I'm back!

I feel that I say that every 2 months or so. Maybe this time it is for good? Maybe? Hopefully. The fall has FLOWN by. Between November and...well...now, I have been traveling at least once a week for interviews. I did a stretch of 13 days with 7 interviews. Ri. Dic. U. Lous. I have been to: SUNY Upstate, U of Rochester, UMass, UConn, Yale, Penn St, Maine Medical, U of MN, Mayo, Nebraska, Oregon, Virginia Mason, and U Chicago. Oh my goodness. I have seen a lot of places. A lot of airports. A lot of hotels...both the good and the bad. And the sketchy...

(side note, I started this post 2 weeks ago...then my computer broke on me. I finally will finish it)

I leave for my last interview on Thursday. Up to UW. Where mom and dad will join me so that we can have some family bonding time with addressing wedding invites. Woohoo?! Actually, all the wedding stuff is going great. My mom has been awesomely helpful. We have decided quite a few things, but I, being the indecisive person that I am, am always seconding guessing myself. Thank goodness Matt was there to do the tuxes with me. He just went: bam, bam, bam. And now I am going to go change it all ;) Okay, not all of it. Just some of it. He is also growing his beard out just to spite me.

Over Christmas we got a lot of wedding things done. And by done, I mean we did things without actually making decisions. Best part was the cake tasting. OMG I love cake. I just want to eat all the cake at my wedding. Still haven't actually decided on flavors. At all. But I love the flavors that I am thinking of. MMMMMMMMM cake.

Since updating last I have done the following rotations: CT surgery, pulmonary medicine at the VA, and prenatal diagnosis. Today I started my pain rotation. Pain is a sub-specialty that can be entered through anesthesia (as well as PM&R...and maybe something else). Hopefully I will get a better understanding of all those pain meds out there. Here's to hoping. 4th year does an awful thing to your motivation.

I swear I will update again. Woohoo!