Heat Rash

You know how I said I thought I was allergic to Gain? Well, that rash came back...twice. This last time, it was awful. I went to the dermatologist because it was so bad. Turns out it wasn't contact dermatitis, it was/is heat rash. He asks me "have you been sweating a lot lately?" And for any of those of you who know me or who have seen me play basketball, you know the answer is "when is Becky not sweaty?" Well, sweaty Becky stuck in a humid place got heat rash. They gave me a shot in my butt and a tub of steroid cream. Just waiting for the 'roid rage to kick in.

Not much has gone on. Matt and I went to Swing Thai w/ Betsy and Jon on Friday night. It is nowhere as near as good as Lennie's. I miss Lennie's. I need to get around to making Gang Garee Gai soon. That will require finding an Asain market. Hmmmmm. Anyway, after dinner we went to Betsy's to watch the debates. That was really just to ammuse the boys. They like politics. We then headed to Oktoberfest...which was packed. There is no cover thank goodness because it was crazy busy. Too busy (and expensive) to get a beer. Sad face. We were there for a short time. I am going to go ahead and say that Denver's was way better.

I watched a movie last week that isn't even worth the effort of a review. I apologize, but at least that says something about the quality. Death Proof. Awful. Don't do it. You will regret it. This may have replaced Nothing as the worst movie of all time. Has Kurt Russell ever been in a good movie? Question for the ages.

M1s have their first anatomy exam tomorrow. I don't envy them. We have a quiz on Tuesday. Better get my butt in gear. Adios.


1 done

We had our first Heme/Onc quiz today. I did way better than I thought I was going to do. I did way better than I felt I was going to while taking it. So many of them I just answered and didn't mark because I knew thinking about it more wasn't going to help. Onto the rest of the week.

I am lazy about updating. My apologies. It really isn't that I am busy; I think it is more that I don't do that much and feel bad boring all of you. I forgot to mention in my last post that we learned to draw blood. They showed us a video and then said "have at it." No hands on instruction, just the video. We partnered up and began. I have never drawn blood and neither had my partner. I decided to draw first because I didn't want to get psyched out. After feeling for the vein about 7 times and making her arm fall asleep, I got the needle out and did it. Success on the first try! Yay me. When I reached for the cotton at the end, I moved the needle a little and she bled a tiny bit. It didn't hurt her though, so it was okay. What I learned: you don't have to push that needle in very far, those tubes are pretty hard to push on and pull off...that is about it. I then had clinic on Thursday. We saw a wide variety of patients including some thrush (something we just learned about), some possible anemia (something we are currently learning about), and...some other stuff. Then it happened. A patient needed some blood drawn, and the nurse grabbed the kit to go in. Dr. Paknikar then asked me if I had learned to draw blood yet. I could have lied and said no, but I told her that we just learned. She told me that as long as I felt comfortable and as long as the patient was okay with it, I could draw the blood. I went in w/ the nurse, asked the patient, she said yes, and then I started getting nervous. I could see her veins easily though. I told her I was nervous; I didn't tell her that it was my first time though. It all went fine though. Yay me! I definitely like how much hands on experience I am getting there.

Now....2 movies!!!!!

Funny Games
Matt's poor poor choice. This is a remake of some German film. It shouldn't have been remade. It is sort of one of those thriller "torture" movies...but super slow...and with barely any blood. The main villan talks to the camera randomly, and you aren't sure if he is supposed to be doing that. Apparently 10 year old boys can't jump over fences. I bet if he had siblings and wasn't an only child, he would have been able to escape. He was bad at hiding too. I blame a lot on people being only children. I think it is fair though. Back to the movie. It looked like we were going to get a little justice in the movie, but then the dude hit the rewind button. Really? Really? Oh my goodness. This was 2 hours of my life I can't get back. I give this a 1.2/10. 'nough said.

Donnie Darko
I've tried to watch this movie several times before, but I've fallen asleep every time (imagine that). Well I stayed up. I really like this. It was unique. Other movies have done similar things, but not in such a weird, off the wall way. I think they developed the characters really well (that is my attempt at sounding almost smart). I was a little confused as to what the end/last chapter of the book meant. If anyone has an opinion, please leave a comment. I would recommend this movie. Don't be on drugs though during it. I say...8.1/10.



