I'm lazy

I know I haven't been great at updating. Sorry. This past weekend was Betsy's Bday. We went out for Greek food, had awesome cake, and then went out to a piano bar. You know what? I'm still not a fan of Greek food. Give me meet, humus, and a pita, I'm fine. Put weird veggies and sauces on it? I'm not fine. Sorry if I am unadventurous.

This week has just kind of flown by. We have a quiz next Wednesday (our only ID quiz), and it counts for a bit. We've learned about 50 bugs and 30 drugs. I feel like I know zero of them. I'm just hoping my recall button on the inside of my brain is working come next week. I know you are all saying, "Dude, that is almost a week away." The thing is, I'm going home for the weekend to celebrate my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. Let me tell you, as much as I say I will study well at home...I doubt that is going to happen. I like my family too much to study around them. I'm sure I can squeeze a little in.

On top of that, I have to do note service for a lecture next Wednesday (yes, after the quiz), and then go to clinic on Thursday. All in all, next week is going to be a Diet Mt Dew week (don't worry, I bought some at Baker's today). What else has happened........um.......not much. BUT, we do have 2 movie reviews!!!!

Dan in Real Life
I thought this was going to be a lot funnier. And less like a romantic comedy. But alas, it was a romantic comedy. That is fine and all, just not what I was expecting. It of course had those super awkward moments where you wanted to scream. Matt didn't get why his daughters were so angry all the time. I explained to him that that is what teenage girls are really like to their parents. He doesn't have sisters. He has no clue about these things. I guess I give it a 6/10. If asked specifically about it, and you had no other options, I would suggest it. There you go.

The Cell yes, the one w/ J Lo from 2000
This, of course, was Matt's choice. He has something for J Lo. Don't ask me why. This movie got me asking myself, "would this be better if I were taking drugs?" The jury is still out on that one. There is definitely a lot of symbolism (I think) in that movie. It would be really awesome if you could actually go inside someone else's brain, but let's face it, I don't think that is anything possible in the near future. I thought J Lo did a fine job. Sometimes though, she overacts her "tired" scenes. I never feel like she is actually exhausted. Faker. Vince Vaughn is weird to see in a serious role, but he did it well. As I've said with other movies, I like closure for the most part. This one didn't give me the best closure. It wasn't too long (1h47m), because trust me, it could have been really drawn out. They just kind of jumped right into the action, which was a good thing. Okay, I gotta go study or something. Oh......6.43/10


First week done

Happy late bday to my dad on the 19th. And President Clinton. Whoop.

So I have finished the first week. It was nice because we only had 3 classes every day. I did have lab from 3-5 on Tues and Thurs, which blew, but other than that it hasn't been bad. This stuff is much more interesting than last year, so it doesn't seem as bad. I still have extra time on my hands, which I hear will slowly disappear in our other courses. The problem is, Infectious Diseases makes me more of a germ freak. There are so many flipping bugs on our skin and in our mouth and every where. I am surprised we don't get sick more often. Then again, taking Host Defense last year, I know all the cool tools our body has to fight. Well...I used to know those tools.

Last night we had our first Vital Signs Mentoring Program event. This is a new thing at Creighton. It is a way of hooking up younger students with older students as well as faculty mentors. You are in the groups with your M1 buddy, several other M2/M1 buddies, a few M3/M4 peer mentors and a few faculty members. Our faculty is actually the interim dean, which is pretty cool. The even last night was very misplaced (really???? Friday night???), but it went well. I think it is a great idea. I never once met my buddy last year. That was a bad thing. I hope my buddy as well as the other M1s can feel comfortable asking the M2s anything. We will see how it goes.

My first weekend will involve some light studying as well celebrating Betsy's birthday. We are going for Greek. I've never really had Greek.

MOVE REVIEW!!!!! Lars and the Real Girl
This was my pick. If you are looking for action packed movies or super laugh out loud movies, this isn't the movie for you. It is a little slow at first and makes you question your life choices. But it gets better. The entire time, you aren't sure if all this is really happening or what. It will always make me remember what a delusion is, that's for sure. Fixed false belief. The entire time, I was waiting for something bad to happen. I kind of like that feeling, or else the movie could get quite boring. In the end, it was really cute. I would give it a 7.5/10. The humor is subtle but well placed. Sometimes you feel bad laughing, but it's okay. It is just a movie. If you are looking for a cute movie I would definitely recommend it.


First Day!!!

