healed or talking in tongues. This is the first time I have seen this at one of these churches. Matt said he thought I was going to make him raise his hand. I didn't. I don't like people looking at me.

That was long, sorry. Rest of the day involved football and not much else. Blah. Didn't do well on the MDQ last Friday, and not because I didn't study. I just didn't study the right things. I passed the MCB part but failed the anatomy. Sad. I did have more room for slippage in anatomy though. Going to try to not do what I did after the last set of tests (aka - not study ever). Okay, I am done.


Oh gosh

Quiz tomorrow. Don't think it is going to go well. I have read all the MCB lectures, which is a step in the right direction. Just because I read them, however, doesn't mean I will remember a blessed. Moving onto anatomy. Probably shouldn't even be updating. Whatever.

Some small accomplishments for the day: got my AC out of my window all by my big self, got my trash can back (the room looks better already), went to church for All Saints. I was disappointed. We only got the first verse of the litany of the saints. Booooooo. No Perpetua and Felicity. They don't make it in until the third verse of so I think. I linked you to that article because Wiki said their date is March 6th in a lot of churches. After some sort of church meeting a long time ago they changed it to my birthday. Whatever. We all know that everyone wants my birthday.

Other news: mad at my car because it isn't getting good mileage. Going to get an oil change next week. I am tired but I have to stay up and study. Matt has to get up at 3 pacific time. That blows. He better not be grumpy. He will get a thunk if he is.

ALSO: mom isn't the best at keeping her children in the loop. Cousin Michelle had her third child Spencer James Green on the 30th. Delivered by C-section, but they are all fine. Congrats!!