I survived ID!!!!! Yay!!!!! Final was yesterday. It went just fine. I'll be interested to see what the class average was. The quiz average was pretty low, but I think that is because the style of question is much different from last year. They are much more about applying your knowledge and not just route memorization. With one quiz under our belts, I'm sure the average for the final will be quite higher. We'll find out though

Today was the first day of hematology/oncology. Last year it was 4 weeks. We cram the same number of lectures into 3 weeks this year. Oh fun. Also, they planned this really "well." I go from thinking I have some sort of virus that is going to wipe me out to thinking that I have cancer. Thanks guys. Really, thanks. The first day was rough. I haven't heard a lot of these words before, so I need to get the basics down before I can actually know what they are talking about. Annoying. We are starting to get into areas now, however, where I feel no one in the class has a strong background. More even playing field I feel like.

Even though I studied all weekend, I managed to watch 2 movies.....

Gone Baby Gone
I liked this one. It wasn't as action packed as I thought it was going to be, but I still enjoyed it. The girlfriend was a bit annoying and rarely added anything good to the conversation, but that was the only character I didn't like. They totally got you thinking that you figured the "twist" out...and then the real twist comes. It was good. I wasn't expecting that at all. It really got you asking whether or not it was okay to bend rules in certain cases, but then you have to do that whole philosophical "if everyone bent the rules" thing. Whatever. I hate philosophy. I give it a 7.8/10. I would have liked a little more action.

Michael Clayton
Matt had seen this one, but he wanted me to see it too. This one starts you out 4 days later and then goes back 4 days to show you how we got there. I kept forgetting all that and would get really confused. As with the previous movie, I would have like a little more action. A bit slow at times for me. I thought the plot though was very original and confusing enough to keep you watching. Thank goodness Matt was there, or I would have had to watch it twice. I was pretty confused for a while. I'm going to go ahead and give this one a 7.5/10. To tell you the truth, I have no clue how consistent I am with those numbers. I'm just kind of making it up each time.



I have a final on Monday, but I haven't updated all week. I figured I would do it now to waste a little time. I made meatloaf on Monday. That was the first time I had ever made it. I personally think that meatloaf gets a bad name. I love meatloaf. Always have. Then again, we've never actually put it in a loaf pan. We just kind of pile it onto a pan. Not much more attractive, but every little bit helps. We then of course got to have wonderful meatloaf sandwiches. Mmmmmmmmm. Other than that, the week has been uneventful. It rained a ton last evening. Since then, it has been rainy and grey. At least that keeps me indoors studying. Or typing to you lovely folks. We had out last ID small group today. We took it upon ourselves to make it only an hour. Who wants to be in small group on a Friday afternoon? Not me. On my way home, the entire Benson neighborhood seemed to be shut down by cops. I couldn't find anything on the news about it though. I think it is a giant conspiracy. Okay, study time



Okay, so....wellness. We had a mandatory wellness lecture at 8am this morning. Does that make sense to anyone? Why not just let us sleep the extra hour? Whatever.

The biggest thing to happen since my last update was that I went to clinic for the first time. Every other week for one afternoon, every M2 goes to longitudinal clinic. Many people are at Creighton Med Center. Many are at the VA. The rest of us are just at clinics and private practices around town. I went for the first time last Thursday. I am at a small private practice right on Dodge. Now, when I say small, I mean small: 2 exam rooms, one doc, one nurse. While I may not get to see as many "cool" things as those in the hospitals get to see, I will definitely get a lot more hands on experience. At the hospital, you are the single most bottom man on the totem pole that is made of 20 people. I am on the bottom of a 3 man totem pole. On the first day I show up before the doctor. When she comes in she gets some formalities out of the way and then says..."how bout you go in and see what is going on. Come back out in 5 and tell me about it." Becky's jaw drops. I have only ever talked to the standardized actor patients. Holy crap. I go in and do "my" thing. Really, I was just making it up. Forgot most stuff. Whatever. Told the doc I thought it was contact dermatitis, she went in and confirmed (as far as I could tell) and wrote up a Rx. Woooooo me! The rest of the afternoon went like that. I felt as if I already learned a ton of stuff about actually doing medicine and not just learning names of things. I am excited for the next time!

