Break Time

Monday we had our Behavioral Med final. It was easy. The questions were pretty much "I know this" or "You made all of those words up." This makes for a quick test. The kid I sit next to for tests is notorious for being the first one done all the time. 80 question final...25 minutes. I'm done w/ in the first ten people usually, but it still took me about 50 minutes. I've learned not to let his speed freak me out.

During this course, I worked on a gift for Matt's wall. Here it is (above). I know it is hard to see, but I'll describe it. Basically, I chose about 41 pics that remind us of home/friends (or us of course). I then hung them through jewelry wire and used crimp beads to keep them in place. Looking at this (and when thinking of the project), you may think "That doesn't look too hard." But it was. Much more so than I was expecting. My hand hurt for a few days from crimping so many beads. Not all the pics are striaght, because that was super hard to do. I am very happy with how it turned out though, and I am pretty sure Matt likes it.

Break started yesterday for us after a very pointless interviewing small group. Talk about a waste of time. Today should have been very relaxing, but it wasn't. I spent 3.5 hours and plenty of money trying to get my car fixed. Background: when I got my oil changed 2 weeks ago they told me I needed my tires rotated. Never having had it done in 3.5 years, I figure they are right. I go with it. Since then, my steering whell has been shaking and the car has been pulling hard to the right. Now, the people who did it said that it wasn't their fault and to go get it checked out. So I called them jerk faces and got it checked out elsewhere. These news guys re-rotated my tires and fixed my alignment. In only 3.5 short hours. Trust me, you can only walk around K-mart for so long before you look sketch. Alas, today was a frustrating day. Matt and I leave in the morning for Betsy's family's farm down in Missouri. I wish you all a happy Turkey day. I appreciate every single one of you who reads this.


18 months

Totally going to be cheesy here, but.......Matt and I have been together for 1.5 years! And we have yet to kill each other. Awesome!

Psych class is....going. It is really hard to motivate myself to study, but we have a quiz on Wednesday. Unlike the very similar class to this last year, this one is less touchy feely and much more DSM-IV related. Ick. My thing is, in real life practice, I am going to be referring to the book when trying to diagnose someone. I won't just "know it," so I feel as if they shouldn't quiz us on exact criteria. It should me more about hallmark signs and issue w/ treatment (in my opinion). Is that me being lazy? Sort of. Is that me being realistic? Very.

In other news...there have been way too many celebrations and birthdays lately. Becky is over budget, and it is only the 17th. We went to The Funny Bone this weekend w/ a whole bunch of people. It was fun. It would have been much more fun had happy hour at Kona Grill started at 9pm and not 10. That part sucked. Because I am cheap, I didn't get food, so we had to stop at McDonalds on our way home. And they forgot our fries. Jerks.

Movie!!!!! August Rush
Matt likes to put up a fuss when we get a chick flick, yet I don't say a peep when we get such great films as Natasha (I am not even going to lower myself to review that one...it was pretty much soft core porn). Anyway, I watched this one alone even though Matt was here. Pretty cute. I heard that that kid actually learned to play the guitar for the movie. Of course their were a few flaws from the start, but I can manage to ignore those. For 11, I definitely thought the kid should have had a little more common sense in him. To my surprise, Robin Williams was in this movie. I feel that a lot of people either like/love him or hate him. I think this movie shows that he can play more than just the comic guy. I thought he did a good job. If you are a guy, this gets a 4/10. If you are a girl, I'd say 7.1/10



I've used this title before. Wonder when? Anyway.....CARDIO IS OVER!!!!! I passed! Yay! This weekend was a little rough. I hit 6pm on Sunday evening and just quit. I was way tired of studying. Way tired. So I stopped. Obviously I had enough info to pass. Matt got in at 1130pm, which means I didn't get to bed until about 1am. Good choice before a final. Wait.......

We started our first of 2 psych courses this year. Last year during the M2 year, they had this class spread out throughout both semesters. They decided to block them this year, which I am very grateful for. I am much more likely to attend more of the classes (not today obviously) with it this way. Tuesday was pretty intro. Yesterday we covered a lot of personality disorders at which point I said "I don't want kids, I'm going to screw them up." It's pretty true I feel like. We went through all these environments that "breed" adults w/ disorders. Some of them - too much love. Most of them - not enough love. Some of them - too much independence. Some of them - too little independence. It's a fine line people. A fine line. I don't know how I turned out this way. It really has just left me wondering.

In other news, I mulled some cider yesterday. Mmmmmmmm. Smells/tastes like the holidays!


Oh hi, it's me

No yelling. No throwing anything. Some of us are busy people. I can see (limited) freedom on the horizon. I have 4 more days of hell. The cardio final is Monday. Ahhhhh. The last quiz went pretty well. Hopefully I can muster a few more days of hard core studying. We had no class today and limited class tomorrow so that we can study. That makes me more nervous than anything else. In good news, Matt is going to Seattle this weekend. It isn't that he pesters me and keeps me from studying (he is really good at not doing that); rather, I feel bad for neglecting him, which distracts me. I am taking him to the airport tonight. Hopefully he'll have fun (that is pretty much a give in actually).

I haven't done a ton since I was last here. This past weekend (and through yesterday) was super crazy weather. By crazy, I mean in the 70s! Of course, I was studying all last weekend, but Monday and Tuesday were enjoyable. I don't have time for long movie reviews, but I'll do brief ones

Suicide Kings: Matt's choice, actually good. Some dark humor in there. They kind of got you w/ the ending. Thought you had figured it out, but then BAM! something else. I'll give it a 7/10

The Strangers: watched it on Halloween, Matt is funny to watch scary movies with. It isn't a gore movie, which is good thing. The part that made it scary was the fact that it was 'based on a true story'....I looked that up though. In the true story, no one dies. Really? Not so scary after that. It was desent though. 6.5/10

Vanilla Sky: so many people don't like this movie, I'm not sure why. Yes, it is really long...too long. But the concept behind the movie was pretty original. Matt kept getting frustrated at Tom Cruise's reactions, but I feel like a lot of really vain people would act that way. I had seen this one before, Matt hadn't. If you have a lot of time on your hands and haven't seen it, go ahead and watch it. I don't like Cameron Diaz, no matter what. 6.1/10

Pursuit of Happyness: yes, I spelled that right. It was cute. Matt thought it was it was going to be a chick flick simply b/c Will Smith was in it. False, totally not a chick flick. I had heard that it was depressing, even in the end, but only the middle parts were depressing. The end was very hopeful. This one was also based on a true story. I say....7.5/10

Off to study