The House family tradition of taking a picture on the first day of school. Aren't I cute? I don't have much to say. Handling 3 hours of class was tough. I can do 3 hours of a movie. I can do 3 hours of food. 3 hours of really paying attention is hard. I'll build myself up again though. Then again, we only have 4 at most a day...not the 7 we had sometimes during 1st year. Not much going on. I made spaghetti carbonara for dinner tonight. I haven't made that in forever. It was pretty good. I doubled the sausage of course. Matt and I went to the Super Target where they are remodeling. They had a sign saying 50% off refrigerated items because they are taking it out on the 24th until Oct 11th or something. Anyway, it was crazy back there, but....not everything was 50% off back there and they didn't do a good job of labeling it. Good thing we had only tried to buy one thing and not a cart full like I saw others do. Yesterday involved Costco. I am addicted to their hot dogs. Mmmmmmmmmm.


End of the Summer

It is officially time to play Dar Williams' "End of the Summer." Sigh. Tomorrow is our first day. We start at 8 w/ M2 orientation then right into Infectious Diseases (ID) from 9 to noon. I will greatly enjoy only having one class at a time. It was like that during Neuro, which made things so much better and easier and more enjoyable. I'm expecting much the same.

This weekend was pretty chill. I went to the M1/M2 buddy picnic on Friday night. Didn't ever meet my buddy. Went to Upstream for the social event. Drank free beer. I know this year is going to be hard, but I am so glad I am not an M1 again. All that awkward meeting and nervousness. I already know that class is going to kick my butt. I have come to accept it. They still look so excited and eager. Poor souls.

So, for those of you who don't have Netflix you may not know that they have been having issues lately w/ shipping. Thus the lack of movie reviews. But.......I'm back

Kill Bill: Vol 2
So.....this one was much different from the first. I thought they were made back to back? The style still followed the "chapter" thing, but the whole style as well as the action and dialog were very different. This one seemed to be making fun of other styles of movies (or at least that is what I thought they were doing): martial arts, westerns, etc. I can't really tell you which one I enjoyed more. The first one had a lot more action, but the second seemed to have some sustenance. I felt the end was kind of fitting but still lacking a little bit. Then again, it made you feel almost warm inside, which is more than you can say for other Tarantino films. Last point: Uma Thurman is sometimes attractive in that movie and sometimes really freaky and ugly looking. Well, 80% of the time it is the latter. I just thought I should point that out.



They changed my blogger dashboard. That threw me way off.

Happy bday yesterday to Grandma K. and little Will Kuder. Grandma turned 96. He turned 1.

I haven't been up to much lately. I went and helped on Wednesday with the M1 organization fair. Worked the Merge/CMDA table. We had a few curious people, which is all you can really ask for. It is weird to think that I was in that exact same nervous/excited position one year ago. That year went so incredibly fast. Crazy. Matt, Amber, JC, Betsy, and I went to Texas Roadhouse last night for dinner because we had a free appetizer. Combine that with the rolls, peanuts, and salad, and I really didn't have to eat me dinner. In all honesty, I brought over 3/4 of it home. Yay for lunch for tomorrow.

Today, I went in and shadowed Dr. McGonigal of the Creighton Anesthesiology department. I got to follow him around to a lot of different ORs. I got to see a lot of procedures, which was cool. I definitely have a much better picture of what they do now.......I think that is a good thing.

Tomorrow will be...lazy. Last Friday of my life. Okay, not of my life, but last Friday without school. Sigh.


Tide and Bounce

I am pretty sure both of these brands are out to get me. Almost 4 years ago, I broke out in an awful rash because I used dryer sheets other than Bounce. These past 2 weeks, I developed a rash after using Gain instead of Tide. They've trapped me. It looks like I must use these brands or suffer the consequences, and trust me, these consequences BLOW.

Haven't been up to much at all. Working out. Buying random stuff/books to get ready for school. You know what? I've had this blog for a year. Go me! Are more people than just my family reading it? Doubtful. But I don't care. (But I do appreciate if you aren't family and you do read.......so keep doing it.)

Anyone else watch that men's 4x100 free relay???!?!?!?!? We got it live here. Holy crap that was amazing. I love the Olympics. I really do. Friday night, Matt, Megan, JC, and I went over to Amy's to watch the opening ceremonies. They were pretty awesome. We also watched THE ENTIRE PARADE OF NATIONS. Man that thing is long and boring. Orientation starts for the M1s on Wednesday. Cute. It is hard to think that I was just there a year ago. I still know nothing.

Agian...2 MOVIE REVIEWS!!!! (Should be 3 but I fell asleep for 1)

Sin City
I thought it was OK. Not amazing or anything. There was a lot of violence. And the story didn't make complete sense to me until Matt explained it. I definitely would watch it again to see if I could pick up on some other things. Kara, Megan, JC, and Amber came over for that one. Sorry for the short review.

