Da River

2 nights ago (?) we went to dinner at Anthony's overlooking the falls. It was georgous. The pic below is long exposure. I know, the background is a little blurry, but I tried.

Today involved 3.5 hours at my dad's office. Let me tell you...that was fun. I almost swallowed a gold in-lay (I think that is how you spell it). I then coughed it up. Go me!!!

I've been working in HR for the past few day. Again, thrilling. Other than that, not much has gone on. Bo and I played tennis on Tuesday because the weather was nice enough. Yesterday, I convinced Mom to come work out with me. She is so cute.

Koby, my next door neighbor of 20 years or so is getting married on Sunday at the Bozarth. Tonight is his bachelor party. They, including Bo, are all in his backyard being rowdy right now. I hear they are going to state-line and then shooting. Or something like that. Guns sound dangerous when you are drunk. Maybe that is just me. Also, Elkfest/Artfest is this weekend. I am hoping and praying that they have the same slurpee-esque mojito's that they had last year. It won't be as warm this year, but they will taste just as good.


Long weekend

Long weekend. Sorry for the lack of update. Matt was in town, and he doesn't really like just sitting around. He got on stand-by on an earlier flight on Thursday, which meant I got to leave work even earlier. That was nice. We got paid on Thursday. They didn't pay me enough. I am upset about it. Kinda. This weekend involved a lot of food (more to come tonight) and some mediocre weather. It always seemed on the verge of raining, which sucked.

On Friday, Matt and I went to go see the Spokane Falls. Holy crap. They were are a record high. The river peaked on Friday at 1pm, so they are on their way down. Still. Huge. So powerful. I am always in awe of water. I blame that on the fact that both of my astrological planets (everyone has 2) are Neptune, the water planet. Now I don't really believe in astrology that much, but I do find it weird that I could spend all day in a lake and not mind at all. Go Neptune!!!!!

Saturday morning, Mom, Matt, and I went to Riverside State Park to hike around. Thanks to our great skills, we managed to get Mom across the bridge. We hiked around for about an hour and then went to Franks Diner. It was a good day. Saturday night was...weird. At about 1am or so, Matt and I are watching Sleepless In Seattle and cuddling when we hear loud noises outside. We look out the window and see some shirtless kid throwing rocks at passing cars. He hit our house with one. Turkey. At that point, we called the cops and woke M&D up. Dad, trying to live out his dream of becoming a cop, changes and is out the door into his car in about 1min. He and Matt drive like mad men. They find the kid at the same time the cops did. All in all, it was a pretty adrenaline-full night. Roomba then scared the poop out of us when we were all trying to fall asleep. Jerk.

Yesterday was pretty lazy. The power went out here for a while. We were worried. For our beer. This morning, we met up with Matt's cousin training to become a priest. We ate a little breakfast and then went to see the rectory by Lourdes where he is living for the summer. After failing at trying to get in the door, someone answers it. Low and behold, it was the Bishop. I looked like a scrub. Hope I don't go to hell for that one. He was eating Cheerios.


Chicken littles

I don't know if it was only my family who ever ate these, but does anyone remember the small chicken sandwiches KFC used to carry? I think they were called chicken littles? Well, I swear that they are bringing it back under the new name of "KFC snacker." It's a conspiracy I think.

My dad still sucks for working on my teeth. They (by which I mean my sore jaw) keeps waking me up in the middle of the night. The temps I have in are much better now though, so at least I can eat in public.

The Spokane river is super high right now with all the melt off and rain. It is crazy. I am going to make Matt do the gondolas with me this weekend. Or maybe we will go to Riverside State Park and go on the bridge...if it is open.

In other, much more exciting news, my mom wrote in to Doug Clark, a columnist for the Spokesman, about meat. No, it wasn't random; he asked for submissions about expressing your love of meat. Of course my family took him up on the offer. Anyway, 2nd place was a $20 gift certificate to the Rosauer's meat department. And guess what...the Janniiiieeee poo won. Yeah meat!

Matt comes in tomorrow as to defend his masters! Yeah Matt! (finally :D)


Full circle

I feel as if my working at PAML has finally come full circle. They have me working in the same space that I worked in for a brief time when I first started. How fitting with my last summer there and all.

I forgot to mention how mean my dad is being right now. Okay, not on purpose, but still. For years, I have had needed a few things done on my teeth. This being my last summer home and all, he figures......let's just do them all now. Oh joy. So right now, I can't really chew anything with my molars because of the temps I have in. I must chew everything with my front teeth. Eating in public isn't really an option.

Didn't get much done this past weekend except watching the entire previous season of So You Think You Can Dance. The new season starts on Thursday. Be there. My mom and I are going to make Matt watch of course. He loves that show; I swear. Okay, I'm out.


Bad news bears

It happened. What I swore I would never do. I watched House. I did it last week with my parents thinking it was simply a fluke. It would never happen again. But there was a marathon on last night. I was disgusted with myself when I actually started telling them to turn it back to House. Pathetic. I don't know how this happened. I blame my parents.

In other news, I had a dream last night where someone was stealing the Subaru from outside the Spokane Kuder's house while the family was inside. Me, with my mad skills, ran outside and chased down the car. I helped that they hadn't been able to turn onto Bernard because of that mythical Spokane traffic. Whatever, I can run fast.

