2/3 done!!!

I am 2/3 of the way through this semester. How crazy is that. While time seems to crawl most of the time, when I look at it in terms of the big picture, it has moved rather quickly. Onto business

So I did a lot better on the written than I was expecting to. I was elated when I saw more score. Plus, we are getting at least one of my wrong ones back (miss keyed) and maybe even one or two more. If we get three back, I will be even more excited. The practical was the practical. We don't get those results back for a little bit, so no use in really talking much about it. I felt as if I passed. It wasn't as bad as previous classes talked it up. The thing is, every artery in the abdomen is really just named for where it is going. The hard part is finding where it is going. NOTE: possibly some graphicness ahead in reference to lab. We have started into head and neck. I quickly got over the whole seeing-the-face thing...mostly because we are now just down to the muscle. I don't like the hair part though, a little too real then. Tomorrow, on Halloween, we take the brain out. Ahhhhhhh. I hear it is going to take a long time. Tomorrow will be a practice in patience.

Today we did our CV evaluation with a partner. Our doc was cool and didn't make me and Liz actually do the exam on each other. He asked us questions and had us show him where to listen and stuff, but we didn't have to pretend to actually be doing an exam, which was nice. I took a nap this afternoon; it was too long.

Yesterday was Amy's birthday, so we had dinner at her house. Champagne and wine and lasagna and cake. It was good. Early night though. We all crashed by 10. I had to come home, however, and write note service for ethics. Boooooo. This week is a busy one. Quiz on Friday, which I hear covers 18 lectures. That is almost more than what was on the anatomy exam. Ick. Matt comes in town this weekend though...YAY!!! Back to studying then so that I don't have to do much when he is here.


At school

At school updating right now. Imagine that, Becky is at school on Saturday night....again. We have an anatomy exam on Monday, which means I am a bit loopy right now. We had our practice practical on Friday night. Didn't go great. Meh. I am just going to try and rock the written since it is worth more. Don't worry, I am not neglecting the pracitcal, but I am just blah about it right now.

Seeing as how I am studying, nothing much has happened to me since the last time I updated. School....driving....thats it. I am hungry right now. Don't even know why I updated right now. Guess I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive.



MCB exam today. I passed!!! Did a lot better than I thought I would. Even after taking it and before checking my score, I thought I didn't do well. Then I checked, however, and was very surprised and happy. Wish I could relax tonight, but alas, anatomy exam on Monday. No rest for me.

Parents got back safely from their trip. yay! I am very jealous though. Went to the store today to get healthier snacks than I have around me. The house has "cookies" as a staple. Weird. I was going to buy some highly caffeinated, diet soda, but I decided that I am going to try to not rely on soda to keep me up while studying. We will see how long this lasts. I meant to buy a snow scraper also, but somehow got distracted and didn't buy one. Hopefully that doesn't come back to bite me in the butt. Don't worry, I will get one eventually.


It's been a while

I know, I know. It's been a while. Lets see all that has happened. I did my interview of Tuesday. Don't think it went too poorly. I like my small group and all, but we aren't very good at constructive criticism. All we say are the good things. I would really like someone to say, "Work on this and this." I didn't talk in MCB small group. Imagine that. Can't remember what I did in the evenings. We have an MCB test on Tuesday. I haven't been studying too well for it. I blame that on the fact that we really didn't study at school that much. Grrrrrrr. The problem is, your brain can really only fit so much. This MCB test will have about half DNA stuff, half biochem. The problem is, every time I learn a DNA fact, I lose one from biochem. And vice versa. It's bad. It's real bad.

I cook on Thursday; I also have several other things to do on Thursday and all week.....not to mention studying for Anatomy exam. Holy crap. This is going to blow. Bring on the caffeine.

