I kept saying

I kept saying: "I'll post, I'll post." I lie to my self. I lie to everyone. Crap. 2 months!!!!?!?!?! And nothing from me. Weird. Quick update on life

GI at the VA was awesome. Lots of colons. That wasn't the awesome part. Easy hours was the awesome part. My brother got married!!!!! Over in London. I ate way too much and drank way too much. But it was tons of fun. I ate too many chocolate desserts and got very very hyper as well. Matt survived his first trip overseas, and he liked it! Which means he wants to do it more. Yay!

Gen Med at VA. It was okay. Things moved slowly, but they are pretty quick to move patients out and along. Some patients at CUMC may sit around a few too many days because the social workers are overloaded. At the VA, however, they have plenty of social workers who are super helpful. My sister got married!!!!! Again, I ate too much and drank too much! But she got married and she was beautiful. I looked pretty good too if you don't mind me sayin.

Cardio at CUMC. I was dreading this month, but it turns out it isn't that bad. At least not the first 2 weeks. We have some crazy busy days, but I feel that I am learning some good things. I like my team as well. Matt's parents came to visit this past weekend. Ate too much. Drinking didn't happen as much this time. Played my first full court basketball game in over 2 years. Wow. It is one thing to shoot around at the gym, but it is a whole different thing to run around, play defense, and then try to shoot around. Ugh. But I had fun

In other news, I am cooking a lot. I have a great blog post (in my head) about reviewing/pros & cons of food blogs. I look at a lot of them. Not that my opinion matters at all to anyone, but I know what I like and don't like.

Okay. I swear I will post again this month.