Can I Get Through This?

I don't mean intern year. Of course I can finish that. I mean all the other items in our house/kitchen. We are rapidly approaching 'THE MOVE,' and every time we buy something, I cannot help but think, "Can we finish that?" New thing of shampoo...can we really finish that? New quart of olive oil...really? Costco sized butter...okay, that answer we all know is yes. 10lb bag of quinoa...now that is pushing it? From the outside, you may all think this is silly, but when it comes to packing, I don't want to move all these items if we don't have to. At the same time, I hate wasting money and don't want to toss things either. Ergo, we are now in a fine balancing act of buying and using. Looks like I will be washing my hair a lot :)

Having done this ER rotation for all of 1.3 days, I can see why people like this type of job. I can also see, however, how you could become very jaded and burnt out. The pluses: you get to do the initial investigation, you don't have to follow up on tests (you pass them along to their primary doc or the inpatient team), it can be really hands on (in high acuity places...not the VA). The downs: people treat this as their primary doctor (not as much at the VA as at Creighton), you can get a lot of drug seekers, you have to deal with small problems that truly could be seen by a primary care doctor - sniffles, upset stomachs because you ate too much at dinner - and having to practice CYB medicine (cover your butt). You are 99.99% sure they don't have a clot in their lung because nothing points to it at all, but you order the test regardless 'just in case.' It really could jade someone. Alas, these 1.3 days have been way better than floors.

Wasabi Sushi  
As previously stated, Monday was our 1 year anniversary. Because of Step 3 and then a meeting for Matt, we could not celebrate until last night. I put Matt in charge of choosing our dinner location. We originally chose a steak place. Then, after much debating (mostly in his own head), Matt changed plans and decided on Wasabi. We have been here several times, so I knew we would not regret this choice. 

We were seated immediately when we arrived (around 6pm or so). The servers sort of tag team service - one with drinks, one with food, another with food. Heck, if it makes it quick, I don't care who is helping me. For those who have never been before, this is an all you can eat for one price type thing. No, not a buffett sushi place. You order off a menu just like any other sushi place. The thing here - if you don't finish it, they charge you for it. Makes complete sense to me. When you see the price at first (I think $22 for adults for dinner), you may be taken back. If you go hungry, however, you can spend that much easily. Having been here before, we knew at least what appetizers we enjoyed - the fried chicken (katsu) and the "pizza." The former is thinly pounded, lightly breaded and perfectly fried. It is satisfying without being heavy. It comes with a flavorful teryaki-esque dipping sauce as well. The 'pizza' shouldn't fool you. Other than the fact that it is "stuff on top of a round thing" it in no way resembles pizza. To tell you the truth I don't know what the base is made of, but it seems like hash browns in patty form with yummy on top of it. That is all the better I can describe it. Delicious.

They have quite a selection of sushi but nothing outlandish and crazy (at least not on the all you can eat menu). I always enjoy a good crunchy roll. All our rolls were delicious, but compared to other sushi places, I don't think their ingredients are as high of quality but by no means the bottom rung either. Everything came out quickly and neatly without any issues. Included in the price is your choice of 3 different ice creams - vanilla, green tea, and red bean. Matt got green tea, and I got the red bean. Don't let the name scare you, the red bean is a perfect combination of cold and sweet. The green tea isn't for me, but it really does taste like green tea. We left full and satisfied as per usual. 

AMBIANCE: dimmly lit but great decor, modern but still warm
TASTE: middle of the road in terms of quality but I wouldn't pass up a roll in front of me; a few of the appetizers could use a bit more seasoning
MENU: expansive; as I said previously, the have plenty of rolls to choose from but nothing super crazy or fancy
SERVICE: top notch, our sodas were never empty, the food came out quick and clean
OVERALL: 5. I would go here every month if I had the money (and expandable pants) to manage it

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