We will start from the very beginning

Matt and I are sort of on a 3 week long extended traveling honeymoon. I will tell our journey slowly to spare my fingers.

Matt's last day of work was the 2nd of June. On the 3rd we headed toward Morrison, CO to see Dispatch at Red Rocks. The show was on Sunday, but the people with whom we were riding & going to the concert had a wedding on Saturday in Kearney, NE. Matt and I pretty much walked all of Kearney as the two of them went to the rehearsal on Friday night. We then headed 1hr west to Cozad, NE to spend the night at Dave's (the guy of the couple) mom's house. While Dave & Tiffany went to the wedding on Saturday, Matt & I lived it up in Cozad. Walked the whole town. Population 3000. Pretty easy to walk. On Sunday morning we headed out to Colorado. We stopped in Sterling where we found showers in the gas station. Yes, showers. I get that truckers have to shower, but it is still a little weird. Do you just bring in your own shampoo? Or do you have to purchase some from them? Strange. We got into Denver early enough to have lunch with my little bro Bobbo. The weather was glorious, so the 4 of us (Matt, Dave, Tiffany, and I) went walking around downtown Denver. We found some sort of public festival thing. As much as I love a good public party, these types of things always seem to bring out the crazies. And maybe it is because you just notice them more, but the number of people not in wife beaters or lacking the face tattoos seem few and far between.

Eventually we made our way out to Red Rocks for the awesome concert. For those of you who have never been, here are some general pictures (not mine). In case you couldn't tell, it is a bit of a workout to get to the top even if you are slowly climbing. I mean come on, you are already a mile high and now you are climbing. In college my team did a workout or two here during fall conditioning. Due to my lame joints, I didn't get to (read "have to") join them. The concert was amazing. I love Dispatch. In less than 9 months I have now seen two of my favorite groups (Guster being the other one). Life is good.

After the concert we decided to head about an hour east of town to find a hotel for the 5 of us (Dave's brother joined us at the concert). We pull in to a small town (but large enough to have 4 or 5 mediocre hotels) at about 12:30 or so. My phone (the only smart phone in the car) was about to die, so we really weren't sure how much further we would have to ddrive to get to another hotel. We decide to go ahead and try one: no room. Another one: too sketch. A 3rd: closed. The 4th: $100 for one room for the night. Seriously!?!?!?! 6 hours and you are going to charge us that. Really!?!?!?! I know they have us in a vice grip there, but they aren't going to sell that room without us! Matt ran in to ask them about the price, comes back to the car pissed, and says "Give me my hat, I want to intimidate him. Rather, we send Tiffany in. As a girl and a great negotiator, she got it down to $80. We said yes. Bam. Sleeping. Hot room. Honeymoon. 5 people. Awesome. We got back to Omaha about 5pm with just enough time to shower, eat, and pack for the 2nd leg of our honeymoon.

Stay tuned for more.

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