I hate being superstitious

I'm pretty sure I've been superstitious since I was young, since we walked home after school and tried not to step on cracks as not to break our mother's back. I'm not weird crazy superstitious. Just a little bit. I notice it most when it comes time for basketball or tests. A good test example: for our first few classes this year, I always took exams with my pink mechanical pencil. Then it disappeared. Then I used a grey one. Now I found another pink one and am afraid to use it (not super afraid, just silly afraid) thinking that the grey has done me so well. My mom can attest to the basketball stuff. High school: before every game for the most part I would eat a foot long club from Subway w/ olives, tomatoes, and mayo (it is delicious by the way). College senior year: straightened my hair for every game (the 2 times I didn't, we lost). IM basketball: I don't put my insoles in my shoes because I played 1 game really well without them. It isn't that it gets in the way of me living, I just think it is awfully silly to have these types of things pop up in my head often.

Sorry for the hiatous. We had a final on Friday. I had both clinic and a basketball game on Thurs, so I was trying to get my studying done early. It didn't help. I still passed just fine, but I was a little disappointed in my score. I had done pretty kick butt on everything else in the class, but I sucked it up on the final. We get to look at the answers tomorrow, so at least then I'll know if it was knowledge issues (which I prefer) or test taking errors (the type you hit your head on the wall about).

Happy belated birthday to my sister! On Thursday

Saturday we drove to Kearney to watch the Regis girls play. The RMAC has been all up and down this season that the team could finish anywhere from 2nd to 7th in league w/ only 2 games left. Crazy. Needless to say, 6 hours of driving in 1 day is a lot. On the way back we searched for AM stations. We caught this program called Coast to Coast, which Matt of course has listend to before. Basically it is a consipiracy theory/sci fi show where people call in to talk about how they know the anti-christ or how they've been abducted before. Hilarious. Here comes the weird part. This was a replay from 2001 for some odd reason. The original air date....March 7th. My 16th birthday!!!!! Weird? Weird. Also, we found it being broadcast on about 5 different stations pretty far apart on the dial. Weird!!!

We start muscle/skin/integument tomorrow. Whoop!



Oh my gosh, that quiz went much better than I was expecting. I left the computer lab frustrated b/c I was having a hard time reasoning my answers. Too many of them seemed a little too "gut feeling." But it worked!! I scored pretty well, and it turns out we got 1 back today....so I did even better! One of the pics on our quiz was of a chancre on a male w/ syphilis. I felt a little like a pervert looking at it, so I answered it quickly (it was pretty easy question)

For anyone who is reading this and thinking about going to med school and considering a school that is PBL (problem based learning), I personally would urge you not to. From what I know of that type of system, it is a lot of small group work with real life cases and situations. At Creighton we have about 1 of these sessions a week (we aren't PBL based, just a splash)...and I HATE IT. Not just a little dislike. Strongly hate. It sucks the life out of me, both preparing for it and sitting through it. Yes, I learn things from time to time, but most of the time we just repeat things that were said in class. This isn't because I like to be spoon fed or am not a self starter. It is simply because I feel I can get more done by myself in the 3h this consumes than I can sitting there. Also, it isn't b/c I am anti-social...I love people

There was an anesthesia interest group meeting on Monday night. Every one of those meetins just makes me more excited to go into it.

Today we had a lecture on the right way to deliver a baby b/c every doctor needs to know how. The M.D. teaching us is a pretty cool guy and kept referring to how soon we are going to need to know this, which brings me to..........M3 schedule!!!!!!!!

I had amazing luck and got pulled 5th! I had my pick of the 6 schedules. I'll briefly explain what they are. Each rotation is 2 months and you rotate places and services. Our majors are surgery, internal med, and family med; our minors are psych, OB/GYN, and peds. You do either your majors first or your minors. They aren't mixed. A lot of people want majors first to get them out of the way. Some want minors first to be good by the time you get to the majors. Often times you don't want your #1 interest first or last. My thinking: I want something that is easy to leave during July for Stephanie's wedding AND I don't want internal too early b/c I want a good letter from them (I hear general rule for letters of rec for anesthesia are usually 1 internal, 1 surgery, and 1-2 anesthesia). So I chose willingly to do my minors first. I go:
I'm super excited, but not that many other people wanted schedule 'D' (mine). I hear this is b/c they don't want surgery in Jan/Feb, but I would rather have it then and not in nice months. Guess that's just me. Needless to say, 'D' was the 2nd to last to fill up. Okay, this is getting long. I'll talk more about these later!


Oh hi February

It hasn't even been that long...right? Guess it was longer than I thought. Huh. Okay, well, we've had one quiz. I passed, but I don't think I like endo/repro. I feel as if I should like it b/c it is much like neuro w/ paths etc, but I don't. Much of my class feels the same.

In terms of life, it is good. Weather has been much better here lately (that won't last long though). Biggest news right now is....we've picked our Step 1 dates!!!!!! June 4th here I come. I figure, we all have to take it, why not look forward to it? I was thinking any time between the 3rd and 5th. My name was called pretty early in the lotto though, and I panicked. I picked the 4th. Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Eventually I will discuss my plan of attack but not now

Movies!!!! (that i remember watching)
Devil's Advocate
I remember why people hate lawyers. Keanu is always in weird sci-fi ish movies. Even though not "action packed" I still thought it was entertaining. Pacino plays a great devil. Also, even if your half-sibling may be way hot, you never never sleep with them. Lesson learned. 7/10

Happy Endings
Had never heard of this. Sort of indy type thing. Pheobe from Friends was in it. Tom Arnold as well. Kind of a dark comedy. Most of the acting was pretty good. The stories all came together in the end. Parts of it were very unique and quite true to life in my opinion. If someone had it at home already I would watch it. Not a "must rent." 6/10

Vantage Point
Got a little annoying with the different views all running fully through. It was exciting though and really kept me guessing. Not the best acting 6/10

That was weird. Don't think I ever would have read the book willingly. 5.5/10

Dr Stranglove (yes, the really old one)
I think it is funny watching films that feed off of fears from different decades. I also think it is funny how they always make the government out to be inept. Some parts may be, but I don't think the whole thing is. I'm not rating this one b/c you can't cross rate from so many years ago :D

Thats it