Not much else is new. We are thinking of doing Going to Extremes on the weekend of 4th of July. Amanda?!?!?! We need some sort of response from you. There is nothing on TV right now except for church. I went last night. Thanks.


Back to work

Yeah, it's been a while. I know.

Got home just fine. Our plane in Denver had problems, so we had to yoink some other plane. At one point in time when I was sitting in the terminal, I heard a crack of thunder and looked up from my book to find that it was raining/hailing on one side of the terminal and totally sunny on the other. Oh Denver, your weather is so crazy.

Mother's Day was good. My mom loves the roomba. He is a good buy. Guster doesn't so much love him, but that is okay. They don't have to be best friends. The weather sucked on Sunday though, so we had to eat in side. Add the 3 kids running around, and it was really loud. We had to take the kids over to the park where we managed to get one lost and hurt another. Go us!!

I started work today. I am on my lunch at home right now. I forgot just how much I dislike working. I have been going through employee files looking for some stuff. I don't even really know what. Some of the files have forms for cell phones in them that are really old. It is pretty funny to look at them (they are dated from the mid 90s). They have one labeled "smallest phone in the world," and it is pretty dang big...and costs $450. They also have plans that cost $7 and you get 30 minutes. Oh how things are different. Okay, need to go relax before going back to work.



This kid is officially 1/4 of an MD!!!!!! Whoop whoop. HDMed final today. The whole time I was taking it I kept thinking "Holy crap, I'm going to be that 1 person to fail HDMed." Nope. Passed just fine. Then I worked out, went to the Cali Taco, and then came home for some packing. I think I got it all into the 2 bags. It is really sad sitting in my room now. Everything is out except for my bed, my puter, and the furniture that came with the room. It reminds me of moving in, which was kind of sad and happy, kind of like it is right now. I am so excited to be going home here shortly, but I am also a little bit sad. I really couldn't tell you why. Trust me, it isn't because I have fallen in love with Omaha. I guess it is the sense of comfort that my room has brought me along with all the long long long hours I have spent at this very desk.

We made homemade pizza at Betsy's for dinner. I walked. She does only live 7 blocks away. Why drive? It was good. I am now sitting all alone in this very empty room. My flight is at 10. I have to get up early though to move the last of my stuff. Maybe I should go to bed? I hope Bo and Amanda take me to Taco Time for lunch? Yes, I do.



Sorry for the lack of updating. Final went just fine on Monday. I am officially done with neuro!!!! Yay!!!!! We had a Cinco de Mayo celebration at Meghan's. I bought a cake and ice cream bars. They were good. Omaha didn't really celebrate with us, but we did meet up with a lot of our classmates at a place in Dundee. It was fun.

Tuesday involved some mandatory stuff and a workout. It also was my last time cooking!!!!! I made smothered chicken and biscuits. Sooooooo good. We then got tricked by the social chairs. They said it was $10 at the door and then free wells and domestics til close. Wrong. We only got 3 free drinks. That was enough for me though.

Today involved trying to make it to school without dying. I also just got back from my last volunteering session. We did a few of those "learn to draw" things with basic shapes etc. Then we played a game I played that one time I took an art class 15 years ago. You squiggle a line on the paper and then have to make something out of the squiggle. She really liked that. I don't feel like typing anymore. I feel like napping.


Can't believe it is May

Today was the first day where it really started to smell like spring to me. At school, the trees are starting to blossom, and I walked under them for the first time. It is a very happy smell to me.

I don't even have a clue what I've been up to. Thursday was our IPE final. Went just fine. I worked out afterwards. I think I tried to get to bed early so that I could fight this cold and feel good on Friday for the Shelf. The cold is still around a little bit, but I was pretty well rested.

I meant to study for a good 4 hours before the Shelf since we didn't have it until 1. That didn't really work as planned. I think I got about 2 in before ADD-ing it. As for the test itself: it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. My score (get it later this week) will let me know if I was right in thinking so, but the hard part was the length. 125 questions is a lot. Our final tomorrow is 113. Blow.

Friday night we went to Jazz downtown. It is a Louisiana kitchen. It was okay. Music was a little loud to carry a conversation without yelling. Saturday involved waking up late on accident. Good way to start the day. I then decided to ride my bike to school to workout. About a block from my house, I decided my back tire needed more air. I go to fill it up and realize that my back valve is different than my front, and the pump doesn't work with the back valve. After a little research, I learned that my back valve is a presta valve. Most pumps work for Schrader valves. A little more research teaches me that all I need is an adapter. Bam. I google bike shops and find one about a mile up the road from me. Later in the afternoon I drive over, buy it for $1.34, and am on my way. I am a problem solver, what can I say.

The rest of the day involved Chipotle with Meghan for lunch and TCBY with the girls later that night. Some studying was done in between. I rode my bike to school today. 10 minutes there, 15 on the way back (longer uphill). Not bad. May do it tomorrow. Who knows. I take the final at 1030. It is supposed to be 78 and sunny. We are having a celebration at Meg's. I hope I can where shorts and maybe a tank top. Whoop!!