I pretty much just tried to catch up on all my lectures over the weekend. That quiz last week put be about 10 lectures behind. Needless to say, this weekend was a bit of a drag. Matt and I did go to an "Art Walk" type thing. Holy crap those people are charging a lot for a photograph. Really? You just hit print. I get paying money for paintings, sculptures, original pieces of art, but if the guy can go into his studio and make something exactly the same for the next customer, then I don't want to pay tons for it. Sorry, maybe that is just me. We did not find anything needless to say.

The movie review I am most ashamed of: Doomsday
Let's just say that if I were related to the guy that wrote/directed this, I would disown him and change my name. If you couldn't tell, this was Matt's choice. It had major flaws in logic right from the beginning; we should have turned it off then. It was about a virus that wiped out Scotland. England put up a wall. People got pissed. 30 years later the virus shows up in England. You get the point. It had bits of Road Warrior and some roman and medieval times thrown in there. That was 2 hours of my life I will never ever get back. Not a single part of the movie made sense at all. Other than the fact that they were speaking English. I can't say much more. This gets a 1.5/10. I reserve the 1/10 (I don't give 0's) for the movie Nothing, which Bo made me watch last summer. That thing sucked.


Quiz 1

The weekend was wonderful. I got in to Spokane late on Friday. All 6 of us then went to Denny's of course. The usual. It was great to have us all in the same place even if it was only for 36 hours or so. Saturday involved working out and the anniversary "get together." Mom refused to call it a party. Don't ask me why. We took (hopefully) the pic for the family Christmas card as well. We had mass at the chapel where M&D got married. There were 30+ people there. That was more than were present at the real event 30 years ago. Weird. The singing group from Sacred Heart did the music, which was beautiful. My dad cried, mom didn't shed a tear, Uncle Steve put us on the spot. Jerk face. We then went up to the Manito Country Club for dinner. Drinks and appetizers first of course. You always know dinner will be good when Dad is in charge of telling others what to make. For dinner we all got huge steaks done just perfectly. Oh my goodness. I haven't eaten that much red meat in a long time. No one at my end of the table (other than Uncle John) even came close to finishing theirs. I got to chat with my cousin Austine for a little bit. She and her boyfriend are both 4th year med students at Loyola. It was great just to hear that one day things will be much better. And more fun.

Sunday involved...working out. And of course tons of food. The baby Busches weren't at the party, but all 6 of them were Letterboxing on the South Hill on Sunday. They were having trouble finding the one in Cliff Park, so Mom, Bo, Bub, Manda, and I went over to help them. Low and behold, Bo (and Nick and Emmy and I) managed to find it. Really though, we pretty much grew up in that park. If we couldn't find it, I don't know who could have. We said goodbye to Bo Sunday afternoon. Back to Regis for him. Good choice Bo. Transferring to GU is lame. Then we went to Pig Out. I managed to pretty much eat a funnel cake all by myself. Then I went in to a food coma. No good. We watched amazing shows on squid that night. Colossal squid are scarier than Giant squid. Just trust me on this one. Sad faced, I returned to Omaha on Monday afternoon.

I got in at about 8. I then should have studied. Instead, Matt and I watched a movie. Review to follow. Yesterday involved hectic studying. Tons of bugs. Tons of drugs. All of them crossing in my head. Today was the quiz. My section went at 8. It is hard to say whether or not I like going first. I like sleeping in, but at the same time I hate sitting around while people get out of the quiz and talk about it. In the end, it went just fine. Passed. They post the answers tomorrow. We'll see how mad I am at myself then.

The Lord of War
Okay, if I were someone who got a little more politcally riled up, this movie definitely would have gotten me talking a lot. I had never heard of it, but Matt had. Basically, Nicholas Cage becomes an arms dealer. The story is a little weak in actually explaining that part, but maybe that was the point - there is no way to explain how some one gets involved in something like that. It says it is "based on true events," but that is pretty vague. There was some lots of violence (tons of it only alluded to) and some blood; not too bad on the whole there. Part of you wants him to get caught; part of you doesn't...in the beginning. Then by the end, you want him to get caught. I can't tell you what happens though. It was pretty entertaining altogether. It will rile you up if you want it too as well. Overall, I would recommend it, so I will give it a 7.25/10.