Big News

Total slacker...no excuse...except.........I'm engaged! Whoop. After 3 great years, Matt finally popped the question. It happened last Sunday the 18th! The story (skip ahead if this stuff makes you want to puke): we went grocery shopping on Sunday morning; later that afternoon he said we had a date. I got flustered because I hate changes in dinner plans; I tell him this. To this he responds, "The date won't necessarily involve dinner." In my head I say, "Worst. Date. Ever." We head out, heading west. I was a little suspicious, so I started to convince myself we were going to get a puppy. I'd rather aim low to tell you the truth. We pulled into the parking lot at Lake Zirinski, and immediatley my mind goes, "hot air balloon." Then I saw horses, but I knew Matt wasn't a horse "fan." Then I saw it - a giant basket in the middle of a field. And a giant colorful mess. Hot Air Balloon!! Unlike in the movies, those things aren't that easy/graceful to get in to. It was a beautiful night. Crazy thing is you don't feel like you are moving at all simply because you are moving with the wind. We flew over a little kid's birthday party. We were only about 30 feet up at the time, so they started chasing us. It was cute and hilarious. About 3/4 of the way through, the driver (the greatest redneck ever) did a "touch and go" in a park. We came down, held on tight, touched the ground, and then took off again. We starting swaying, and Matt started sweating...more. He said, "So, we have been together for 3 years, and I have a question for you..." Bam...ring! I said yes of course but was too nervous to put it on. I didn't want to drop it 1000ft up in the air. And now we are engaged! Don't ask for details about the wedding...because I don't know yet. I will likely do specific wedding updates as often as I do medicine specific updates...meaning...rarely. Whoop

We called everyone except KTO, Rachael, and Annie because I wanted to surprise them when I saw them on Friday. I outright told the 1st 2, but we waited to see how long it took Annie to notice. It took her a while. I almost fell asleep waiting for her to notice. But she did have a great reaction once she found out. It was great. San Diego was great in general...sunny, pleasant. We went to the zoo on Saturday. Dang that place is expensive. Yeah, I get that it is #1 in the country but still. I don't see how a family could go there and not come out broke. It was fun though. Tons of animals. Koala's were adorable. Sadly, I was only there for about 40 hours. Totally worth it though. Started medicine at the VA today. More on that later


Sick Again

Just as with my past outpatient rotation, about half way through I catch myself a little cold. Ugh. It sucks especially when I am trying to sleep. I think it is on the mend though. It is weird having a cold when it is 80 out. Speaking of which...summer hit us. The humidity hasn't quite arrived, but it will be here shortly I am sure. We actually gave in and turned the AC on today. You can't sleep when it is 83 in your apartment. Even with all windows open, we don't manage to get any sort of air movement through here, so this was our only option. I have actually even turned the AC on in my car a few times.

Haven't done much. Matt survived his "crazy" spring break in Olympia. He can home on Sunday. I went out to Mai Thai Lounge (they have a limit of 2 mai thai's per person...guess they are strong) and a piano bar on Saturday night with my friends. It was definitely fun, but the whole night out thing didn't really help the cold. Oops. Friday involved work and tacos with friends. MMMMMMM tacos. Other than that...I am lame. But I do have a movie review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

District 9
This was nothing like I was expecting it to be. The previews made it seem as if this district may be being invaded by aliens possibly. As it turns out, the aliens live there. We put them there. The whole beginning seemed very political. These things were true ugly from outer space aliens. Not as in aliens from another country. I think it was trying to get us to maybe feel bad about how we treat the type from other countries? As if it wanted to make you feel guilty saying, "Why are we giving these aliens rights?" In the movie, they had to serve eviction notices to the aliens (from outer space) living in the slum of district 9. Really?!?!?! We have to use real laws when dealing with extra-terrestrials? This movie was just silly. And a little too long. And had too much emotion in it. Again, really?!?!?!? These creatures don't have emotions. They are aliens!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Overall - 3.5/10


Happy Easter!!!

Easter! I have always been (and likely will always be) an Easter Vigil person. That is what I grew up with, so it just makes sense to keep doing it. I think Sacred Heart at home does it better (just such great singing), but St Leos wasn't too bad this year. It seemed to have more of a turn out this year than last year. I love how the dress varies - you'll have people in full suits and people in track suits. Heck, as long as you are coming, I don't care. I myself had jeans on (oops), but I'll tell more of that later. Started with the candles of course, which I love. And the singing of the "Easter Proclamation," which always sends goosebumps down my arm. The lecterns where all stars, especially the "chariots and charioteers" lectern. My favorite part always though is the Litany of the Saints. As I think I said last year, it really requires a strong cantor, and we had it this year. She was very clear in her names. My only issues was...we did one verse of saints but then went on to saying the names of the new adults being brought into the church that night. Meaning......no Perpetua and Felicity...or any others. I don't know, I think it is better w/o names like Ronald and Charlisse. Just saying. We had 3 adult baptisms and then about 10 additional adult confirmations etc. All in all - awesome and took 2 hours. Also - long entry today, but movie review at the end!

Mid-week this past week I got an email from my vital signs faculty leader (also the chair of anesthesia) inviting us to a "meeting" at a local resturaunt on Saturday. I responded yes, and then proceeded to get an invite to play tennis at his place before dinner. I am by no means a good tennis player, but I am athletic. For this reason I knew I wouldn't fully embarass myself. He has a nice court at his place, and we hit around for a bit. He also helped me with my backhand, which has always been an ugly spot in my tennis "game." The meeting afterward was good with some very yummy appetizers. Since the final four games were on (GO BUTLER!), he invited us all over to his place to watch the 2nd game. 3 of us students went over, and I managed to just pull myself away at the very last minute to make it in time to Easter Vigil. It was a good night though in general.

The Matt had his "race" on Friday - 2 miles against another history teacher much of his same build. Matt lost but did finish! Ran it in about 16:30, which is better than I could ever ever ever run 2 miles. I am pretty sure I would keel over dead. Go Matt! His spring break has started though, so he ditched me for Olympia. Sad face. That is okay. Starting a tradition of Easter Calzones with my friend Amber.

Both of my outpatient docs were Creighton Med grads and Creighton Med residents (different years, different residencies). It is amazing to me just how different they are in their practice of medicine. Neither of them is "bad" or "wrong." In fact, I would consider both of them good docs - someone I would send my family too. They are just very different in their approach to the patient, the physical, the diagnosis, and the treatment. I guess that goes for all docs, but I think this is just the first time I have noticed it this much.

Movie Review --- We Own the Night
I am just going to cut to the chase here. It was a long 2hr movie. The action, while good, was few and far between. The writing seemed iffy at times. It had a great cast, but in the end, even good actors can't pull a movie out. If it had been about 30 minutes shorter - bam, better movie. It just had too much roller coaster going on for me. And not good emotional roller coaster type drama thing. More stupid, "really? this again" type coaster. I wouldn't say don't watch it. I wouldn't recommend it though either. Sad. Overall - 5/10