Alive and....alive

Made the transition this week to cardio at CUMC. Much busier. We have at least 16 patients on our team. At the VA, we had maybe 7 at most. Sigh. Only 11 more days of work though! And that includes weekends.

Keeping this brief.

Matt and I did the Foccus Inventory on Sunday as to do our pre-marriage counseling for the Catholic church. The chaplin for the med school is in charge of it for the parish on Creighton's campus, so we are going through her. We will see how our results came out. I think I may have taken it a little more seriously than Matt. In reality though it isn't like an eharmony.com match up thing. Rather it is a way for us to talk about the big issues before actually getting married. It had lots of questions about children, money, faith life, and intimacy. They made sure we sat apart when doing the questions. It took a bit and cost some money, but I think in the end, it will be very helpful.

Okay. Bed



I even have a little bit of time on my hands yet still don't manage to update. Medicine has been medicine. I am surprisingly surviving the VA. Patients move in and out faster than I thought they would, and we have fewer "COPD exacerbations" and "CHF exacerbations" than I thought we would. Both of the attendings I have worked with have been awesome, good and teaching, and very patient. Always good qualities to have when working with medical students. Our residents are great teachers as well. And they have bought us lunch twice now, which is always awesome. Last week it was Greek Islands because it was our M4s last day. Today it was Blue Planet simply because we suggested it (and they said okay). The food at the VA caf is awful for you. Pretty much everything is fried, and I am pretty sure all the soups are cream based. I am surprised they even carry diet soda. They have zero salad bar. I don't even know if I have seen a vegetable down there.

What have I done lately you ask? Well 2 weekends ago was Golden Apple (med school prom). Matt and I went and had some fun. We left at about 1130 with some friends, and they dropped us at a bar near our place. This is a PI type bar....but not one where south hill kids show up in fancy clothes from time to time. We def got a few looks in a dress and a suit. I of course had to wake up 4.5hrs after hitting the sheets to go round on Sunday. Man was that.......fun. Last weekend Matt had his prom. The theme was something about a Japanese garden. The decorations were simple but worked great. They had a dessert/fruit bar, which I of course loved. This year actually went off without any sort of issues at all: no obviously drunk/passed out kids, no fights, nothing. It was great. We of course didn't get home til late. I of course had to get up early...again...and round. And then be on call until Monday afternoon. It actually wasn't bad at all. I got a lot of studying and napping done. The VA call rooms have flat screen TVs that get a grand total of 7 channels. 3 of them are PBS I am pretty sure. Regardless, my one call at the VA wasn't bad at all.

We have watched a lot of movies at this point. I can't catch you up on all of them. Just a quick one: Adaptation
I really don't think I am "deep" enough to get this movie. It was a little weird the whole time, and it was never going much of any place. And then in the end I just felt unfulfilled. It was one of those movies that seemed to be trying really hard to "say" more than it was saying or mean more behind the words while disregarding the plot. I remember hearing good things about it when it first came out, but I guess I am going to disagree with all those people. I just wasn't a fan.

I have this weekend off. Yay! In other brief news. We may be moving again. Ughs. Too many people in our building smoke, and neither of us can handle it for another year we don't think. More news to follow