Almost there! And by almost I mean 6 more nights! Whoop. As much as I may deny it, this rotation - and the lack of sleep - is finally catching up to me. On Saturday morning, I slept in until 1030 without even blinking; Sunday it was 930. What is so odd about that you may ask? I. Don't. Sleep. In. Especially with Matt around. I am usually up and ready to go (not "cute" and ready for the night time or anything) by 9. Sigh. But man did it feel great.

Friday I joined Matt for "Drinking Fridays" (happy hour with teachers) at Cilantro's. They don't have HH specials, but the delicious salsa makes it all good. We then "got" to hang out with high schoolers to watch the talent show. Matt really wanted to go because someone was doing stand-up in which Matt got made fun of. Sigh. That was long. We left before the end. It is interesting to me that the guys were funnier than the girls - is this because it is how we are raised? What is expected? Confidence in high school? All of the above. I digress. We then, of course, hit up late night at Johnny's. I will someday review this place...when we don't just dine for HH.

Saturday involved...um...lazing around? I really can't tell you what we did. A walk. Costco. Oh yes, a high school track meet. Always.......fun? Both of us got a little burned on our faces. The weather here has been amazing! Loving every minute of it, before it turns into 95 and humid. Saturday night we met some friends in Dundee for dinner at The Dundee Dell.

Dundee Dell:
Matt and I have long been lovers of the Dundee area. If we were to have stayed in Omaha, we would have moved here. Interestingly, they really only have a couple bars and even fewer places to eat, but that is changing. The Dell remains a true and sturdy standby (or 'staple') of this area. I could quote you the history of the area and the building and the name and the owners, but I am not a true Omaha-ian ergo I am not required to actually know this stuff. 

For quite a few years now, I have turned my nose up (well, more like 'away' really) from The Dell. I can't even give you a good reason why though. They have a great beer selection (not always the cheapest) and good atmosphere (though it can be a little loud at dinner time). I really don't know what it was. Maybe because everyone else raved about it? Always wanted to go there? Maybe I was mad at Dundee for not offering me more dining choices? Regardless, I was foolish. I apologize. I hope The Dell will accept.

We have been here twice in about 2 months and had a great experience both times. The menu is largely made up of sandwiches and burgers. Yes, they advertise the fish and chips heavily, especially this time of year, but I don't think this is where they shine. Almost every sandwich has a few options of what type of meat you want (ie pastrami vs chicken vs turkey) to please even the pickiest in your group. They even offer a salad or two if "The Grinder" or a patty melt isn't calling your name. I got the chicken pesto philly. Oh goodness was that great. The chicken was in big chunks to the point where you could tell it was chicken. The peppers and onions weren't too sauteed into mushiness. The hoagie was just soft enough yet plenty sturdy. I would order that every time if everything else didn't look so darn good. I will say that their appetizers leave a lot to be desired in my book. None of them have a lot of heart and all sort of seem to have fallen out of the freezer and into the microwave/deep fryer.

Service: Excellent!! This time at least. We have had some poor service here before
Cleanliness: Little under par I would say. Maybe it is the green carpet or something, but the ground always seems a little dirty
Ambiance: Great! Always lively on Friday and Saturday nights (if you want lively that is)
Menu: Appetizers are lacking in motivation. Everyone (except your super health conscious and vegans/Celiacs) could find something to enjoy - including adult beverages :D
Taste: (other than appetizers) Great! No sandwich or burger is too dry or over salted. Your first bite doesn't blow your hair back but it keeps wanting to eat...and eat...and eat
Overall: 5. Yep. I said it. 5.

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