Pulp Fiction
Fell asleep

Kill Bill: Vol 1
I had seen parts of this but never the whole thing. I liked it. The violence didn't bug me that much because it was so over the top fake. Really...cutting a dude totally in half? Um, I think not. We bumped the 2nd one to the top of our list. Parts of the movie were ridiculous, which made me laugh, but then I kind of felt like I shouldn't be laughing when so much violence was going on. Whatever. That's it.



I forgot to wish my Aunt Marguerite and Uncle Steve both a happy birthday on Friday. So...happy bday!!!!!!

The weekend involved very little. Matt and I met up with Amber and JC for dinner on Saturday night. We went to a Mexican place called Fernando's. The food was good, but the service totally sucked. She said they were down a server, but only coming to take our order and remove out plates/give us the bill is really awful. Matt and I tried out a new Catholic church on Saturday. I liked this one better than the last simply because it had fewer screaming babies and we could understand the priest. The weather has been brutal here this weekend as well. It has gotten up to the mid-90s, but with humidity it has felt like 105+. Thanks God for the AC.

We got our small group and clinic assignments today. Exciting! I don't think anyone from my previous group is in my new group. Weird. I will be going to clinic on every other Thursday. Cool. I got a bunch of school stuff at Office Depot today while Matt went to work. Other than that, pretty boring day. But guess what you guys get......DOUBLE MOVIE REVIEW!!!!!!

King of New York
This was Matt's choice.......and the last time I let him choose. He claimed this was supposed to be Christopher Walken's best film. I can't argue that. I never find him to really be an actor...more of just a creepy dude playing an awkward character. I do think he is talented, but I always feel like he just kind of walked on set randomly. Back to the movie at hand. I give it a 2/10. I wouldn't recommend it, not even to an enemy. No one really talked until about 15 minutes in. The plot seemed to go nowhere. They tried to carry this idea of a bad guy doing bad things to really bad people (kind of like Taxi Driver), but they didn't really go full speed with it. The fake violence was awful. It made me laugh more than anything else. They had random scenes that seemed to add very little. It reminded me of a literature essay that someone wrote in one long sitting. Rather than build a frame w/ the first writing and then add to it with time, this person sat down and thought way too much about how to be artsy, wrote it out, and then had no one proof read it. Boo. Add it to the list of bad rental choice Matt and I (mostly Matt though) have made.

Training Day
So, I have always heard this was a great movie, so I went ahead and put it on the list. Denzel Washington lives up to...himself. I think he is a great actor. Even though he often plays that good ol' boy doing the good stuff for the people, he has the ability to be the tough guy and pull it off really well (ie, you find yourself wanting to beat him up). I would give this a 7.3/10. Maybe up to a 7.5. I think everything pulled together really well in the end. Ethan Hawke was a just a good guy in that movie. He showed that it pays to be nice. One thing though, if Denzel is a narc in the movie, why is he always flashing his badge everywhere? I understand that LA is big w/ more than one drug dealer, but I also feel that word can get around. Narcs don't work well when their ID is revealed, or maybe that is just what I thought.



Today really felt like a Saturday to me. Maybe it was because Matt was hungover most of the day. Hmmmmmmm. Last night, Matt, Amber, JC, and I, went to an Omaha Royals game. It was thirsty Thursday meaning $1 beers and sodas. That was fun. What was more fun is that I didn't drive. Woooooo. Since the Royals got more than 10 hits we also got free bowling! I got 2 free bowling things because the guy passing them out was joking around with Matt. Yeah for having a slightly embarrassing boyfriend! We then spent the rest of the day trying to get Matt back to 100%. I think we just got there about an hour ago.

In terms of cooking, we made pulled pork this week (tues?). Trust me, that stuff has gone a long way. We have made about 9 sandwiches and still have some left over. I even made humbows with the meat. No Mom, they weren't quite as good as yours, but for a first try, they didn't turn out too bad. The dough didn't rise very much, which disappointed me. Also, I don't have a rolling pin, so the dough was a little thick (so gooey once steamed). While I like that, that isn't the way they are supposed to be. Worth the effort in the future though.

MOVIE REVIEW Batman Begins
I want to see the new Batman movie, but I thought I should see this one first. I hear it isn't necessary, but I thought I should still do it. I give it an 8.4 out of 10. It was nice knowing that the new movie also has Batman as well as Gotham City in it making this one a little less tense for me. I knew he and the city had to survive. Otherwise, I would have been worried the whole time. It was weird seeing Liam Neeson as a bad guy. Even though it was made in 2005 (?) I thought the graphics/special effects where a little lacking. While Christian Bale was fairly attractive, I didn't find myself really wanting to hang out with him. His weakness was compassion or something like that, but personally he didn't ooze compassion. He just had some. I'm not a big fan of Katie Holmes, but she wasn't really a distraction. Overall, I really liked it and am now super excited to go see the new one.