7 down, 5 to go!

I find that I often want to use the title "Survived." Thatis either scary or complete overuse and simplification of the word. I will go with the latter.
UniMed is over! Whoop! On my last day we actually only had 2 patients. Yep. 2. So I can't really complain that much. My 1st month way back in July was pure hell. This one was great. My first month of cardio was great, which means this one will likely be  awful. If you couldn't pick up on the hint, I started cardio today! I was super lucky and got assigned to the team with 4 residents again, which makes the workload just a tad bit better. I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am pretty sure people don't trust me to take care of patients. Our patient list right now? 5. For the whole team. I hope to keep this fluffy white cloud going!
In medicine, you have 3 identities of people: fluffy white clouds, black clouds, and all the rest (I will call them grey clouds). If you are a fluffy white cloud, things go well for you. Calls are benign. Your days aren't hectic and over the top crazy. If you are a black cloud, your day in the hospital is usually a sh*t storm. Crashing patients. PICCs that need removal, shortness of breathe that doesn't improve - with anything - because it is a massive pulmonary embolus. Critical lab calls. And 5 admits in 2 hours. Grey are obviously somewhere in between. Some people flip back and forth between the two. Some. Just. Stay. Black. Clouds. I am very lucky to not be one of them. Yes, I have had my moments, but on the whole, I tend towards a light grey.
This building seems to be a rotating door of restaurants. My parents can recall them all. I cannot. For a time it was a seafood place, then maybe a salad place. Really? A salad place? Well, now it is Dewey's Burgers & Brew. My parents and I met my aunt, 2 uncles, and a cousin here before the Zag game when I was up in Spokane. Walking it, it has nice high ceilings, family seating to the right and "bar" seating to the left. While no real fault of theirs, you are greeted by the bar, which isn't always the warmest of feelings. In truth, there wasn't much distinction between the family and bar seating. Plenty of tables on both sides. No real high tops (which sometimes people imagine as 'bar' seating). Their names suggests that they would have a plethora of tap choices. In actuality, they had 8. One being my lover, Widmeier Hefe. Yep. The menu had a range of sandwiches as well as burgers (their specialty) as well as Italian entrees (evenings only) as the place is owned by a family who also owns an Italian place in town. I got the mushroom swiss burger with soup as my side. The soup was standard. Nothing to write home about. The burger was pretty tasty. The meat was tender and juicy but not to the point of runny down your arm and ruining your shirt for the night. Every bite was flavorful, and I found I could actually taste the swiss. So often the swiss is either of low quality or the seasoning salt is too powerful. This was great. In terms of portion size, it was neither too big nor too little. I was full by the end but not regretful. My mom got the chicken philly, which was also very flavorful. My dad got the stromboli - not like the pizza type you are thinking. It is more of the grinder variety. Ground meat, red sauce, cheese, onions(?), hoagie. While not my sandwich of choice, it was still quite good. Everything was a lot more flavorful than I expected out of this location. I am a fan of Red Robin (no judging, I like the fries and the clucks), but I would choose this over Red Robin any day. Everything overall just felt individually made and that the kitchen truly paid attention while putting our meals together.
See side column for how I rank things

Service: great, they didn't rush us and actually took time to talk to us (not in that fake way either)
Cleanliness: average
Ambiance: average, building is fine but you can tell it has served many purposes
Menu: decent selection but wasn't blown away by appetizer choices
Taste: as I said, above average
Overall: If I lived in Spokane, I would give it a 4. My parents have already put it in their "5" category, but it doesn't quite make it there for me
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