Fried Brain

You know how much my brain is exhausted? I can't even remember where we have gone to eat! How sad is that? Oh I remember one now

UDon (UDistrict)
Now that we have moved to a city with a very large Asian population, we have decided that we need to branch out in our cuisine. We aren't picky eaters. We aren't afraid of different foods. It is just that in Omaha, you had: sushi and "Chinese" basically. Maybe a pho place or two. But that was it. Nothing in between. Nothing "authentic" I am sure (much like Mexican food though, I don't know if I know what authentic Japanese or Chinese is). This first little branch was a training wheel branch. While up near UW, we found ourselves hungry (weird, I know), so we decided to bop in here. I am going to call this "Udon noodles, Chipotle style" - choose a base, choose your toppings. See, training wheels!

Matt had me pick for him, so I picked something that looked very basic. For myself, I picked the curry one (don't even ask me names). We both picked various tempura'd items. And then we ate. Or we ate as best we could. Having never had udon, I had no clue how to eat it. I spied on our neighbors. I still wasn't good at it. My food, however, was delicious. The curry was not spicey (I would say a 1 on a 5 star scale) but was incredibly flavorful. If I had to give it a flavor group, it was totally 'umami' or whatever that new group is. Matt's was very basic, nothing to write home about. All the tempura'd items were okay. Unlike most American fried items, the salt and seasoning are minimal. I think that is because they are supposed to compliment the udon (I think? Maybe?). 

AMBIANCE: modern clean lines, not too bright; order at the counter type place obvs
TASTE: I found it delicious, but this was my first time eating udon
MENU: good variety...if you are going for udon that is
SERVICE: very friendly, they didn't rush us at all (or make fun of us) as we stumbled through the menu
OVERALL: in terms of quick casual type joints, I would def go back if in the udistrict. I wouldn't say I would drive out of my way though, so -> 4

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