What day is it?

You know, without being in school, I have a really really hard time knowing what day it is. Thursday? I think so. Heading back to Seattle tomorrow with Amanda. Sad to leave my family but excited to celebrate my first New Year's Eve EVER!!!! Gosh darn basketball. As for Christmas, it was wonderful. Great turkey. Smoked and deep fried. Awesome mashed potatoes. Jon Jon seemed to like his trucks. I didn't have any sparkling apple cider, so I am kind of sad. I still have time though. It always just reminds me of the holidays. Christmas morning was a little weird with only 3 kids and my parents being in Bo's room. Just not the same. Still great though. Got some clothes. Some money to Amazon (as to buy med school books......boring). Matt got me a really really nice necklace. Um....I know I had a lot more to say, but I can't remember. Whelp...I'll update soon, I swear. Oh wait, I remember. Matt, Amanda, and I get to go the The Battle In Seattle. Go Zags!!!!!



Yep, it's been a while. So here is a update of what I have been doing.

Pharm final on the 14th. Passed. Flew to Detroit at 5. Ran through airport. Made airplane to France. Ran through CDG. Pushing the French left and right. Apparently, if you run, you can get through that airport, including passport control and more security, in 15 minutes. Yay me! Okay, got to Italy at 240pm or so. Sat around. Discovered they lost my luggage. Crap. Whatever. It was nice not having my huge rolly bag going around Florence. To the apartment. Upstairs. Bub, Manda, Andrew, Wine...oh wait, I didn't have to capitalize that. Anyway. On we go.

We are in Italy as to surprise Bo for his 21st. It isn't til January, but I couldn't make it then, so we did it now. Turns out Bo is a snoop and too not trusting for his own good. He wasn't that surprised since he read an email at my parents house in the fall. Whatever. Onto a snack bar, then dinner where we met some more of Bo's friends, wine, wine, cheese, back to our apartment. Fun times. Bub and I manage to spill wine on the ONLY PAIR OF PANTS I HAD WITH ME!!!!!! So I have to squeeze into some of Amanda's. Trust me, I was still drop dead gorgeous. Out to a club. Dancing. Manda trying to get kidnapped by Italian men. Back to the apartment.

All in all, I spent about 60 hours in Florence. About 20 of them sleeping I think. We ate too much. Drank enough. Walked to the top of the Duomo. I will put pics up in time. My bag didn't get there until Monday at about 4pm. Back to the states on Tuesday. Flight from Paris straight to Seattle. Fun. Someone got sick on board, and they asked if anyone on board was a doctor. Glad I'm not or I would have had to help. Took a while to get through customs etc. I guess I look sketch. Matt and his brothers picked me up at the airport. To Amanda's to wait for her.

Manda and I both left Italy at about the same time. I got to Seattle 8 hours earlier than she though. Crazy. Matt and I meet KTO for food and drink. Then back to Manda's for Biggest Loser and Shot at Love. Don't tell me you aren't jealous. We then get a call early the next morning from my mom telling us to leave for Spokane since a storm is going to hit the pass later that day. So we leave. Just in the nick of time. After we got through, they started requiring chains. To Spokane!!!!

What have I done in the Spo you ask? Shopped, ate, slept, shopped, ate, showered, the PI, snow, ate. That's about it. Matt and I say I am Legend. I liked it enough. Matt said it was exactly like Omega Man, but I have never seen that, so it was new to me. Grandpa's Mass tonight. Then Pete's. Dessert. Stuff? Okay, I'm out, this was long.



I know, I know, it's been a while. Really though, I am just lazy. Pharm final tomorrow; class isn't as easy as everyone made it out to be. Blah. I hate studying. This time tomorrow though, and it will almost be all over. Yay! In good news, I am almost almost done with the last Harry Potter. KTO will be happy to hear that. I blame Matt for my slow progress.

Last night was my night to cook. Gumbo and biscuits. MMMMMMMM it was sooooooo good. I didn't have a ton of time, so the chicken wasn't as tender. Plus, I used breasts not thighs, which makes a difference. We had a house meeting last night about recent issues. Meeting went without drama though. Problem is, next semester we will only have 10 people in the house...and that is when everyone will be in town. The 3rd and 4th years are always popping in and out of town. So now, I am cooking 4 times in less than 7 weeks. Blah. Plus, next semester is going to blow in terms of course load. Everybody hold on tight.

Today will involve: studying, finishing the food in my mini-fridge, cleaning, and more studying. Fun times.



Last Monday of my first semester!!! Woooohoooo. Happy birthday to Bub. He is old.

We got our schedules for the first half of next semester. Brutal. Class from 8 to 3 or 4 each day. Ouch. Way better than lab though I will admit. I hear it really blows though. Going to use Christmas break to my full advantage.

Got a lot of shopping done since Anatomy finished. I also got my official grade for MCB I...I passed!!!! Okay, we all knew that after the final, but whatever. I wrote me Ethics paper this weekend as well. So I guess it wasn't wholly unproductive.

Brutal cold here right now. 7 layers of clothing. Joking....kinda. I am going to have to bring my totally ghetto winter coat back from the Spo when I return. Ick, don't want to think about it actually. Gross. Um, time to actually learn some pharm.



Just had my first experience with milk that has gone bad. Oh my gosh that was gross. Just pouring myself a bowl of Pops when.....blop....gross chunk of white stuff comes out. Consistency of some sort of paint. Ewwwwwww. Looked at the side....sell by 11/24. Gross. Gross.

Speaking of Pops, does anyone know why they are in that special packaging? More like foil than anything else. Weird.

Sitting at home on a lovely Friday night. There was an ugly sweater part, but I didn't really feel like getting hammered or being sober around hammered people (plus, it was $15), so I decided to stay home. Just cleaning the room. Relaxing. Watching True Life on MTV. Um.....not much else to say. I wish I had some gingersnaps. Those sound good. I have to put my comforter cover back on my comforter. Always an undertaking when doing it alone. I have to get the whole thing, which, yes, is fun, but is still hard to do. Not much on the agenda for tomorrow. Workout of course........come up with a gift for Bub. You sir are hard to shop for. I don't want to get you something boring like a book. And I think mom got everything else. Dang it!!!!



Firstly, obviously since I am writing this, I am okay. Neither I nor no one I know was at the mall yesterday. I've shopped there many times, but not yesterday thank goodness. Lets just say the rest of my Christmas shopping will be done on line. Amanda warned me though to not get the baby disease while online. Check.

On much happier news....I AM DONE WITH ANATOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Passed the written. Did way better than I thought I was going to. At the end it was just all finally coming together for me and it felt great. Practical....whatever. I needed like a -7 on it to pass the class. I think I passed the practical, but definitely not my best one. Rest of the day involved being in bed, napping, etc etc. Onto pharmacology now, which I hear is a joke. Don't worry, I will study, but still...it isn't quite anatomy. Okay, time to start my day.


December!!!!! Still alive

Still alive. Still busy.

Passed MCB. Did better than my grade in the class. Yay!!!!

Passed Ethics (the final: just barely, the class: with plenty of room to spare)

I feel anatomy is coming together well in my head. On paper though, we will have to wait and see

Nothing new really. I still don't have a life. Sad.

No class tomorrow, which means: 16 hours of studying. Yay! :(

Almost time for a pharma-holiday (no that doesn't mean I am taking drugs; that is what Pharmacology is called around here, we will see)

Bed time