Onto Friday. So the big thing here is hay rack rides. Basically, a hay ride. I remember taking one in preschool maybe, but other than that, this was foreign to me. We get there (take the bus rented by the school, didn't have to worry about DD) just as they are getting ready to take off on the ride. Our bus took a while to get there. I get anxious when I am late. So there are 7 hay racks for all of us. Everyone just jumps on one. Every hay rack gets a keg of "adult beverage." The ride begins. It's an hour long. We do some moving keg stands. I drink some hay. I talk to Amanda on the phone. People are jumping off the ride since it is over. Becky jumps off. 30 min later, Becky, while eating chocolate, realizes she has lost her phone. Oh crap!!!! (Flash back to sophomore year of undergrad when I got my dig cam stolen). We look. We call. Nothing doing. I always prided myself on not losing my phone. Take that off the list. Bought a new phone last night (yes, I did call the place where we had the fun to see if they found one - no luck). I kinda like the phone a lot. It is blue. Cheapest one they had. Sorry Bo, we are no longer phone twins. Funny/ironic thing is....Matt had just mailed me my phone charger for my old phone. Dang. I will post pics of the hay ride later.

Other than the crazy busyness (13 hours at school today), life is good. A few relationships around me aren't doing so well, so I would like to take this moment to thank Matt for being such a good guy. The end.


Procrastinating to the max

I thought I would put up a few pics to show that I actually did see Matt. Really though, I just wanted to post some pics. Matt was really liking the black and white, so we went with it. The one on the left is taken 2 min post nap wake-up. I look pretty good considering the situation.

Got up and worked out this morning. Felt good to do it, but it didn't feel like a hard enough workout. I hate that feeling. I guess that is the only reason I miss basketball. Practice always kicked my butt. Betsy and Amy actually showed up to workout also. The place was empty because Creighton (everyone BUT the medical school) gets a week off for fall break. We get 1 day. Blow.

First two lectures were hard. Kept nodding off simply because I couldn't pay attention. Lab felt long. I am starting to worry because I am not having that PANIC feeling I had before the first set of tests. I just worry because it was that panic that got me studying 16 hours a day. No, that wasn't fun and I don't want to do that, but I passed last time. I am just a little worried. Going to take a practice test tomorrow though and reevaluate the situation. Enough procrastinating. Back to enzyme kinetics. mmmmmmmmm


Back again

Back in Omaha again. It got chilly here, which is kinda nice. Weekend was good. Not really much to say. Ate lunch with two of Matt's friends on Saturday at The Ram. My sandwich was delicious. We then saw Amanda that night. Back to Lacey. We rented 1408, which I give Matt props for allowing since he is such a big scaredy pants, and Knocked Up. 1408 wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it wasn't awful like everything else we have rented. We saw Knocked Up together in the theater, so we already knew we liked that one. We watched it in short segments because this kid kept falling asleep on the sofa. Sunday involved church, some good hashbrown/cheese/gravy mess, awkward afternoon thing with Matt's dad's side of the family. Monday was lazy and lovely. Matt worked in the morning and came home at noon. I was supposed to be studying, but I cleaned instead. Oops. Ordered in Chinese last night with his mom. I fell asleep on the sofa. The usual.

My flight wasn't delayed 3 hours!!!!!! Only 20 minutes, which was just enough time to make me run to my second flight. Got there though. And the plane was a new plane. And guess what.......they don't even have the "no smoking" light. It just isn't built into these planes. They do, however, have the "Turn off electrical devices" light. I think the switch is kinda funny. I slept on both flight though, which was awesome. Second flight was delayed 10 minutes, however, which was just long enough to make me miss my 9 o'clock class. We are doing biochem stuff, so I kinda wanted to be there. Sigh. Exams coming up along with busy nights of stuff outside school. Don't be surprised if I don't update a lot. Okay, I should do something productive before class at 10.



Don't you hate it when you print something online and it is one full page yet a second page prints with just the address at the top but you don't catch it fast enough to prevent the printing??? Well that just happened to me. Gosh darn it. But....I did just print off my ticket!!! Yay for Seattle!!!

Quiz tomorrow. Still don't feel well prepared, but I feel as if I am setting myself up for some good studying for the tests that are coming up. Doesn't it seem like I just took exams?? Well I did. Next ones are on the 23rd and 29th. Whoop whoop....I guess.

