Our ever so long extended honeymoon wrapped up with another trip all the way across NE back to CO and up to Breckenridge this time. With 2 other couples. And we slept on a hida-bed. Very romantic. During a benefit auction this past winter some of Matt's coworkers purchased a long weekend at a condo. One couple had to boge out, so we were the back up friends!!!! At this point I don't remember a lot of details, but here is4-er (14, the general gist of what we did.

We hiked. We wanted to do a full 14-er (14000 ft), but it turns out in late June there is still quite a bit of snow there. Huh. Who knew. The ladies were too scared of wandering too much in the snow - not because of the cold or the difficulty but because of the fear of getting lost off the path. I could picture us being featured on "I shouldn't be alive." So we turned around. Our condo was a little outside of downtown Breck, so Matt and I would walk into town a lot. Everyone else liked to chill a bit more. Matt isn't the best at chillin. We pretty much walked that whole town.

We went rafting. In wet suites of course. 2 people had just died on the river. We didn't die. This was Matt's first time, and he was pretty nervous. He isn't the best swimmer, so I was nervous for him too. It was only 2 hrs. And it was cold. But fun. We stumbled upon some large white water rafting festival. Hippies :D

We rode the chairlift to the top of Breck. Turns out there was snow up there too. For those of you who read about our trip to Chi town last Labor day, you know Matt isn't a fan of heights. Chair lifts are no exception. Again, this was something Matt had never been on. His knuckles were white from holding onto the safety bar so tightly. Cute.

We ate Chic fil a on the way home. Pretty much Matt's highlight.



Finally on to Milwaukee. I may have lost the will to put up pictures, but we will see how I feel at the end of the post.

If I learned nothing else on our honeymoon, it was how to spell Cincinnati and Milwaukee (w/o the help of spell check). I also learned that Matt and I really like the latter. We arrived in Milwaukee and headed straight to the game as it was a Sunday afternoon game and we figured it would be busy. Man were we right. Standing room only. We paid for parking and standing room only tickets. That was expensive. To tell you the truth I don't remember much about the game. The stadium was not my favorite. Unlike other newer stadiums (this stadium is pretty new too), you can't see the ball field from all the concourses. You could go long stretches without seeing the field. Me no likey. On the other hand, Milwaukee was great.

We stayed at The Intercontinental in the downtown area, and for the first time we actually stayed for 2 nights! Maybe that is why we liked Milwaukee so much, but whatever. In the afternoon we walked around and over to the lake (Lake Michigan). The weather was great, and we loved exploring. It was too early for dinner at this point, so we chilled at the hotel until heading to a brewery up the street for dinner. Matt had grilled cheese. I had beer. And some food. They had tons of old beer cans on the walls including Oly and Ranier as well as Ranier Light. Matt was finally getting his appetite back, so I didn't have to help with the sandwich :(

The next day we actually got to sleep in and not drive 5 hours. Another huge plus! We walked over to a place a friend recommended for a cheap lunch. It was a whole in the wall Mexican place that I can't even remember the name of. It was cheap though. Being the cheap people we are, we only walked by the Harley Museum. We didn't go in. Fine by me. The highlight of the day was the brewery tour - Lakefront Brewery. For $7 each we got 4 8oz samples, a "tour," a souvenir pint glass, and a coupon for a free pint at a local bar. We won. Well, I won actually. As Matt isn't as big into beer as I am, I got pretty much all of his including the pint at the bar. Woohoo. At this point I was a bit tipsy...and it was only 4pm. We chilled for a bit and then stuffed ourselves on cheese. Seriously. I never thought I could hit a cheese overload, but I may have here: AJ Bombers. It has been on Food Wars. I got grilled cheese. And we got cheese curds as an appetizer. And poutine. So good.

Milwaukee also proved to decision point: drive to the Twin Cities or drive home. After much debate we ended this leg of our honeymoon early as we would be heading to Breckenridge in 2 days. We survived all those miles without killing each other and without threatening divorce. It was great. My only suggestion for anyone thinking about it would be to spread......it........out. 2 days in each place would have been way better. More expensive but way better.

On a way better rotation now. Will update on that later.