Oh glorious outpatient

Hello to sleeping in and staying up to normal times! I just recently started (on Monday) outpatient pediatrics. We work 2 weeks in a community clinic, one week in the newborn nursery at Creighton, and one week in the Creighton peds clinic. I am on my 2 weeks in the community. And it is great. Not because I am enjoying the profession (not to say that I am not though either) but because of the hours. Her earliest patient is 10am. She had no scheduled morning patients today, so she just told me to come from 2 to 4pm. Woohoo. I spent the rest of the day being pretty productive though, which is good. I was really looking forward to outpatient as to get more studying done. And I am. Yay!

Matt and I went to a coworkers wedding on Friday. I know, Friday wedding...weird. I am assuming it is because they didn't want to miss the Husker's game. These people are insane. It was fun though. Really good food. The DJ kind of...stunk. The dance floor was totally not hoppin. I got to wear my little black dress, which is always fun.

I am really trying to think of other things I have done. And I can't think of anything. We went to a local sports bar for Sunday night football. The place was dead but pretty cool on the inside. Tons of TVs. Might be cool for March Madness. You know, I really do think of good things to say on here during the day. Good, deep, life changing comments, but by the time I get around to typing I have totally forgotten. Ughs. I am going to be way fun when I get old.



Peds has kept me pretty busy. A bad excuse. But an excuse none the less. I finished up my calls last Thursday. Yay! Only 2 more inpatient days. Yay! It isn't that I haven't enjoyed it (it hasn't been that bad for me); it is just that I like things moving forward. I like feeling accomplished. We had Dimensions in Clinical Medicine on Friday. Lame. Matt and I are also going to a co-workers wedding that evening. It should be good times.

What have I been up to? Good question. Reading. Sleeping. Eating. Little working out. Repeat. This past weekend I went to go get my oil changed at which point they showed me my tire that was about to blow. Oops. So glad it didn't do that to us in Minneapolis. So then I had to go buy 2 new rear tires. It now smells like new tires in my garage. Ick. They also had to fix my alignment. Gosh darn car.

Other news? I am heading to Seattle after the Peds Shelf! Granted, all who read this probably know that. Still. Bub happened to be coming to the states, and with everyone else living close we thought, "might as well." I am excited.

I saw dog costumes at Target tonight. I miss my Guster. I wish we got trick or treaters here in the apartment. Sigh. Holidays aren't as fun when you are a young adult.

The weather finally cooled off (for 2 days at least). It has been in the 80s over the weekend, which is too hot in my opinion for September. And our pool is closed.

Anything else? Nope. Other than a resolution to update more often. I'll remember more that way.



Again it has been a while. Lots to update

Peds: way different. My first week was in the NICU at Bergan. Free food. Sweet hours. No work. Awesome. This week I went to Children's. Wow. Way different. Get there at 6am. Go home at 430 on a "normal" day. I only had 2 normal days out of 4 this week. I was on long call on Wednesday which meant I was there until noon the next day. Yes. Noon. 30 hour shift - awesome! With only 2 hours of sleep. Awesome. Wooooooo. Basically what we as students do is see patients in the morning, write a note about them, and then present them to the hospitalist/whole team in the morning as we walk from room to room. The thing is, these kids are actually sick. Pregnant ladies pretty much are all 'well.' The plan you come up with for them (something we have to do) is pretty standard. Get the baby out. Sick kids though...you have to think about drugs, doses, fluids, food, etc etc etc. Ugh. And then you have people commenting on what you should do. I lucked out this week and had a good hospitalist. Next week could be a different story. I also am on the 6th floor with older kids and kids w/ cancer. Yes, that is sad but not as complicated as heart patient kids. Nuff said

Labor day weekend Matt and I went up to Minneapolis. It was tons of fun! You know, I thought it was going to be a bigger Omaha. Totally wasn't. Had a nice downtown area with places to eat and shop. Had the Mississippi river, which we floated along in a paddle boat. Basically we did all the touristy things, which I personally think is a good thing the first time you go somewhere. We didn't do any museums, but we saw tons of stuff. When driving through the U of M campus, we saw a girl with a license plate from Spokane!!!!! Small world. My car passed 100,000 miles on the way up. I am so proud of him. It really tugged at my heart a little. I have no clue how many miles were on it when we got it, but still. He has made it so far. We may go back up there someday, but we may fly next time. Our next long weekend trip may be Des Moines. We stopped there for a bit, and it was actually kind of okay. Yay for exploring!

Last but not least, I forgot to celebrate my 10 year anniversary on here!!! Of what? My ACL surgery. I had it right before starting freshman year of high school in 99. And now here we are. All put back together again. Yay for strong knee!!!!! Granted it still tightens up on my and moves a little and I can't run really, but still. Okay. On long call again tomorrow. Blow. Only one weekend day this week. Blow.