I kind of talked in MCB small group today. Thats a start right? Okay, sleep time.



That always fun. 10-10. Okay...I am just way too behind to be typing long things right now. Blah. Why did I do this to myself?? Idiot. Plust we have MCB small group tomorrow. I really hope I say something because I feel like my grade may be suffering. I'm just not a talker especially if I don't KNOW the right answer.

I am really loving MCB as of late. Wonder if that is only because I am HATING anatomy? It isn't that it is hard, I just haven't had a strong desire to learn it. Ugh. I have been a lot more patient in lab though. Maybe that is because I have actually been dissecting. Who knows.

Carey yesterday ate a 2lb burger. I wasn't there to watch. Thank goodness. Sounds gross. It was on a dare. I do tip my hat to her though. 2 days til I leave!!!!! Yay!!!!!


Becky Homemaker

You could say I was productive today, but none of it really had to do with school. I did laundry and cooked dinner. By the way, I am totally over this whole cooking for 12 people thing. It was fun at first, now it is just annoying. This was even a simple dish and the whole thing took me 2.5 hours. Ugh.

I sat through 4 whole lectures today; that is more than I did last week I think. I forgot to say that I did pass my ethics exam. I am apparently 93% ethical. Awesome. That is good enough for me. Lab was lab. We worked on the rear and the knee pit. Let me tell you.....not that exciting. I did actually help a lot today though, which at least made me feel better.

Not much else going on in my life. I am going to attempt lunges again tomorrow. Aiming for more that 7. Also, I was watching TLC last night, and apparently I am tall enough to join the tall people club. Women only have to be 5'10, men 6'2. Bo, lets do it. They have meetings and stuff. On a scary note, I had to kill a spider that was in my shower today at the gym. Ewwwww. It was red.....ewwwww.


Lazy Bum

It has been 5 months since I graduated; man a lot has happened.
It is 5 months until my birthday; y'all better get shoppin

So my whole procrastinating for 2 weeks thing has kinda caught up to me. Not that I am super behind, but this weekend involved a lot more work than it should have. And I'm not even done yet. One more lecture and then I am 3/4 caught up. Woohoo?

Last night, Betsy, Meghan, Maureen (Betsy's sister), and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Mizzou/Nebraska game. Betsy went to Mizzou, so I had to cheer for them. Thank goodness Mizzou blew Nebraska away by a lot, or else I think we could have been killed. That took about 3.5 hours. Should have been studying. Today I was on grocery duty. I did the recipes. JD did the staples. That took 2.5 hours. Should have been studying. We can blame my failure to be totally caught up on all of that. Workout on Saturday was awesome though. My abs hurt. I love that. On another workout note, I am pretty sure my foot needs to be in a boot. It hurts to walk even with my insoles in. Am I going to do anything about it? Of course I will.....I'll stop running so much. Doctor? Nope. Parents leave to visit the boys. Boys suck. I go to Seattle on Friday though. Wooohooooo.



Really tough choice. I know. Lets just guess for a second what I chose......yep. It comes back to that food vs nap thing. I kid. Ethics midterm tomorrow......we will see. I am not too worried about it.

I did lunges today for the first time in quite a few months (at least I think it has been that long). Not only could I tell my legs are weaker, but I got tired after about 7. Yeah. Fat kid. But my rear can really feel it now. Good thing? Bad thing? School today involved not much. Free pizza lunch. We got to look at the eye with our tools today. That was way fun. I totally saw Betsy's optic nerve; I may also have made her blind. Meh. I then came home and napped. Tonight also involved Grey's at Meghan's and TCBY. I felt like I was in undergrad again. It was glorious. Also, yes, Mom and Dad I feel bad about this, but I will call and talk about it in person tomorrow: I passed my practical!!!! Whoop whoop. We got it back on Wednesday, and I did much better than I thought I was going to. In fact, I did better on the practical than I did on the written. Whoop whoop!!!!! Okay, bed.


