That was a long hiatus, but I'm back. Not much happened over spring break, so I wasn't very inspired to write. Then I got behind on GI from day 1 and had to do a lot of catching up.

So....GI. I don't like it. We already had our first quiz. I passed, but I still don't like the class. The gut is a tube. It should just be a tube. It should have no physiology. It should have no pathology. Alas, it is our last 'real' class. Wooohooo.

In other news, we had the tornado sirens going off yesterday. And while Matt and I probably should have gotten into the basement, we took pics instead. Oh my goodness people. That was intense. It was a fast moving storm that made it from Lincoln to Omaha in about an hour (that's about as long as it takes to drive there). For a while all we had was a little wind and tons of lightening. Then came the rain quickly followed by the biggest hail I have ever seen in my whole entire life. We also could see the "wall cloud" and "lowered cloud level" (all things that mean a tornado might form in that area) from the balcony. It pretty much went right over us. Let's see if I can get this video up. If I can, please ignore my screeching. I could barely hear myself when the hail was coming down, but my camera managed to pick it up just fine, loud and clear.

Oh, and by the way, as much as I love that it is staying lighter longer, it really messes w/ my studying. When the sun is gone, you know it is time to buckle down. Now the sun doesn't leave for a long time, and I have a hard time cracking down on the studying



The big news in my absence....no, not the MSI final. But.....MY BIRTHDAY! I turned the big 2-4. It is weird b/c I am a younger member of my class and group of friends for the first time in my life. In both Spokane and Denver I was one of the older ones. I guess I'd prefer to be the baby though. As a sort of celebration I invited a lot of people to Kona happy hour, which is totally awesome: half price sushi and pizza w/ great drink specials. Quite a few people showed up, and it was tons of fun

Not much else has gone on, other than the final. That went just fine. At clinic on Thursday I got hit on by a drunk guy and learned the important lesson of not answering drunk men's questions. That was...interesting. I am now on spring break though, which is great. I tried to be productive today and download Epocrate's (a drug program) onto my phone only to find out that the CDs Verizon gave me don't want to work on my computer. I don't know why, but they don't. I may have to drive to their store tomorrow and have some "words" with them. Too bad Matt has to work and can't come with me to do it :D


Told you I would

I told you that I would update today. Not saying that much has happened, but I'll do it anyway. Today was good simply because I was still feeling good about yesterday. I also listened to tomorrow lectures already, so I don't have to go to class and can start studying for the final (I have clinic on Thursday and Leilani will be here in the evening)

Biggest thing I did was start my 2 free week trial of Kaplan QBank (questions for Step 1). I took a 50 question test today, random questions (minus GI because we haven't had it yet). I felt that I actually did okay for not having studied a lot of it. Granted, a lot of that was luck, but I'm going to run on it. That's all. Night


Monday Monday

Today was the first good Monday I can actually remember happening. Maybe that is because it just happened, but whatever. To start: quiz in MSI went well this morning. So well that I am unmotivated to study for the final on Wednesday. But I still will. Also, small group was supposed to go 2h today; ours went 25min. It was AWESOME! Lastly, my girls IM team won. We were down 20-7, made it 20-14 at half, quickly sprung out 20-21 in the second half, and then never looked back. It was great. And I get a free t-shirt.

On Friday night I went to Dave and Buster's with my friends. While a little on the spendy side, it was fun. I love being like a kid again. I also had to drive downtown that night to pick up the boys. Man am I glad I have 4 wheel drive. Okay, tired. I'll update tomorrow. Promise