Keeping it brief tonight. I am making home made fig newtons, and those obviously take precedence over blogging. Duh. I actually have always loved fig newtons. I don't know what it is. Well, no, I actually do. It is the carbs. I love the carbs.

I worked 70 hours last week. Didn't even blink an eye. Matt may have, but I didn't.

Did I tell you I made home made cheese? Twice!?!?! I made queso fresco and mozzarella. Both were AMAZING. The mozzarella is so incredibly creamy and completely heavenly. I will do it again someday...when I am not working 70 hours a week.

Review time!

Blue Sushi: **Bias warning** We only ever go during happy hour. Just thought I should throw that out there. On to business. Blue has a few locations throughout Omaha. The owners also run Roja, but that is for another day. Matt and I don't go here enough. Now, is there better sushi out there? Probably. Am I the best judge of sushi? Likely not. But what I truly enjoy about Blue is their consistency. Every time our rolls are consistently delicious. They are well wrapped (which is more than I can say for other sushi happy hours we frequent), and the selection is great. Even their happy hour roll selection is great (which again, is more than I can say for others). If you are going, try the "blue balls," but get your mind out of the gutter first. They are delicious little tempura fried balls of flaky tuna. So good! I could seriously go and just get those. But their crunchy rolls are also very appealing. :D My husband loves the "Dirty Blue" martini. Again, get your mind out of the gutter. It is a basic martini with bleu cheese stuffed olives. That man loves blue cheese. Of their 3 locations in Omaha, we frequent the one...6 blocks from our house. The location down town always seems packed but only has HH on certain levels. I have never been to the one out west. If you are going for HH, expect good prices but not great service. It isn't bad service, just not stellar. Alright, in review: 

I will rate on this 0-6 scale
0 - never again
1 - if someone else (Matt doesn't count) is paying
2 - if it is a big group and they decide on it
3 - only on Matt's request
4 - Oh yeah, I like this place, I will suggest this next month or so
5 - put it in the rotation!

**AGAIN, happy hour only bias here**
Service: par, pretty typical for most places in West-O
Cleanliness: modern decor makes it at least seem super clean
Ambiance: you better like the color blue, but very mellow
Menu: great variety of HH menu, plenty of rolls and apps
OVERALL: 4. Simply because I can never make day time happy hour and can wait til 1030pm to eat

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