Making this short

Nothing much happened, but I felt like I should write. I actually got up and worked out. I feel much better. Went to one lecture simply because Dr. Quinn was giving it. Got a hard time from my friends for not going to lecture when I know full well that I got more done outside than I would have going. Didn't talk in ethics small group again because our MD said everything I wanted to say. Blah. I don't think my participation grade is very high in that class. CMDA (Christian medical and dental a______) tonight, which always always makes me feel better about school and life. Ordered pens online, yes, cuz I am a dork. I can never find the colored ones in the size (.5) I like in the store. So I turned to ebay. They are cheaper there too. Joe and I are in charge of breakfast for MCB small group tomorrow, and I got the juice and milk. I was going to get donut holes too, but apparently Bakers doesn't have them. I am irate about it. Okay, bed time.


Motivation? Have you seen him?

Lets see if this works. oooooooo it did. I promised I would put up pics of me and my white coat once I uploaded them. Taddaaaaa! So I have one of me and dad and me and mom. I had no friends at the time to take a pic of all three of us. sad. I look a little tubby in the one of me and mom. Hmmmmm. Well there all y'all go. Not much to say about those.

I meant to get up at 530 and go workout. 530 rolls around, i turn on my light. And fall back asleep. Until 730. Oooops. I say nuts to the first class and stroll into school at 845. I guess I really needed that extra sleep. I do feel much better rested today.

On the school front, I have lost any sort of motivation I ever had. It is really annoying. I try hard to get back into things, but it hasn't worked yet. I think it is due to the lack of working out. I am going tomorrow morning no matter what, so I will let you know how the focus is tomorrow.

Cali Taco this afternoon with the girls. Then TCBY (all do to Betsy and her bad influence). Then school to fake study. Ugh. Okay, back to fake studying.


Gotta love delays

As you can tell from my updating tonight, I don't really want to get back into that whole school thing. I have a lot of little school stuff to do this week (playing a little catch up). We also have our ethics midterm on Friday. I don't think I need to worry as long as I read and study. I'm an ethical person, right? I think my liberal arts education will come in handy on this one.

**Sigh** I hate weekends cuz they have to end. Lets do the bad first. I was supposed to leave Seattle at 1am and get in to Omaha at about 8. I was going to miss my first class. Boohoo. I get to security in Seattle, check my gate, and find that my flight has been delayed until 3am. UGH!!!! The plane we were taking was delayed out of somewhere else. Jerks. I, for the the first time in my life, kept my composure when talking to the agents about my connection. No tears. Yay Becky! They also gave me $10 worth of meal vouchers for the Minneapolis airport. Yay! Get in there at about 8:10, just about the time I was supposed to be getting into Omaha. Blah. Get to Omaha at about 11:30. To school by 12:15. To lab by 1. Blah. Long day thus far. To the fun stuff.

It took Matt and I over 1.5 hours to get from SeaTac to his place. Mexican for dinner and some boardwalk walking. It is definitely fall there. We then rented a movie, and I proceeded to fall asleep on the sofa while Matt showered. He wasn't too happy about that one. I also slept like crap that night due to my cough. Annoying. Matt's mom made us a gift basket with goodies in it. Mmmmmmm. Goodies. Saturday I made bacon and eggs. I am bad at cooking bacon, I always overdo it. We then drove to Seattle for some walking. The rain held out on us for the most part. We did some good people watching too. After some great directions from Annie, we made our way to KTO's. We all watched the Huskies for a bit and then went to dinner in Ballard (KTO was dropping us at Matt's car, which we parked at Paolo's in Ballard).

We watched VACANCY that night. Awful. Don't watch it. Matt and I have awful luck at picking out movies. Next time we are just going with one we know is good. Sunday involved football and napping, which, of course, got me in a little trouble. We did get Papa Murphy's though. That is about it. No, we aren't exciting people, but that is okay with us. When I go up in 12 days (don't judge), we are going to actually go out with Paolo and maybe do something exciting. Of course I don't have pics. That isn't how I role. Okay, time to be ethical!!