10 days left

I have 10 working days of UniMed left. I am ecstatic. I worked both of these first two weekends and am ready for a day off, which will come Thursday! I get 2 days of vacation Thursday and Friday, and then I am not working the weekend! Yay! I will be heading back home to Spokane. I haven't been since September and am excited. 

I have greatly benefited from having a wonderful, supportive family whom I love immensely. This may seem to come out of the blue or be a "duh" statement, but it is surprising how much this has helped me take better care of my patients. When I don't feel like doing something because I am tired or feel it will take too much effort, I try to flip it around and say, "What if patient X were my grandma?" How angry would I be if her doctor didn't talk to the surgeon earlier in the day? Or thought that ordering the ultrasound could wait until tomorrow? I would be upset. So to me, I try to think that every patient is my grandma. I would use my parents or siblings in place instead, but the average age of my patients right now is 90...grandma just fits better.

Last night we had a free date night! And by free I mean we used gift cards we had. We had dinner at Fleming's and then saw Contraband at AMC. And in typical form, I ate a whole bag of sour patch kids. Sigh. Some things never change. The movie, according to Matt, was predictable. In my head though, I knew Matt was going to call it that. Ergo, Matt is predictable and the double negative makes the movie not predictable. I won't ruin the movie here, but I am just going to say, of course there is a plot twist! Every movie has a plot twist. Just because it happens, however, doesn't mean the movie is bad. I think Matt just wanted to pretend like he was smart. Don't tell him I said that :D

Fleming's: This was our first time here, and well, we did it spur of the moment without a reservation. That, however, was our only mistake. No table was going to be ready untl 8:15 (we got there at about 5:30), but the bar had open seating and full menu. And...happy hour! They had a decent selection of discount apps and drinks for $6. They even had Widmer Hefe (in the bottle) 2 for $6. I love this beer. LOVE. Always have, always will. This of course won them big points in my book. But they only had one left :( I drank it however. Matt got a martini, and we got the mushroom ravioli to split. The ravioli were only 3 in number but tasty. The sauce and fresh parm were a great touch. They also serve "bar burgers" at the bar only. Matt got the Fleming's Prime Burger (bacon and cheese) ---- for $6!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the Ahi Tuna burger. It has great flavor and texture and wasn't too big. Each burger came with onion rings that were big and meaty. The chipotle dipping sauce was great as well. My only complaint about my burger was that the bottom bun soaked through by the end of my meal. We got a side of chipotle mac & cheese. I love mac & cheese in a restaurant. Always sooooo good...because it is always so bad for you :) We left very happy and full with a vow to come back (even for food outside the bar). The bartenders were great - very attentive even though extremely busy. The general ambiance of the place is typical steak house - dark woods, good lighting, white tablecloths. They did have nice high ceilings, however, which I liked. In summary:

I will rate on this 0-6 scale:
0 – Never again
1 – If someone else (other that Matt) is paying
2 – If it is a big group and they decide on it
3 – Only on Matt’s request
4 – Oh yeah, I like this place; I will suggest this next month or so
5 – Put it in the rotation!

Service: great. Some people at the bar were throwing attitude, which always surprises me for people in their late 60s.
Cleanliness: good. I didn't check out the bathroom though :)
Ambiance: as I said, perfect. Everyone looks good eating in good lighting
Menu: HH choice is decent, wine selection is HUGE, beer selection is limited, menu isn't fussy though. They seem to know what they do well and stick to it.
OVERALL: 4. I may say 3.5 simply because we can't afford to eat here unless on gift cards. If we had the money however, it would be a 4 for sure.

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